So you'd like to turn your old computer into cash, what should you do?

You've got a laptop for sale and you want to get the most cash possible right? You paid a lot for it, but that was a few years back, so, what's it truly worth now? Here's a simple way to get a realistic idea as to what you can expect to get when selling your laptop online. It all starts with simply knowing what kind of computer you've got for sale, while this may sound easy it's often harder than you'd expect to determine exactly what model you've got. Most of us know we own a Dell, a Sony or an HP, but really have no clue what model. We've taken the guessing work out of it and put together a comprehensive guide on identifying your laptop model located here. Take a moment to read through and make sure you know what you have.

Now you know what kind of laptop you have and you're ready to proceed, you'll simply input the make and model of your specific device into our handy quoting system with just a couple clicks. After that you'll be asked about its overall condition; does it have a broken screen, missing keys, bad hard drive etc. This is essentially our version of Kelly Blue Book for a laptop. The information you provide allows us instantly determine the value of your computer. Keep in mind we only know what you've told us, if you forget to mention the coffee you spilled on the keyboard or that you don't have a charger this could affect your quote once received. We simply need you to be up front with us about any damage so there aren't any surprises.

That being said we are so confident we offer the highest price for your old laptop we actually offer to beat our competitors. It doesn't happen often but If you're able to find a higher offer simply let us know and we'll respond shortly with a revised quote.

How do we offer the highest cash prices?

Efficiency - it's at the core of our business, this starts from the moment you visit our website. Through years of refining the recycling process we've developed streamlined testing and recycling procedures for all components. Our proprietary procedures allow us to process your computer much faster than previously thought possible. This helps keep our overhead low and in turn pay more than our competitors, this isn't just a claim, we actually back it up. Additionally it may not sound like much, nor very important to some, but we truly strive to keep all use-able parts from ever reaching a landfill. Over the years we've developed close relationships in the recycling industry kept tens of thousands of pounds of e-waste from entering a landfill.

What happens to my laptop?

One question we are asked constantly is, “Do you purchase laptops for their precious metals such as gold or silver?” While this sounds like a novel idea, and we wish it was that easy, there just isn't enough in each computer to make it worthwhile (if laptops were full of gold, stores wouldn't sell them for $300 now would they?). Simply put it costs far more to extract any precious metals than they're actually worth. So, what do we actually do with them? Of course our goal isn't to merely recycle broken parts, we're much more interested in the working components of your laptop, they will be refurbished and reused all over the world. That laptop collecting dust in your closet may not be the newest or the best, but its much better than the computer many people don't have. We're the middle man between you and someone who's previously been unable to afford a computer, or, has a computer and needs a repair part. Each laptop is inspected, tested, cleaned and sorted by condition. Some are refurbished, others are disassembled for parts and others sent for recycling.

My laptop is old, broken, doesn't turn on or is missing pieces; is it really still worth something?

You'll be surprised to find out how much you can actually get for your relatively old or broken laptop. Damage such as a broken screen, missing keys or charger will certainly have an effect on the value, however that doesn't mean it's worthless. Imagine selling a car, it may have some scratches and dings or a broken windshield, which will lower its value but it still runs and drives and isn't quite ready for the scrap yard. You may be wondering “how old is too old?” and that is a great question! In a general sense we buy any laptop that is less than roughly 7 years old. Our vast knowledge of the recycling industry and overall efficiency continue to put us at the front of the pack, allowing us to pay top dollar for computers many others won't even accept for free! Of course the older your specific device becomes the lower the value, so it is certainly in your best interest to start the process sooner rather than later.

Laptop recycling is great for you and the environment

Recycling has evolved from soda cans and milk cartons in the 60's and 70's to encompass almost every consumer product made today. Laptops and tablets have been the fastest growing market in computer sales over the past 10 years, and unfortunately, e-waste. We all want the newest and best gadget, but rarely do we think about what recycled macbook laptophappens to our old one. We either forget about it, or it eventually breaks and ends up in the trash. They're small so it doesn't seem like it makes much of a difference, however hundreds of millions are thrown away annually and their effects on the environment are profound. Together we can to turn this massive waste around which not only helps our fragile ecosystem but puts people to work and lowers the overall cost of goods.

Batteries are the most common part to need replacement. Whether it's your laptop or a camera they will only last so long, we've all seen them deteriorate over time, your new smart-phone lasts a day or two on a single charge when new, but a year later you find yourself needing to charge it by lunchtime. When the time comes to buy a new one what do you do with the old one? If you're selling your laptop to us we'll handle the recycling for you, but what about the other batteries around the house? Find a local battery recycling center here and arrange to drop them off. With chemicals like lithium ion, lead, zinc, nickel and more we don't want these sitting in a land fill and slowly seeping down into our ground water. Laptop batteries tend to be bigger and heavier than most, thus having the biggest impact on our environment. Fortunately we keep thousands of pounds of them out of landfills every year.

Ok, I'm ready to move forward, but how long does the process take?

One of the more common questions we are asked is how long the process of selling an old laptop online actually takes. The entire process should only take a few days, we offer two different options. One will greatly speed up the process, and make you even more money. Our original process consisted of sending customers a box in the mail with packaging materials and a packing slip after their order was placed. While this option still works well and ensures you have everything you need, we found that many of our customers already had a box around the house they didn't need, many even had the original box the laptop came in. We realized we could not only save money on shipping out a box, but cut down on cardboard waste. In 2012 we were the first online recycler to introduce express shipping, after hundreds of hours of development our website is now able to automatically generate a UPS shipping label and e-mail it to you. You simply print out the label and instructions at home and package your computer according to guidelines. This simple but effective technique ensures you are paid 3-5 business days faster than previously possible (no more waiting for our box to arrive) and to top it off and to top it off we pass the savings on to you, offering you a $5 bonus by selecting this method. This has quickly become the most popular shipping option and many of our customers are seeing a 3-5 business day turnaround time on their computer. This can mean shipping your laptop out on a Monday and having a payment in your PayPal account by Wednesday!

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