Recycle old broken laptops (and maybe even make some extra cash!)

Wondering what's the most environmentally friendly way to get rid of that old, broken laptop computer you have sitting around? provides a free and easy way to safely discard and recycle your used laptop.

Send in your laptop (we'll even pay the shipping costs!)

You can get an instant quote by typing in your computer's make and model to see if you can make some money from recycling your laptop. If your computer is a relatively new model and in good working condition, there's a good chance you can earn some quick cash. Make sure to indicate any problems with your laptop for an accurate quote. If you're not sure what's wrong with it, that's totally okay you can either guess or leave that information out.

If your Mac or PC is older or there are many things wrong with it, your quote may come to zero. Even if it does come to zero, you can still complete your order and get the free shipping label to mail it in. We'll go through the same eycle process no matter the condition of your laptop.

Ecycle Process

First thing we do after we receive your laptop is have a PC or Mac Technician take a look at it. They will determine the condition of each of the components which helps us know the best way to begin the electronics recycling process.

Second thing (and most important!), is we remove your hard drive and destroy any and all data. Never just throw your used electronics in the trash. Always ensure that all of your personal data has been permentley destroyed. This is taken care of for you when you ecycle your laptop.

After your data is completly destroyed and the condition of all the electronics and casing is determined, your computer is broken down and sorted into recyclable materials such as lithium in the batteries, metal, plastic, copper, etc.

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