Safe Way to Recycle and Dispose of Laptops

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is about exactly how the process works and whether they're actually going to get paid for their laptop or not. While it might seem like a new idea to sell a computer online, people have been doing it for years. We are not a scam website and we do actually pay people cash for their laptops. We have been around for over seven years and have helped tens of thousands of people upgrade and recycle their notebook computers.

Isn't it Safe to Sell Locally and Not Online?

You might be asking "why do this over the internet and not locally", it would seem a lot safer to sell locally but let us explain why we're the better choice. Lower overhead equals more money for you, just like any online business we have less overhead and this equals better pricing for you! Amazon or Overstock are all built on this exact same model. Paying for high end commercial buildings is far more expensive than a warehouse on the out skirts of town. In order to run a store you'll need a nicer location, more employees and the list goes on. This is why places like the Apple Store cost so much, a MacBook is a very nice computer but the stores in the middle of downtown San Francisco and New York didn't build themselves. You can always go online to buy or sell stuff for a better price and it's the foundation we started Quick Laptop Cash on. The other reason is a much larger market then you might have locally. When you go to sell your laptop online you'll be exposed to thousands of buyers so you can get the absolute best price for your machine. You can also find people who will take the older models as well as the new ones. Local stores won't even take broken laptops but we're able to recycle their parts and keep these items from being thrown away at the same time.

How Do I Know My Data is Safe?

One of the reasons we are the safest choice is because we take our customers privacy and security very seriously. We have people ask all the time for their photos, tax returns, resumes and more to be erased from their hard drives and we provide this service absolutely free. We use the same software for personal data destruction as we do for our business customers, we ensure it is erased to the same level CIA and FBI systems use. For this reason we're happy to say we are the safest and most secure way to sell your laptop online and can guarantee your identity will not be stolen as a result of selling your computer. If you're still not convinced give us a call and let a representative talk you through how the entire process works from getting a quote and placing your order to getting the cash in the mail. We have someone standing by Monday-Friday 10am-6pm PST ready to take your calls and concerns.