Selling a laptop online can be tricky. Helping you understand the process is our top priority, these are our most common questions.

How fast will I receive my cash for selling my laptop and how will I be paid?

We typically send your payment within 24 hours of receiving and verifying the condition of your laptop. We offer instant payments through PayPal or if you'd prefer we can mail you a check.

Do I need to erase my hard drive?

No you do not, as soon as your device is received we erase every bit of information from it. 100% gone, forever, nothing to worry about.

Can you explain the entire process?

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How do I ship my laptop?

Follow the instructions in the box that arrives. Simply drop your laptop off at any UPS location and we'll take care of the rest. There is no charge to ship your computer to us whatsoever.

My computer doesn't work or is broken, will you still buy it?

Absolutely, we purchase computers with damage every day. From broken screens to bad motherboards and everything in between, you've got it and we want to buy it. Just remember, to receive an accurate quote please make the proper selections upon checkout. Our offers are based on your input.

I don't know the model number of my laptop, how can I find it?

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