How to Pick a Laptop Bag that is Durable, Affordable, and Stylish

If you have a laptop it's probably because it needs to be portable and light. When you make laptops light weight it means they're making them thinner and with different materials. While this works great for portability it doesn't help with durability, new laptops have reached new records for how thin they are and one small drop or bump can break the LCD screen and cost hundreds in repairs. To ensure your expensive laptop is protected the best accessory you can have is a quality laptop bag or laptop sleeve. With all the choices now it can be hard to tell which one will protect it and which one won't, let's take a look at the most popular laptop bag choices.

Should I Use a Laptop Bag or Laptop Sleeve?

If you haven't started shopping yet there are four kinds of laptop cases. You can get a laptop bag, which is typically a larger case that holds both the laptop and has separate pockets for a charger, other laptop accessories, and papers. These are larger cases and cost more money, they have carry handles and can also be a laptop backpack which is great for students or people who don't want to carry it in their hands. You can get them for any size laptop from 10� to the larger laptop screen sizes that are 17�, although the larger laptop screens are typically harder to find a bag for while 15.4�-15.6� is the most popular size. There are also laptop bags that roll or can be carried like a messenger bag. If you're looking into these they are likely even more expensive than a laptop briefcase or backpack but can be very useful is you're traveling or riding a bicycle or motorcycle. There is a laptop bag for every need and person out there so don't be afraid to shop around in Best Buy or go online somewhere like Amazon where they carry thousands of different styles. The other choice would be to use a laptop sleeve which is a lot less expensive but offers a lot less protection. A laptop sleeve is basically a piece of cloth on both sides to protect your laptops exterior from spills and scratches. They typically offer very little in the way of protection from drops and dents. If you already have a briefcase for work or a backpack for school a laptop sleeve might be the perfect choice for you. Laptop sleeves are very inexpensive compared to a laptop bag or laptop briefcase so they have become very popular in recent years.

Where to Buy a Laptop Bag or Sleeve for the Best Deal?

There are tons of places to buy a case. If you're looking at local stores Wal-mart, Best Buy, Fry's, and Target are a few of the more popular choices that will carry a wide range and variety of styles. If you're looking for a certain kind like a rolling laptop bag or a messenger bag for a 17� laptop these can be harder to find locally. You can also save some money by going to local computer stores, pawn shops, and the Salvation Army or Goodwill who carry bags, backpacks, and sleeves for far less than new. If you have a really specific need for your bag or want an exact color online is the only way to go. Buying your next case online will save you some money if you're buying new because online companies have lower overheard and this transfers the savings to you! The best place to go online when looking for a laptop case would be Amazon, New Egg or Tiger Direct. You can find them on almost any stores website but Amazon carries their own �Amazonbasics� brand that can't be beat in price. The best thing to do is try out all the different bags and see which one you like best, there is no longer one right choice so see what works best for you.