A Broken Screen Doesn't Mean A Useless Laptop

Broken Screen Laptop

It Still Has Value

Just because you have broken the screen or any other part of your computer doesn't mean it's now a worthless pile of scrap. Ever since portable PC's arrived on the market the most expensive fix and most common part broken has been their screens or their motherboards. They are the easiest part to break and only getting easier with the recent push for them to be lighter and more thin. We have seen a huge increase in these coming in so we wanted to help our readers by giving them ideas when you're on a budget!

Cracked Screen Laptop

How To Use A Broken Laptop

Whether it's fallen off the best, sat on at night or even stepped on these displays aren't made to take a lot of abuse and it shows with how easily they can be ruined. Nothing is worse then hearing that sound and knowing you now have a $300-400 repair bill at Best Buy if you ever want to use it again. What if there was a way to keep using it and spend less? Your computer isn't broken, everything still works except for the display, if you have a newer computer with HDMI it will be super easy. Buying an external screen can be very cheap from websites liked Newegg or Amazon and will plug in with just an HDMI or VGA cable allowing you to use it for under $100!

Use a laptop with broken screen

Sell Broken Laptops Safely and Easily

If you decide it just too much of a hassle or ruins the portability you bought a laptop for versus a desktop then you can still sell it. While it might sound crazy there are people who will still buy these items because they can recycle them and use the still working parts and components. This is great for you because any money made off an essentially broken item can go straight towards the purchase of a new one! Quick Laptop Cash is the leader in where to sell these items at online so get a quote today and see exactly what it's worth, we even pay the shipping!