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The world of technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Something that is cutting edge today might be redundant tomorrow. So, if you buy a laptop with the latest configuration today, you might find better laptops entering the market a few months after you have made your purchase. In such cases, you have two choices. You either keep using your laptop, or you sell it. If you opt for the latter, you need to be able to sell it at a good price, because you have just bought it. The problem with electronic goods is that their value dramatically reduces as soon as they are sold. In your laptop’s case, even if you have just used it for a month or so, and it is in top condition, you can’t expect somebody will buy it for the price near about what you paid for it. The price you will get for you laptop, however new, will be quite a good bit lower than its original price.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t get an acceptable price for it. To sell new laptops and get good value out of the transaction, you will need to keep in mind a few tips. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Make sure that the laptop is in good condition

No virus, the best OS and the hardware of the laptop both inside and outside in shining new condition – that’s the pre-requisite if you want to sell your laptop and get a good price for it. Sometimes, it’s how a laptop looks from the outside that goes a long way in deciding its prices – Looks matter! If there are scratches to the laptop’s surface or the color’s faded for some reason or the laptop just looks plain dirty, forget about making a good sale. So, before you put it up for sale, make sure that it looks good, and if you can spruce up its looks, all the better.

2. Get Quotes from Different Buyers

One of the better ways of selling new laptops is to get quotes from different buyers. Put up your laptop for sale on sites like eBay and also ask for quotes from companies who buy old laptops. On a site eBay, you decide the prices that you want to sell your laptop for, on the other hand when it comes to selling it to companies; you have to get a quote for your laptop by filling information about your laptops on the forms on their websites. Check where you are getting the best deal from, and only then sell your laptop.

3. Don’t have Unrealistic Expectations

The key to making a very satisfactory sale is to not have unrealistic expectations. Even if you think the laptop is new, for the buyer, it’s still an old laptop that has been used. Think about it for a second. If you want to sell your laptop priced a few dollars lesser than the cost of a new laptop with the same configuration, there is a good chance that the buyer will think twice about buying your laptop, as it make more sense to buy a new one. So make sure your expectations are realistic.

End Words

Keeping in mind these three tips will definitely help you sell new laptop and get a good price for it. But these are not the only tips you need to keep in mind; look for others so that you are able to get your sale perfectly right.

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With Quick Laptop Cash you can sell laptop online in a fast and easy way.  We make the whole process very painless and it will only take you a few minutes once you are at www.quicklaptopcash.com with your make and model in hand.  We will help anyone sell laptop online of all makes and models including Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IMB, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba!  All the makes and models of laptops are listed on our website with a screen that allows you to choose anything that might be wrong with your laptops or broken on your laptop if anything at all.


Once you have got this quote you are almost done with how to sell laptop online the last step is picking your shipping option.  We offer two options to sell laptop online that are both very easy with pre-paid shipping options.  You can either request a box to be sent to you or if you have your own box you can earn an extra $5 by choosing that option to sell laptop online.  This not only makes the entire process to sell a laptop online quicker but you get a bonus to sell laptop!


Once you have got your quote you will see why Quick Laptop Cash is the best place to sell laptop online we have the best reviews, quickest payment time, and did I mention we pay the most Cash for Laptops?  Get a quote today and see how easy it can be to sell laptop online!

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Are you looking to sell laptop and get some much needed extra cash?  It is very easy with Quick Laptop Cash to sell a laptop and we will even pay you cash for laptops!  If you're reading this you're probably been looking to sell a laptop online and want to find the best place.  If you want to get the best price to sell laptop then you've probably searched around and got a few price quotes.  Quick Laptop Cash pays up to 10% more for used, old, broken, and even new laptops than anyone else!


It is a very quick process to sell laptop first you just need to start with getting a free quote.  For the free quote you just need to know your laptops make and model.  It can be found in our how it works section if you need help on how to identify your laptop.  Once you have the laptops make and model you are all ready to sell laptop.  After you have got your quote the last thing to do is pick how you want to handle the shipping.  You can either request a free box in the mail from Quick Laptop Cash with free pre-paid shipping both ways or you can choose to use your own box and we will email you a free pre-paid return shipping label.  This not only makes the process to sell laptop quicker but you will get an extra $5 added to your order for using your own box.


If you have any questions about how to sell your laptop feel free to call or email us anytime and we can help you through the process of getting a quote or explain how it works to sell laptop.  Quick Laptop Cash is the number one place to sell your laptops and we have helped thousands of happy customers!

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If you're trying to get a few dollars back after this holiday season an easy way might be to sell your laptop.  You can get paid cash for laptops in no time at all!  I was trying to sell my laptop and found out it was really easy let me tell you how my experience went with Quick Laptop Cash.


I got a new laptop for Christmas from my parents it's a nice new Apple Macbook Pro so I no longer need my HP DV6 even though it was only a few years old.  I also found my previous laptop which was a 5 or 6 year old HP DV6000 and went online to get a quote.  I found Quick Laptop Cash to sell my laptop because they had amazing reviews and offered to pay me the most cash for laptops.  After getting a quote for my two laptops it was a staggering $356 for two laptops I would've never touched again!  I instantly proceeded to the next step to get my cash for laptops and was surprised they gave me different shipping options.  I was about to use my own box (I had one that my new laptop had just arrived in) so I chose their expedited service to get paid even quicker.


Within two hours I had received an email with a pre-paid shipping label and instructions of how to finish the process and get paid cash for laptops.  I dropped them off the next day at UPS on my way to school and expected a week or two wait.  To my surprise three days later I received an email saying they were testing my laptops and found I had a missing charger (I sadly forgot to include my charger when going to sell my laptop) which I knew was correct so I couldn't even be mad about that.  They verified I had chose the PayPal option to get paid cash for laptops instantly and not have to wait for the snail mail to be delivered.


I had the cash in my account that night!  It was so easy to sell my laptop I can't believe more people don't know about this!  Quick Laptop Cash will pay you cash for laptops and it took me less then a week who'd of thought right?  I used their money to buy most of a new PS4 today talk about a good Christmas I got an Apple Macbook Pro and a PS4 thank you Quick Laptop Cash for helping me sell my laptop and paying me cash for laptops!

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Are you wanting to sell laptop online because it no longer meets your needs or is now a broken laptop?  If you have a broken, used or old laptop it might be time you started looking to sell your laptop.  If you're reading this you know the easiest and quickest way to do that is sell laptop online.


When you go to quicklaptopcash.com you will be able to see your free instant quote for exactly how much cash for laptops you can get paid to sell laptop online.  You can sell a used, old, and broken laptop online for many reasons and they are just some of them...


- sell a laptop with a broken LCD screen

- sell a laptop with a broken motherboard (spill damage, no power, etc.)

- sell a laptop with a bad battery or missing charger

- damaged or heavily worn plastics


These are just some of the reasons why Quick Laptop Cash is the place to sell a laptop online at!


If you have any questions about how to sell laptop online you can either call or email us we are here to help you sell your laptop for cash.  We are the #1 place to sell laptop online at!


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If you're reading this you've probably wanted to sell your laptop online and have been looking for a place that pays cash for laptops and can do it quickly.  We offer the fastest and quickest payment methods of any place online.  If you have a PayPal account you can get paid in as quickly as two days!  Now you're really thinking you want to sell your laptop online.


Stop thinking "I want to sell my laptop online" and go get a free quote now we make it easy to have a cahs quote in just seconds.  All you need is your laptops make and model which can be found in our "How it works" section if you're having problems identifying your laptops model since it can be tricky to find on some models.


You'll be happy to know Quick Laptop Cash also pays up to 10% more for most laptop models than anyone else!  So you will know you're getting the most Cash for Laptops when you decide you want to "sell my laptop online".  If you have any questions you can contact us as 9am-5pm via phone or email us anytime.  Please keep in mind we are on the west coast using Pacific time so if we don't answer in the morning please try back later and we will be sure to answer your call.  Stop wasting your time when trying to sell your laptop online and get your free quote today so you can get paid cash for laptops!

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If you want to sell your laptop then you have came to the right place.  Quick Laptop Cash is the #1 place to sell your laptop at online.  We pay more cash for laptops then anywhere else and offer the quickest and safest payments!


Did you know in just moments you can sell your laptop?  It is luckily a truth in todays society with fast paced internet and people wanting instant payment, we can now offer that with instant cash for laptops via PayPal!  Once we have tested and verified your laptop you will have the cash waiting in your account.


Here is how it works in case you didn't know, Quick Laptop Cash will buy your laptops whether they are working or broken.

-broken LCD screen

-spill damage or bad motherboard with no power

-missing parts like charger, battery, keyboard etc.


With any of these problems or others such as broken plastics or DVD drive QLC still pays cash for laptops!  Sell your laptop to us and know you are in good hands, simply read our reviews and see we have helped tens of thousands of happy customers sell their laptop.  We buy all makes and models whether you want to sell a dell laptop, sell an apple laptop, sell a sony laptops, sell a toshiba laptop and many more brands.  Get a free quote to sell your laptop today and see how safe and easy selling a laptop online can be.

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If you're reading this you're probably looking to sell a laptop online.  If you want to sell your laptop online Quick Laptop Cash can help we buy all makes and models of laptops and even offer to pay cash if they have broken or missing parts.


It is by far the easiest and quickest way to sell a laptop, when you go online to sell a laptop you'll be able to get an instant quote that will tell you the laptops value it just a few minutes.  All you need to know is your laptops make, model, and any problems it might have if any.  Once you have got an instant quote to sell your laptop online the next step is just providing your address so we can ship you a free box with pre-paid shipping both ways!


If that isn't an easy way to sell a laptop online then we haven't found a way to make it easier yet.  We even offer instant payment through PayPal so the second we are done verifying your laptop you will have your money ready to spend on Christmas gifts or whatever you need the money for.  Quick Laptop Cash is the fast and safe way to sell your laptop online and we happy to announce if you choose to sell a laptop with us we pay up to 10% more then anyone else for used laptops.


Get a free quote today and see why thousands have chose to sell their laptop online with QLC

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If you're looking to sell your laptop chances are you have found many places that claim to pay cash for laptops right?  Just like anything else in life not all things are created equal and this is true for companies who offer to help you sell your laptop as well.  First of all you will see there are many different prices offered for the same models and some companies don't even offer to buy older models anymore.  With all of these option to get paid cash for laptops the way to choose which is the best way to sell a laptop online can be difficult right?  Wrong!


There are many options to get paid cash for laptops but simply weighing all the options will make it very clear which ones come out above the rest.  A company like Quick Laptop Cash offers to pay up to 10% more for most models, offers free boxes and return shipping, and offers the quickest ways to get paid while other companies won't even send you a box in the first place.  Wouldn't it be way easier to get paid cash for laptops if someone else arranged all the shipping and took care of all the problems for you?  That is why Quick Laptop Cash has quickly become the best way to sell your laptop online in just a few years!


Quick Laptop Cash is now the #1 leader and place to sell laptops online!  We are happy to announce we are now working even harder to help you get paid more cash for laptops.  We are going to raise all of the prices we offer to buy laptops online for and upgrade all the shipping at no cost to you!  This way we can receive your laptop faster and get your paid the cash faster so there is even less of a headache than before.  These are just more of the reasons why Quick Laptop Cash is the leading company to go to when you want to get paid cash for laptops, we have the best reviews, fastest service and most importantly care about our customers and try to offer the highest level of service.


Go ahead and try it out we'd love to prove why we strive our hardest to earn your business, give us a call and we can answer any and all of your questions about how the process to get paid cash for laptops work.  If you try calling any of our competitors all you get is an endless ringtone or an answering machine with promises to call you back.  At Quick Laptop Cash we believe in the old fashioned values of prompt and fair customer service.  We have someone standing by to answer your phone call all day everyday during business house.  Get paid real Cash for Laptops to sell your laptop online with QLC!

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I was looking into getting a new laptop and realized they aren't exactly giving these things away anymore, not that they ever were actually laptop prices are lower then ever especially with what you're now receiving in even "low end" laptops.  That's a different altogether though, so I want thinking I want to sell my laptop and started looking for places and people who wanted to buy them.


With laptops now being so cheap it is sadly hard to find people looking to buy used laptop when you can go down to Best Buy or Walmart and buy a new laptop for under $300 that puts a one or two year old laptop to shame.  With that said I tried the regular places for 4-5 weeks and realized I actually wanted to sell my laptop and not just pretend like I was.  So I got online to look for a place that wants to buy my laptop.  Amazingly there are plenty of places who will help me sell my laptop but the problem is which one.  Some offer extremely high cash for laptop prices while others offer super fast service.  I was determined to find the company who offered lightning fast service and the most cash.


I decided to go with Quick Laptop Cash for a few reasons, they offered me $50 more for my laptop then anyone else who bought them and they had numerous reviews for super fast service and fast payment.  I could send in my laptop and get paid with PayPal instantly!  This was all sounding very good to help me sell my laptop so I decided to give it a shot and get my instant quote and free box sent to me.  Within three days a box with pre-paid shipping arrived at my door that looked like it had seen a trip or two across the states but was still in plenty good shape for another.  I packed my laptop inside the box and dropped it off at my nearest UPS store knowing I had now answered, "how to sell my laptop".  I was shocked it had taken me five weeks to use the easiest service I had ever tried.  If you are like me and wondering where to sell my laptop and get paid the cash for laptops I want look no further, the nice people at Quick Laptop Cash will help you sell your laptop!


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