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When you decide to sell a laptop you will see there are many different ways to a sell your laptop.  If you're smart about it you can do almost no work and get paid more cash for laptops than any other way.  The best way to sell your laptop is by going online, you can sell your laptop for cash is just minutes and don't have to waste tons of time listening to offers and meeting people.  We've made a quick list of the best things to do when you want to sell a laptop online.  Using these few hints and tricks your whole experience of selling a laptop will be faster, safer, and you'll get the most money possible!


The first and most important thing when you decide you want to sell your laptop online is making the process fast.  From the moment you get a quote to when you actually get paid can take anywhere from a week to a couple of days.  The first trick is to opt to use your own box and just print out our free shipping label.  Not only does this give you a bonus to your order of extra money but you just cut down the time you have to wait for us to send you a shipping kit.  Depending on where you live that might have saved you 1-3 days already making it quick and easy to sell your laptop online.


Once we have received your laptop we start our testing process.  This can be greatly sped up from when you place your instant cash for laptops quote online.  If you accurately pick both your laptops make and model as well as any flaws, broken items, or missing parts on your laptop it will expedite the testing process and you will have a more accurate quote to sell your laptop from the start.  When we test a laptop and find additional problems we must email you and this slows down the process just from waiting for a response.  If there are no problems or you mark them on your online instant quote the process to sell laptops is much quicker.


The third tip to speed up the process to sell laptop is to choose to get paid using PayPal, it is an online site that lets you send and receive money instantly all around the world.  Once we get your laptop it goes through our testing process that takes 24-48 hours on average.  Once we have tested your laptop to ensure all parts are working properly we send out the cash for laptops payment.  Our standard way is to just mail you a check which is slow because you must wait on the mail to deliver it and again depending on where in the USA you live this can slow down the process to sell a laptop.  To make this quicker when you sell your laptop online pick the PayPal option for payment so once we inspect the laptop we can send you your cash for laptops instantly and now the entire process is done and you have just successfully found how to sell a laptop online!


Using just these three trick to sell your laptop online you will drastically cut down the time it takes to complete the process to sell laptop.  Selling a laptop doesn't have to be hard or time consuming Quick Laptop Cash has changed how you sell laptops online by offering these steps to help you our customers,  We value your ideas and the number one thing is "how to sell my laptop faster?"  It is why we have made the process to sell a laptop online much quicker and safer having to ship items less and send your cash for laptops payment instantly!  Call or email us with any questions we'd love to help you sell your laptop online.

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If you're looking to sell a laptop chances are you have checked out quite a few places to sell your laptop.  You want to get the best price to sell a laptop so needless to say searching all around the internet before you decide to sell your laptop is a very common thing to do.  What if you didn't have to waste your time to sell laptops?  Quick Laptop Cash offers the highest prices in terms of cash for laptops, we pay up to 10% more then anyone else for laptops.  It doesn't matter what make or model of laptop you want to sell we have hundreds listed on our website and are ready to help you sell your laptop regardless if you want to


     -Sell A New Laptop, we typically pay the highest cash for laptops values for these

   -Sell A Used Laptop, we make an instant quoting process so it is easy to mark items that might be wrong with a well used laptop

   -Sell An Old Laptop, much like selling a used laptop you can see an instant cash for laptops quote by picking any items wrong with your old laptop if any

   -Sell A Broken Laptop, we even help you sell broken laptops!  You can sell your laptop online even if it's screen is broke, hard drive failed, has a bad battery, missing charger etc.  We help people sell broken laptops everyday

These are just a few of the reasons why people want to sell a laptop but no matter the reason you can get a free instant quote to sell a laptop.  If for some reason you don't see your model listed don't fret we might still pay cash for laptops with that model.  There are literally thousands of laptop models so it is next to impossible to always keep adding every single new laptop model to our list.  If you have one and don't see it please contact us and we can help you over the phone Quick Laptop Cash has been voted best customer service 4 years in a row!  Don't hesitate to sell your laptop every day you wait it's cash for laptops value is going down and down.  Get paid to sell a laptop today with Quick Laptop Cash!


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I recently had an accident with my laptop and let me say, as a college student it was awful knowing all of your school work and all of your homework was done on this laptop and had to be done on your only laptop.  I was in a really tough spot because it was mid semester and I already used my student loan money to pay for classes, rent, etc.  I needed to buy a new laptop or somehow get my laptop fixed.  After getting a quote on repairs it was going to cost more then my laptop was worth to have it fixed.  So I needed to buy a new laptop but like I said money was very tight at the time.  In order to buy a new laptop I was needing to sell my laptop.  I decided I could go online to sell my laptop and started looking for places to sell my laptop.


I had a newer HP ENVY DV7 to sell and figured there were places that might pay cash for laptops even if I had a broken laptop to sell?  I started by looking at the usual places to sell electronics like a laptop.  I didn't think those ways were going to help since I was on a tight schedule and already had to use my schools library to search for this.  How many times did I really want to go down there to reply to messages and deal with all the scams that come online?  I started looking into places with good reviews and Quick Laptop Cash came up as having great customer service reviews.  I decided to give them a call and see if this might be a good place to sell my laptop online at.  To my surprise someone actually answered their phone and was able to explain how the process worked to me.  I really expected an answering machine or someone who was rude and wouldn't help me with the process at all.  I was getting a quote to sell my laptop while on the phone and he explained I was getting a quote for the wrong model.  With the correct model they paid over $100 more cash for my laptop than the model I was actually picking.  Just from that phone call alone my laptops value went from $240 to $355!  I would highly recommend making sure where you want to sell your laptop has good customer reviews like Quick Laptop Cash and will assist you in the process.


I had now chose Quick Laptop Cash as the place to sell my laptop and after it is all said and done, I must say I am very happy with my choice to sell my laptop online.  It was quick, easy and they even offer to safely wipe the content of your hard drive so no one could get my bank account info or credit card numbers.  I have recommended it to a few people in my dorm there isn't an easier way to sell your laptop.  Go online to Quick Laptop Cash's website and get a free instant quote to sell your laptop.

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Follow Quick Laptop Cash on Twitter and Facebook to get exclusive offers and to enter contests to win free iPhones or iPads!  You can always ask us a question or give Quick Laptop Cash reviews on there as well we'd love to hear from you on how we can improve!  Tag us with hash tag #selllaptop


Quick Laptop Cash Twitter  https://twitter.com/QuickLaptopCash

Quick Laptop Cash Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QuickLaptopCash

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If you want to sell laptop you might have noticed the only way to effectively do it now is by selling your laptop online.  It is sadly the best way to do it if you're limited on time and don't own a huge store like Best Buy.  Why is it best to sell laptop online you ask?  Well let me go ahead and tell you why you'll have most luck selling your laptop online in todays world...


The internet is no new thing and by now with smart phones and tablets almost everyone can and does get on the internet no matter where they are whether it be school, work, the park even waiting in line to get food.  So it is no wonder now that online business is a HUGE portion of sales so if you want to be part of that and sell your laptop you've got to start looking online.  You could try selling your laptop to a friend but they will always want that "friend discount" when you know your laptop is worth far more cash.  What if there was a simple no hassle way to sell laptop even while waiting in line or a drive through to get your lunch?  Luckily there is and it's through Quick Laptop Cash!


Quick Laptop Cash has been helping people, schools and businesses of all sizes sell their laptops for almost 10 years!  We can help you sell one laptop or hundreds of laptops and offer the highest cash for laptop prices if you want to sell laptop.  Why waste your time trying to make an ad for them or meeting with people only to get low balled or not understand exactly what you have?  What if you want to sell a broken laptop whether it be a broken LCD screen, broken motherboard, bad hard drive or any number of reasons?  You can sell broken laptops with Quick Laptop Cash too!


No matter your situation you can sell laptops in just a matter of seconds with us, if you have a large quantity of laptops to sell we can help with that even cover the shipping fees so it costs you nothing to sell your laptop.  If you have a larger quantity you can simple write in the notes section when you go to sell laptop or call/ email us anytime we are always ready to help.  Don't keep wasting your time trying to sell laptop locally or by yourself get an instant cash for laptops quote and sell your laptops today online and easily with Quick Laptop Cash.

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If you're trying to get a few dollars back after this holiday season an easy way might be to sell your laptop.  You can get paid cash for laptops in no time at all!  I was trying to sell my laptop and found out it was really easy let me tell you how my experience went with Quick Laptop Cash.


I got a new laptop for Christmas from my parents it's a nice new Apple Macbook Pro so I no longer need my HP DV6 even though it was only a few years old.  I also found my previous laptop which was a 5 or 6 year old HP DV6000 and went online to get a quote.  I found Quick Laptop Cash to sell my laptop because they had amazing reviews and offered to pay me the most cash for laptops.  After getting a quote for my two laptops it was a staggering $356 for two laptops I would've never touched again!  I instantly proceeded to the next step to get my cash for laptops and was surprised they gave me different shipping options.  I was about to use my own box (I had one that my new laptop had just arrived in) so I chose their expedited service to get paid even quicker.


Within two hours I had received an email with a pre-paid shipping label and instructions of how to finish the process and get paid cash for laptops.  I dropped them off the next day at UPS on my way to school and expected a week or two wait.  To my surprise three days later I received an email saying they were testing my laptops and found I had a missing charger (I sadly forgot to include my charger when going to sell my laptop) which I knew was correct so I couldn't even be mad about that.  They verified I had chose the PayPal option to get paid cash for laptops instantly and not have to wait for the snail mail to be delivered.


I had the cash in my account that night!  It was so easy to sell my laptop I can't believe more people don't know about this!  Quick Laptop Cash will pay you cash for laptops and it took me less then a week who'd of thought right?  I used their money to buy most of a new PS4 today talk about a good Christmas I got an Apple Macbook Pro and a PS4 thank you Quick Laptop Cash for helping me sell my laptop and paying me cash for laptops!

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Lots of people have important information or files on their computer whether it be credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, etc.  With all of this important information in one place when it comes time to sell your laptop because it was broken or just became obsolete you want to make sure this isn't falling into the wrong hands.  The best way to do this is to go online to sell a laptop with a trusted laptop recycler like Quick Laptop Cash.  Quick Laptop Cash not only buys new laptops but we also buy old and broken laptops.  You can rest assured that we are the number one place to sell laptops online as well as the only place to securely and completely erase your information 100% to government and military standards.


Why we take your security so important is because it really needs to be.  With identity theft growing every day and technology always advancing it gets easier and easier to steal your important and vital information that if it got into the wrong hands might costs your thousands of dollars and hours to correct the problems if you even can.


If you decide to keep your hard drive for data storage or to destroy yourself no problem laptops without a hard drive still have value.  You can sell your laptop for cash whether you're missing a hard drive, a charger, the battery or even things like spill damage or a broken screen.  We will also buy all makes and models of laptop anything from an Apple Macbook to a Sony Vaio and even the latest and greatest machines like Alienware.  Quick Laptop Cash is the best place to sell laptops online because we value your security as well as your time.  Don't waste your time getting the run around on eBay or Craigslist just get an instant quote and wait for your check in the mail it's that easy!  So go get your free quote to sell your laptop online today

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Lots of people are unaware that you can sell your laptop online and are missing out on a quick and easy way to get paid cash for laptops.  Here we will count down the top ten reasons to sell your laptop online.


10. It's a great way to get started on cleaning up your house.  When you have to keep moving your old laptops around it gets annoying and takes up a lot of space in your closets.  Why not sell laptops online and have them out of your hair and out of your way permanently!


9. If you are cleaning up your house you might just decide to throw them away in the garbage but lets help mother Earth and NOT do that.  There are plenty of chemicals and toxins in laptops from the LCD screen to the battery where if they end up in our land fills the results are not good.  Go green and recycle your laptops online


8. If you're wanting to donate your laptop to a good cause then we can also help there.  Quick Laptop Cash donates a large percentage of our laptops that'd normally be thrown away or recycled to people who need them and can benefit from owning a laptop.  We want to help everyone get a laptop they need


7. Are you worried if you sell your laptop whether it's working or broken your personal information might get into the wrong hands?  Quick Laptop Cash is the only company who uses the same software as our government and military to securely and completely erase all your private and personal information so that no one will ever be able to get their hands on it, Quick Laptop Cash takes your security very personal when you sell a laptop online with us


6. Quick Laptop Cash has been around for over 8 years and we have helped thousands of people sell the laptops they no longer want, recycle their laptops, or even donate them to a good cause.  We are the number one most trusted business to sell your laptop with and we pride ourselves on customer relations and support


5. If you're trying to sell a laptop online we make it EASY!  If you've ever tried to sell your laptop you know it can be a hassle even if you've tried a different company.  QLC making selling a laptop the easiest process you've ever done.  We send you a free pre-paid box with all the labels you already need.  Simply place the laptop you want to sell in the box and use our new supplied label on the outside.  We want to make selling laptops easy and fast


4. We believe Quick Laptop Cash is the best way to sell a laptop online also.  If you have ever tried eBay or Craigslist then you will know what we are talking about.  Who wants to waste time making an ad, answering questions, replaying to offers, getting low ball offers just to end up losing 10% of your sale price to eBay and PayPal?  You will get a much more enjoyable experience and better pay off to sell a laptop online with us


3. The longer you wait to sell laptops the lower and lower their value goes.  Technology is always changing what is new and hot today is old news next month.  Laptops are just like any other electronic and people go through them very fast.  As a student you might only get a few semesters out of a laptop now.  If you wait the value and price we pay goes down all the time so don't delay, get a free quote to see how much cash for laptops we will pay you


2. Speaking of technology moving so fast don't you want to upgrade to that newer more sleek laptop with the higher resolution screen and longer battery life?  Maybe your current laptop has a broken screen and that is why you want to sell it.  Whatever the reason is you can sell laptops of all kinds and condition to us.  We will buy used, new, old, and even broken laptops for cash.  Don't wait any longer to upgrade let us help you get the new laptop you want


1. The most important reason is MONEY!  When you sell a laptop online we will pay you in cold hard cash.  If you need extra money for anything you can sell your laptop and we will pay you top dollar.  Quick Laptop Cash pays 10-15% more cash for laptops then anyone else!  We can all assume the reason you want to sell your laptop is to get some extra spending money so why not pick the fastest and most profitable way?  Get a free instant quote to sell your laptop today and see how much cash you have sitting in your closet!




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If you're looking to sell a few laptops or hundreds or thousands of laptops Quick Laptop Cash also offers a bulk buying or recycling program.  We not only offer to recycle or buy a school district or companies laptops we also offer the best and most secure date erasing procedures.  Quick Laptop Cash uses the same software that our Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, and military branches use.  We are able to erase any and all information to the most secure standards or if you really want to ensure it's complete destruction we offer to destroy all sensitive information.


Quick Laptop Cash has helped many big name companies recycle old hardware and even upgrade to new equipment we have the staff and resources to handle any job and we will securely and completely erase your hard drives contents to many different levels depending on what you see as needed.  We are not only happy to offer that but we are helping companies go green every day.  Simply throwing away or destroying your laptops and other computer hardware is putting tons of harmful items in our land fills that could otherwise be reused or recycled to keep them out of our land fills and help the ever growing green movement.


If your company or school district is looking to sell any number of laptops whether they are Apple, Compaq, HP, IBM/ Lenovo, etc. we will buy or recycle all brands of laptops no matter their condition.  We can also offer the most secure and safe data destruction which you can specify to your liking.  If you're interested in selling a bulk amount of items please call or email us directly at (877)-211-7429 or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it we look forward to helping you with your technology needs.

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Everyday people all around the country are buying new laptops or new to them laptops.  When this happens you inevitably take your older laptop and place it out of sight and out of mind.  Most people have one or two laptops sitting around their house they never use or have completely forgotten about.  The longer you let these computers sit the older and older they get which will lower their value considerably since technology moves so fast these days.  What was cutting edge one day is old news the next month and obsolete in only a few years.  At Quick Laptop Cash we have found a way to help people all around with this problem, you can now sell laptops for cash with us.  We will buy new, used, old and even broken laptops from you and we pay you in cash!


If that sounds like a problem you have let me explain what we do here at Quick Laptop Cash, when you have a laptop that you want to sell the easiest way to do so is by going online now.  At our webpage you can get a free instant quote to see exactly how much your laptop is worth all you need to know is your laptops make and model.  The make and model of your laptop is important to get an accurate quote since every make and model is different with what hardware they have.  To get a better idea of your laptops exact model visit this link for help How to identify my laptop. Once you have this information the quoting process is simple the last thing you need to know is if there are any problems with your laptop such as, a broken LCD screen, a bad or non working motherboard or spill damage, missing parts, broken parts, or parts that simply don't work like a frayed charger or bad battery.


After entering all this information into your free instant quote you will get a good idea of exactly how much cash for laptop is worth.  If you like the price we pay for your laptop simply choose if you have your own box you'd like to send it in or we can send you a FREE box with pre-paid shipping both ways that will have all the packaging material you will need.  Our goal is to make selling your laptop both easy and quick so you won't waste anytime out of your day to do it.  We offer the quickest shipping options and the best ways to get paid.  You can either choose to get a check mailed to you or if you'd like an instant payment and have a PayPal account we can send it to you instantly upon receiving your laptop in the mail.  Quick Laptop Cash is the number one place to sell your laptop at online get a free quote today and see that we also pay for cash for laptops then anyone else!

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