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If you're trying to get a few dollars back after this holiday season an easy way might be to sell your laptop.  You can get paid cash for laptops in no time at all!  I was trying to sell my laptop and found out it was really easy let me tell you how my experience went with Quick Laptop Cash.


I got a new laptop for Christmas from my parents it's a nice new Apple Macbook Pro so I no longer need my HP DV6 even though it was only a few years old.  I also found my previous laptop which was a 5 or 6 year old HP DV6000 and went online to get a quote.  I found Quick Laptop Cash to sell my laptop because they had amazing reviews and offered to pay me the most cash for laptops.  After getting a quote for my two laptops it was a staggering $356 for two laptops I would've never touched again!  I instantly proceeded to the next step to get my cash for laptops and was surprised they gave me different shipping options.  I was about to use my own box (I had one that my new laptop had just arrived in) so I chose their expedited service to get paid even quicker.


Within two hours I had received an email with a pre-paid shipping label and instructions of how to finish the process and get paid cash for laptops.  I dropped them off the next day at UPS on my way to school and expected a week or two wait.  To my surprise three days later I received an email saying they were testing my laptops and found I had a missing charger (I sadly forgot to include my charger when going to sell my laptop) which I knew was correct so I couldn't even be mad about that.  They verified I had chose the PayPal option to get paid cash for laptops instantly and not have to wait for the snail mail to be delivered.


I had the cash in my account that night!  It was so easy to sell my laptop I can't believe more people don't know about this!  Quick Laptop Cash will pay you cash for laptops and it took me less then a week who'd of thought right?  I used their money to buy most of a new PS4 today talk about a good Christmas I got an Apple Macbook Pro and a PS4 thank you Quick Laptop Cash for helping me sell my laptop and paying me cash for laptops!

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Lots of people have important information or files on their computer whether it be credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, etc.  With all of this important information in one place when it comes time to sell your laptop because it was broken or just became obsolete you want to make sure this isn't falling into the wrong hands.  The best way to do this is to go online to sell a laptop with a trusted laptop recycler like Quick Laptop Cash.  Quick Laptop Cash not only buys new laptops but we also buy old and broken laptops.  You can rest assured that we are the number one place to sell laptops online as well as the only place to securely and completely erase your information 100% to government and military standards.


Why we take your security so important is because it really needs to be.  With identity theft growing every day and technology always advancing it gets easier and easier to steal your important and vital information that if it got into the wrong hands might costs your thousands of dollars and hours to correct the problems if you even can.


If you decide to keep your hard drive for data storage or to destroy yourself no problem laptops without a hard drive still have value.  You can sell your laptop for cash whether you're missing a hard drive, a charger, the battery or even things like spill damage or a broken screen.  We will also buy all makes and models of laptop anything from an Apple Macbook to a Sony Vaio and even the latest and greatest machines like Alienware.  Quick Laptop Cash is the best place to sell laptops online because we value your security as well as your time.  Don't waste your time getting the run around on eBay or Craigslist just get an instant quote and wait for your check in the mail it's that easy!  So go get your free quote to sell your laptop online today

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Lots of people are unaware that you can sell your laptop online and are missing out on a quick and easy way to get paid cash for laptops.  Here we will count down the top ten reasons to sell your laptop online.


10. It's a great way to get started on cleaning up your house.  When you have to keep moving your old laptops around it gets annoying and takes up a lot of space in your closets.  Why not sell laptops online and have them out of your hair and out of your way permanently!


9. If you are cleaning up your house you might just decide to throw them away in the garbage but lets help mother Earth and NOT do that.  There are plenty of chemicals and toxins in laptops from the LCD screen to the battery where if they end up in our land fills the results are not good.  Go green and recycle your laptops online


8. If you're wanting to donate your laptop to a good cause then we can also help there.  Quick Laptop Cash donates a large percentage of our laptops that'd normally be thrown away or recycled to people who need them and can benefit from owning a laptop.  We want to help everyone get a laptop they need


7. Are you worried if you sell your laptop whether it's working or broken your personal information might get into the wrong hands?  Quick Laptop Cash is the only company who uses the same software as our government and military to securely and completely erase all your private and personal information so that no one will ever be able to get their hands on it, Quick Laptop Cash takes your security very personal when you sell a laptop online with us


6. Quick Laptop Cash has been around for over 8 years and we have helped thousands of people sell the laptops they no longer want, recycle their laptops, or even donate them to a good cause.  We are the number one most trusted business to sell your laptop with and we pride ourselves on customer relations and support


5. If you're trying to sell a laptop online we make it EASY!  If you've ever tried to sell your laptop you know it can be a hassle even if you've tried a different company.  QLC making selling a laptop the easiest process you've ever done.  We send you a free pre-paid box with all the labels you already need.  Simply place the laptop you want to sell in the box and use our new supplied label on the outside.  We want to make selling laptops easy and fast


4. We believe Quick Laptop Cash is the best way to sell a laptop online also.  If you have ever tried eBay or Craigslist then you will know what we are talking about.  Who wants to waste time making an ad, answering questions, replaying to offers, getting low ball offers just to end up losing 10% of your sale price to eBay and PayPal?  You will get a much more enjoyable experience and better pay off to sell a laptop online with us


3. The longer you wait to sell laptops the lower and lower their value goes.  Technology is always changing what is new and hot today is old news next month.  Laptops are just like any other electronic and people go through them very fast.  As a student you might only get a few semesters out of a laptop now.  If you wait the value and price we pay goes down all the time so don't delay, get a free quote to see how much cash for laptops we will pay you


2. Speaking of technology moving so fast don't you want to upgrade to that newer more sleek laptop with the higher resolution screen and longer battery life?  Maybe your current laptop has a broken screen and that is why you want to sell it.  Whatever the reason is you can sell laptops of all kinds and condition to us.  We will buy used, new, old, and even broken laptops for cash.  Don't wait any longer to upgrade let us help you get the new laptop you want


1. The most important reason is MONEY!  When you sell a laptop online we will pay you in cold hard cash.  If you need extra money for anything you can sell your laptop and we will pay you top dollar.  Quick Laptop Cash pays 10-15% more cash for laptops then anyone else!  We can all assume the reason you want to sell your laptop is to get some extra spending money so why not pick the fastest and most profitable way?  Get a free instant quote to sell your laptop today and see how much cash you have sitting in your closet!




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If you're looking to sell a few laptops or hundreds or thousands of laptops Quick Laptop Cash also offers a bulk buying or recycling program.  We not only offer to recycle or buy a school district or companies laptops we also offer the best and most secure date erasing procedures.  Quick Laptop Cash uses the same software that our Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, and military branches use.  We are able to erase any and all information to the most secure standards or if you really want to ensure it's complete destruction we offer to destroy all sensitive information.


Quick Laptop Cash has helped many big name companies recycle old hardware and even upgrade to new equipment we have the staff and resources to handle any job and we will securely and completely erase your hard drives contents to many different levels depending on what you see as needed.  We are not only happy to offer that but we are helping companies go green every day.  Simply throwing away or destroying your laptops and other computer hardware is putting tons of harmful items in our land fills that could otherwise be reused or recycled to keep them out of our land fills and help the ever growing green movement.


If your company or school district is looking to sell any number of laptops whether they are Apple, Compaq, HP, IBM/ Lenovo, etc. we will buy or recycle all brands of laptops no matter their condition.  We can also offer the most secure and safe data destruction which you can specify to your liking.  If you're interested in selling a bulk amount of items please call or email us directly at (877)-211-7429 or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it we look forward to helping you with your technology needs.

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Everyday people all around the country are buying new laptops or new to them laptops.  When this happens you inevitably take your older laptop and place it out of sight and out of mind.  Most people have one or two laptops sitting around their house they never use or have completely forgotten about.  The longer you let these computers sit the older and older they get which will lower their value considerably since technology moves so fast these days.  What was cutting edge one day is old news the next month and obsolete in only a few years.  At Quick Laptop Cash we have found a way to help people all around with this problem, you can now sell laptops for cash with us.  We will buy new, used, old and even broken laptops from you and we pay you in cash!


If that sounds like a problem you have let me explain what we do here at Quick Laptop Cash, when you have a laptop that you want to sell the easiest way to do so is by going online now.  At our webpage you can get a free instant quote to see exactly how much your laptop is worth all you need to know is your laptops make and model.  The make and model of your laptop is important to get an accurate quote since every make and model is different with what hardware they have.  To get a better idea of your laptops exact model visit this link for help How to identify my laptop. Once you have this information the quoting process is simple the last thing you need to know is if there are any problems with your laptop such as, a broken LCD screen, a bad or non working motherboard or spill damage, missing parts, broken parts, or parts that simply don't work like a frayed charger or bad battery.


After entering all this information into your free instant quote you will get a good idea of exactly how much cash for laptop is worth.  If you like the price we pay for your laptop simply choose if you have your own box you'd like to send it in or we can send you a FREE box with pre-paid shipping both ways that will have all the packaging material you will need.  Our goal is to make selling your laptop both easy and quick so you won't waste anytime out of your day to do it.  We offer the quickest shipping options and the best ways to get paid.  You can either choose to get a check mailed to you or if you'd like an instant payment and have a PayPal account we can send it to you instantly upon receiving your laptop in the mail.  Quick Laptop Cash is the number one place to sell your laptop at online get a free quote today and see that we also pay for cash for laptops then anyone else!

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Have you owned the same Macbook for a few years now?  Have all your friends got a newer Macbook that is making yours look dated?  Why don't you sell your macbook and get a new one?  I know it is expensive to buy a new Macbook since they cost well over a thousand dollars but there is an answer.  It doesn't matter if you want to sell a Macbook Air, Sell a Macbook pro, or even Sell an old Macbook Quick Laptop Cash will help you sell macbooks of all models!  Let me show you how easy it can be to sell your macbook and get paid cash for Macbooks.


When you are looking to sell a Macbook you might look around locally or even search through endless websites offering to pay you cash for Macbooks, it doesn't answer the question of "Where to Sell My Macbook" though.  What if you had an easy, reputable, place to sell your Macbook who pays more cash for Macbooks then anyone else online?  Quick Laptop Cash is the number one place to sell a Macbook online offering up to 10% more cash for Macbooks then anyone else online.  They have been helping people recycle their laptops for over eight years now and are the leader in where to sell a Macbook.  Just go to their website and get a free instant quote here!  Once you have got your free instant quote you'll know the exact cash for Macbooks price they are willing to pay you, if you agree to their price simply wait for the box to come in the mail with free pre-paid shipping both ways!  There is zero out of pocket expense for you to sell Macbook.  Quick Laptop Cash is the most trusted laptop recycler online with a reputation for helping people sell laptops fast, safely, and for the most cash in your pocket possible!  Stop wasting your time with the others and get a free quote to Sell A Macbook today and see why thousands choose to sell their Macbook the easy way!


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If you've bought a new computer recently you're well aware of how expensive they can be.  Some new Appl Macbooks getting well over the $3,000-4,000 dollar range can be quite the hit to your wallet.  If you have bought one of these laptops it was probably bought as a long term investment where you'll get your monies worth over time.  What happens when you need to sell a brand new laptop due to unforeseen circumstances?  You might have bought a new laptop for school, work, a certain job and now you're stuck with an almost new laptop and a huge looming bill you need to pay.  You are in luck because Quick Laptop Cash can help you sell laptop in a hurry for fast cash.  It doesn't matter if you want to sell a brand new laptop, old laptop, used laptop, or even broken laptops they will pay you cash for laptops for all makes and models.


If you need a quick and easy way to sell laptop let me explain how the process to sell a laptop works and why QLC is the number one trusted place to sell a laptop online!  After having been in business for over eight years they have earned the reputation of best customer service and lightning fast payment times.  They also pay up to 10% more for laptops then anyone else making them the quickest, safest, and most profitable way to sell a new laptop online for cash!


The other good thing to know about quick laptop cash is they're helping to keep plant Earth green.  It's very important to conserve and recycle our resources keeping dangerous and volatile chemicals out of our landfills.  The chemicals in things such as batteries and LCD screens are very bad for our environment and simply throwing them away isn't just frowned upon it's illegal in most places due to these chemicals it's why all batteries have a do not throw away sticker on them.  When these items are thrown into the trash can they end up in a dump or a landfill.  Even being designed for such chemicals it will takes thousands of years to decompose making a huge mess for further generations.  When you decide to sell a laptop with a -


  • Broken LCD Screen
  • Bad or Broken Battery
  • Defective or Broken Hard drive
  • Broken or Spill Damaged Motherboard
  • Broken Keyboard
  • Any and all broken parts on a Laptop

You are not only helping put a little cash into your pockets you are helping save the environment for future generations to come.  Quick Laptop Cash values our non renewable resources and is leading the Green movement in recycling computer parts that have toxic parts.


So whether or not you're looking to sell a brand new laptop or keep an old broken laptop out of the dump take a look at QLC and see why thousands choose to go Green and put cash for laptops into their pockets.  It's really the best way to sell a laptop and make sure the Earth is a great place to live for many generations to come!

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Posted below is a recent conversation with a customer that turned out to be full of good information and worth sharing.  All very common question we receive at www.quicklaptopcash.com


Rita: Hi, I was looking to get a quote to sell my laptop on your website but can't seem to find my exact make and model can you guys help me?


Mike @ Quick Laptop Cash: Of course we can what make and model laptop are you trying to get a quote to sell today?


Rita: Well I actually want to sell two laptops one is a HP envy 15 I was able to find and get my cash for laptops quote but the other is a Compaq CQ61.  I only see Compaq CQ60/ CQ6X what model should I pick to sell my laptop?


Mike @ QLC: The HP envy is an easy one to get but the Compaq CQ61 is one we get questions about all the time.  To sell laptop all you would need to do is pick the CQ60/ CQ6X option as that X stand for any other number you can substitute in there it could be a Compaq CQ61 or CQ67 if that makes sense?  Hopefully that helps you get an accurate cash for laptops quote to sell laptop?


Rita: Yes thank you mike that is perfect!  I can't believe you guys will pay me so much cash for laptops to sell used laptops.  Before I do decide to sell laptop with you guys I have a few more questions if you can help.  The first question about sell laptop is with the shipping, There is an expedited option that says use your own box and get $5 dollars more?  All I have to do is print the label and put it on a box still?  Will the $5 be added onto my cash for laptops quote or is that already calculated in when I went to sell laptop?


Mike @ QLC: We definitely pay the highest prices for people to sell laptop with us!  The expedited shipping option is great it allows you to get paid more cash for laptops and actually makes it quicker.  Instead of us shipping you a box and waiting you can send it out that day in just seconds after getting the email and printing the label.  We add the $5 on to your cash for laptops quote once we receive the laptop here on our end.


Rita: Ok that is perfect I didn't think I saw my cash for laptops quote change when I was about done and ready to sell laptop.  One last important question to me is what happens to all the information on my laptop?  I know between the two I have a lot of sensitive work documents and peoples information being a retired lawyer.  I want to sell laptop to get them out of here and help the environment a little but I cannot even risk that information getting out.  What happens to my hard drive and computer memory?


Mike @ QLC: This is actually one of the big areas that sets us at Quick Laptop Cash apart from our competitors when you choose to sell laptop with us.  We not only are the number one place to sell laptop and offer the best cash for laptops quotes but we take your personal security a step above the rest!  We have custom built machines that will wipe your files and information to the same level that our government uses like the Department of Defense, Air Force, Army, FBI, etc.  We take your security and privacy very seriously it is the reason why we are the most trust place to sell laptop at.  If you want to sell a laptop online we are always the top pick for customer service, cash for laptops prices paid, and security.  We take it all very serious when you come here to sell laptop


Rita: Wow!  That is great news I was going to leave these things sitting in a corner until we could have them destroyed somehow I didn't even want to sell laptop like this to a close friend because you just never know.  If I know that I can sell laptop with Quick Laptop Cash and rest assured my information is gone for good then it sounds like I found the perfect place to sell my laptop.  I am confirming my order now thanks for your time Mike


Mike @ QLC: I am glad I can help if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to send us another email Rita.  We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service it is just one of the reasons people keep coming back to sell laptop with us along with the amazing cash for laptops prices we pay!

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Are you looking for the best way to sell laptop or sell laptops?  There really is no need to shop around after you hear about www.quicklaptopcash.com and how easy they make it to sell laptop and get paid cash for laptops.  Whether you are looking to sell new laptop, sell old laptop, sell used laptop, or sell broken laptop we will pay cash for laptops for all of these!  We are also the number one place to sell Macbooks or sell broken macbook.


If you have looked around for where to sell your laptop already then you must have looked into the options like ebay or craigslist and seen that they charge huge fees or are filled with potential buyers who will waste your time and money with returns.  Why not just sell laptop and be done with it, zero hassle or headaches to worry about just cash for laptops in your pocket.  You can now do this with Quick Laptop Cash when you want to sell laptop we will give you an instant quote so you will know exactly how much cash for laptops you can expect to get paid when you sell laptop or sell macbook with us.  On top of the instant cash for laptops quote you will be given the option to get a free box sent to you with pre-paid shipping or if you have your own we will add $5 on to your order total to pay you even more cash for laptops to sell your laptop!  These are just some of the reasons we are the number one place to sell laptop online.  If you want to sell laptop or sell macbook chances are you have heard about us everywhere possibly even from your friends who have used us.  We pay the most cash for laptops of anyone else so there is no need to sell laptop or sell macbook anywhere else.


Get a free quote to sell laptop or sell macbook today and you will notice the option we have to make it easy to sell old laptop, sell used laptop, sell new laptop, and sell broken laptop so that you can get a cash for laptops quote no matter what condition the laptop you want to sell is in.  Sell laptop today and see what you have been missing we will pay you the most for cash for laptops to sell laptops with us!

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Want to sell laptops and get paid cash for laptops?  It is actually easier then you think to sell laptops even if you want to sell a brand new laptop, used laptop, old laptop, or broken laptop.  There are many ways to get paid cash for laptops but the best way is to sell laptops online with a trusted company like www.quicklaptopcash.com.


When looking to get paid cash for laptops there are a few important things to look out for such as how reputable a company is.  Quick Laptop Cash has been in business over seven years and has helped thousands of people all with happy transactions selling your laptop.  We pay the most cash for laptops price of anyone else and still offer the quickest and best customer service.  If you are interested in selling your laptop get a free quote today at http://www.quicklaptopcash.com/instant-quote it's very easy and only takes seconds to see how much cash for laptops you can be getting paid to sell old laptops!


Don't just listen to me though go ahead and read some of our customer reviews from people who have chose to sell laptop with us.  They not only got paid cash for laptops but were very happy with the entire process because we make it so easy and convenient to sell laptop and get paid cash for laptops!  Stop wasting your time trying to sell laptop locally and go sell laptops online, not only with you be able to sell your laptop quicker but you will get paid the cash for laptops you wanted to get without the wait for hassle.  Go to our instant quote page now to sell laptop and get your cash for laptops quote today!

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