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Does your battery not last as long as it use to? Can it only hold a fraction of the charge it use to even though it says you're at 100%? If so it's probably time to start looking into replacing your laptops battery.

There are many reasons why your laptop battery starts to fail quicker but the main reason is age. A laptop battery is doomed from the start as their useable life starts diminishing from the day you buy it. All new laptop batteries and most old ones are of the lithium-ion type and it has been the standard for many years. These batteries are here to stay for awhile and I wouldn't expect any major improvements or upgrades to come out anytime soon. If you've hit the point of needing a new battery before you make the purchase here are a few reasons why these batteries fail.




All Batteries Fail in Time

It's the one thing you cannot prevent from happening to your laptop battery. Eventually it will get old just like the laptop and need to be replaced or recycled for a newer one. Manufactures say their batteries are typically good for about 400 charging cycles. This might not sound like a lot but should last you about 1-2 years before you see it's life start to diminish. This might mean instead of 3-4 hours of like you'll get just one or two at best. These are the early warning signs of a failing battery.

There is sadly no way to “restore” a dead laptop battery. You might read that some people try to completely deplete it and recharge the battery a few times in a row. It might sound like a good idea but this is not going to work and you should save the time trying this to find a better deal online for a new one!







How to Extend or Save Your Current Battery

Luckily there are some steps you can take to keep your battery working longer so you can save the money you'd waste on a new battery, and after you see the price you'll want to save that money. Lots of people use their laptop as a desktop replacement, and that means it's always on a desk, couch, etc. and actually doesn't even use the battery. If you always have it plugged into the AC wall adapter this is great for computing power but horrible for battery life. This constant draining and charging of your laptop battery is actually making it's short life even shorter. Like we said earlier a laptop batteries life is determined by the number of charge cycles it will go through, so save it some cycles and just unplug it. With your laptop plugged into the wall it will have zero negative affects on your computing experience and might even improve it!

The other problem with leaving the battery in your laptop while you're running off the wall power is the extra heat. I am sure you have noticed after it's been on your lap for awhile there is a great deal of heat being let off by these little laptops. Keeping the battery unplugged when not needed will keep it from getting hot which is the other big reason a battery will hold a smaller charge. Keep your battery cool at room temperature and don't needlessly cycle it through charging and you'll save a lot of time in the long run.




When the Time Comes to Buy a New One

Once you've tried everything possible to keep that old battery going you will eventually need to buy a new one if you're set on using your laptop away from AC power.

There are many ways you can go about this but I'd recommend looking online because you will find the best deal there. Going through the manufacture is a great way to get an OEM battery but they are not cheap, some batteries are going to cost close to $300! If this is not worth it for you then I'd say to start looking into places like Amazon or eBay. They will sell OEM or used OEM batteries at a fraction of the price you can buy a new one for.

If you're not looking for an OEM battery there are plenty of good options out there. I'd still heavily worn you to not buy the cheapest battery because they will not last. There is a saying you get what you pay for and those are just a cheap plastics shell around some AA batteries, these will wear out quick, hold a very short charger and can even possibly damage your laptop. Saving money is important but don't even look at these options unless you want to run into some battery or laptop trouble.   

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It's no secret if you've owned a laptop that they will eventually break. The real question is why, when and how. If you knew the answer to this for every laptop you'd be a rich man. There is sadly no easy way to tell what went wrong with your computer but there are some tips and tricks to try before completely giving up and scrapping your laptop.




Laptop has No Power

If you're trying to turn on your laptop and nothing is happening the first thing to check for is power! Many newer laptops have a light next to the charger port that will light up orange or red if the laptop has power and is charging, it will also turn blue or white when the battery is fully charged, these are a great indicator of whether or not your laptop is getting power. If these lights are not on or your laptop is an older model the first thing to try is a different wall plug, maybe a circuit got flipped or who knows what. Once you have tried a new wall plug the next step is trying a new or known to be working wall charger. Eliminating any power problems is the best way to start your diagnosis and makes everything more simple from there.




Will not Turn on and has Power

If your laptop has power but when you go to turn it on nothing happens there are many reasons why this could happen. The first and probably most likely is your power jack has gone bad, frayed or shorted out somewhere. These very commonly go bad and depending on your laptops make and model could be a very simple fix or incredibly complicated. Another reason for this problem but a lot less likely is a broken or worn out power button. These do fail although it is more rare than a power jack, it is much harder to test though and should probably be taken to a local computer shop if you think this is your problem. The last reason would be the worst and that is your motherboard having completely failed, this could be because of a video issue, it simply overheated or liquid being spilt on it. If any of these are the problems with your computer they're the hardest to diagnose and should probably be taken to a professional who has experience




Laptop has No Video or Picture on Screen

One of the biggest problems with laptops is heat and this comes from the fact they're so portable and small it's hard to fit that all into a small package and still keep everything running cool. They have been getting better with new laptops but the issue is still there and one of the main reasons is where the CPU cooling fan intake and exhaust vents are. This is where the fan takes in cold air to keep temperatures down and where the hot air is sent out from the laptop after being used. These two open ports are essential to keeping your laptop running and they are the most neglected part of it. If you're sitting with it on your lap on the couch or laying down in bed chances are these are not getting enough air and your laptop is running far to hot! What this causes is your video card or graphics card to overheat and it is the most popular reason why a laptop will power on but have no video, everything else still works but the laptops video has been ruined most likely due to heat and the entire motherboard must be replaced.

Another thing to check that is cheap and easy is reseating your ram or it's also known at memory. These are easily removable and sometimes come loose or even break. When this happens your laptop will have problems turning on and might even give an error message if it was only one of them that came loose or had an issue. There should be a small cover door on the bottom of your laptop you can open and try to reseat them to solve your problems. Make sure when you do this that the battery is removed and it is not plugged in or turned on or you can cause much more severe damage.




Things that Will NOT make your Laptop not Work

As well as the common problems you see, there are common things people “think” are wrong with their laptop and end up spending to much money on a severely broken laptops when it was simply misdiagnosed. I have seen people claim a bad battery or “worn out” battery is the cause of a laptop not turning on or not showing video. This is sadly not true and never the case, if a laptop is plugged into a good working condition charger it will turn on with or without a battery so there is no way this could be causing your laptop to not work.

A bad hard drive is also commonly used to explain problems like no video or no power. A bad hard drive will simply make your laptop not boot into its Windows operating system or for an Apple Macbook the Apple OSX. This will not make the laptop fail to turn on or output video just like a battery. If you are having video or power issues it is not related to your laptops hard drive or battery it can function without these two items and should immediately be ruled out from diagnosing the problem.   

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Laptops, tablets, smart phones and other small electronic devices are the items of choice when it comes to theft now a days. They're built to be small, portable and very expensive so it's no wonder why their theft rates are at all time highs! These items cost a lot of money new and can be sold very quickly online at places like Craigslist, eBay or a local pawn shop. This means thieves will take any chance they can get to slip them into a pocket and disappear into a crowd leaving you high and dry.



The Hidden Cost of Stolen Items

It might seem like you've lost enough with a couple hundred dollar phone or laptops being stolen but what about the costs you don't think about? You might have had some accessories or add ons with your laptop like a bag, wireless mouse, external hard drive etc. On top of those you now lost your software and any time and expense it might take to set up and configure these programs if you're going to do it yourself. An even bigger problem is the files or pictures that might have been lost, whether it's kid photos or sensitive work files this person now has unlimited access to them and even a password won't stop most thieves.



Best Ways to Help Prevent Theft of Your Devices

Luckily there are some steps you can take to stop thieves from stealing your hard earned money, time and possibly more. Don't wait until it's too late be proactive and use some of these basic tips to save yourself a huge headache.

  • Don't leave a laptop, cell phone or other devices in your car whether it is locked or unlocked. Not only will your device be gone but your window will be broken too. If you absolutely must leave them in a car keep them hidden somewhere out of site like in the trunk, under a seat or in your glove box. Most crimes are because of convenience so don't make it easy!

  • Don't ever leave them unattended whether it's at your desk at work or the table of a bar or cafe. They're tiny enough it only takes seconds to put them into a pocket or bag and you'll never be able to track them down then. This is one of the most common ways to have them stolen.

  • Don't use a typical bag or case made for a laptop or smart phone this is a dead giveaway of what's inside. A briefcase can still carry a laptop and keeps it much more discrete while still protecting the device from physical damage.

  • Always remember that most people use automatic log ins so things like email, social media, and even bank accounts might be at risk if your device is stolen, it's recommended to have a laptop password for logging into Windows as well. If it does end up stolen be sure to change these passwords as quickly as you can to avoid identity theft.

  • Last but not least don't forget to back up your information and files to an external hard drive or a flash drive. This quick and simple process can save you huge head aches in case your devices do come up stolen but the key is to be consistent and keep a regular schedule when

you do back them up.

There is sadly no way to prevent laptop or cell phone theft and it has consistently been on the rise with new phones coming out worth more and more money. The best thing to do is prepare and make sure your device is never left alone. The more prepared and aware of electronic gadget theft you are, the better your chances are it won't come up stolen or fall into the wrong hands.



Report the Theft Immediately and even “brick” your device

This might seem pointless but most people never report the item theft and just write it off as a loss. While this typically holds true when you report a crime the time and location is now in a police data base so if this happens repeatedly you might help others out because the police will eventually investigate if there are too many reports from a certain store or location. It is best to call them before your carrier because the carriers now “brick” a phone making it 100% useless to use or sell. Once they do this is might hurt the investigation and they might recommend you keep the device turned on in hopes that the criminal will try to use it and get caught that way. The worst thing you can do is nothing so try to report it or notify someone of the crime to help prevent it from happening to someone else.

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What Do Your Laptop Specifications Mean?

When looking for a new laptop there is a lot to consider. The first is your budget and what you'll be using the computer for. If you're just wanting to send some emails and put your itunes music on it then you'll be looking at drastically different models than someone who is going to use it for brand new video games. Why this matters is because of the laptops hardware, computer hardware refers to the actual physical parts inside of it that make it work. These parts are the laptops processor, memory, hard drive, video card, screen size and much more. Unlike desktops you can't really change these parts easily so when you're shopping for a new one it is important to make sure you get what you want or need from the start.

What's really going to determine how fast your laptop works is the Processor or CPU and the speed and amount of ram it has. These two working together will play the main part in how fast your laptop works and what it's maximum capabilities are. The next most important part is your hard drive size and speed. If you want the fastest laptop around you're going to want a Solid State hard drive often called a SSD. These hard drives use flash memory instead of disks and are far faster but much more costly than an old hard drive with disks. A conventional hard drive is typically 5400RPM or 7200RPM which signifies the revolutions per minute the disk spins at, the faster it goes the quicker you can get your information. The last part of your computers hardware will be it's video card, most laptops will have an on board or integrated video card but there is a small percent that have an external one and they're typically high end gaming laptops and are far more costly because of this.

These major hardware choices greatly determine a laptops speed and power as well as price. I have noticed with most people they try to buy a laptop that is far more powerful or way out performs their needs. What I mean by this is people want the latest and greatest laptop but often over pay to get it. They either think they need certain requirements or the laptop salesman as the store talks them into a much more expensive purchase then they need. This is not a problem unless you're working on a budget and are just trying to get a good deal on the laptop. For most people their laptop use consists of sending emails, writing papers for school and work, or just browsing the internet like Facebook and Youtube. None of these tasks are very difficult to modern computers and even the new entry level models are able to do them with relative ease. The biggest problem for them is video games and picture and music editing which demands a lot more from a computer.

What Laptop Do You Actually Need?

The next time you're going to buy a laptop first think of what you actually use your computer for and what you'd like to do with it. Are you doing basic tasks or would you like to step up to some more complex ones? The only other things that matter once you're shopping is the screen size. The most common sizes are 14”, 15.6”,16” and a 17.1” screen size. Today's laptops are almost all LED screens which are supposed to be better on battery life but obviously the larger a screen the less portable it will be, so if you're a student on the run you probably want to avoid the larger screens as they're heavier to carry, have shorter batter life, and most back packs or bags aren't designed for their screens so transporting it will be harder and more prone to damage.

The whole debate over which brand is “best” also seems to have gone away with only a few companies even making the internal parts anymore. While HP or Dell might want you to think their laptops are far different the truth is they aren't, most of their parts internally are not even made by them and they buy hard drives from companies like Toshiba, Seagate or Hitachi. There are only a couple laptop brands who still make their motherboard and even those are slowly going away and it reflects in their prices. So when you're looking for a laptop don't get wrapped up in who makes it, look for the screen size you want, with the hardware you'll need at a minimum and don't get caught up thinking you need the latest generation of processor if you're typing word documents. This will keep your costs down and allow you to focus on which laptop looks the most aesthetically pleasing while still giving you all the power you need to make the most of your new purchase!

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Pay Your Self to much from the start

When you're just starting your business it is important to keep track of all your spending. The biggest one is going to be keeping food on the table for yourself. While it is very tempting to see money start coming in and wanting to get personal things for yourself just remember there are slow sales weeks and your bills always need to get paid. Don't let one bad sales week or month ruin your cash reserves, you might need to live on less then you'd expect the first year of your small business to ensure continued success.

Don't Keep Over Head Low

As with keeping money in your bank from not over paying yourself is important so is keeping all your businesses bills and expenditures low. You don't need to have the best of everything but determine what is a must for your business. If your business relies heavily on foot traffic make sure you have a good location for your business to succeed, this may cost more than your other bills but it might be the most important part of your small business and deserves top priority if you want to succeed. On the same note if you're an online business you might not need a high traffic location and instead should focus on keeping your shipping bills low to maximise your sales profits

Don't Want to Put in the Extra Hours

If you've taken the leap into owning a small business you should expect to work long hours. The days of a Monday through Friday 9-5 might be in the past but that's not why you decided to work for yourself. Answering phone calls, emails and working through the night might not be needed every night but there are times you will need to put your head down and get something done whether you want to or not. Owning a small business or even a larger business might mean 80+ hour weeks so determining when to get an employee or two is a very tricky balance because you also want to keep your overhead low and an employee is a far more expensive than what meets the eye.

Don't Try to Out Source All Your Work

Whether you think you need some help to get all the work done or you're trying to avoid working long hours an employee can be both a blessing and a curse. If you hire the correct employee he can save you countless hours and work and make you thousands of dollars. However if you have more than you need or an unmotivated employee he might cost you more money than he is worth. If your small business is an easy idea or doesn't require much capital and know how to start you might have to worry about him copying your idea and trying to start his own “better” business on the side. There is a fine line to draw between a great hard working employee and someone who isn't challenged enough and will take your idea as his own. Be very careful when looking for employees as to make sure you have enough work to keep them busy in the long run or make it clear they're just a temporary employee.

You're in it Just for the money

The biggest problem is trying to start a business purely for money. I'm not saying you shouldn't go into it looking to make a profit but if all you're concerned about is making money your intentions will soon be seen and that's not good for anyone. Think about why you wanted to start this business and get back to what you use to enjoy. If you really like music and you open a music store you're going to be far more involved than if you tried to sell music lessons to the highest bidder. There was a reason you decided to go out on your own and try to do it yourself whether you thought you could do it better, there wasn't a business like it in your town, or you were just tired of making someone else money with your unique skills that weren't getting noticed or properly compensated. Running your own small business is a lot of work and you should go into it for a reason because you're better at what you do or have a passion for doing it not because you think it'll make you some easy money or it will sadly fail.


Author’s Bio:

Byron Anderson is currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where you can sell your laptop online. He ha been working in this field for 3 years doing technical support and consulting

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Whether you are a business that is upgrading, a business that is downsizing, a school, or an individual who bought a new laptop there is always a need to get rid of your now unneeded laptops or try to recoup some of the money spent on upgrading to maximize your student or employees efficiency. While it might cost a lot up front the money saved by your employees working faster and smarter should easily balance out the cost of upgrading machines. What a two or three your old laptop will lack versus a new model can be mind blowing laptop and desktop technology is still moving so fast every year it is impossible to keep up.


sell your macbook for money


How you can save some of that money and balance out your costs as a business owner or school administrator is to sell your current laptops for money.  You can of course donate them and this is an excellent idea depending on their condition but if they're relatively new computers with no or very little problems you could be selling these for money.  What if I told you a two or three year old laptop could be sold for $200 or $700 depending on what make and model it is?  An Apple Macbook pro which is very common to use for art schools or graphic design businesses are still very current and fast laptops.  If you're upgrading from these models to even newer ones you can be saving almost a third or half of your upgrade cost.


The same idea applies if you're just buying yourself a new personal laptop computer.  Just because you no longer want it doesn't mean it doesn't have any value.  This whole idea can be looked at like a used car, when you buy a new car you have an old one that is probably in very good shape and will work for years to come.  You wouldn't just throw that car away or let it sit in your garage for years and years until it's value has dropped lower would you?  So why do it with your laptop?  Every day that you let it sit in a closet, safe, or under a bed you are losing money due to the rate technology advances.  Get back some of that purchase price and sell your laptop for money with Quick Laptop Cash.


Sell and Recycle School and business laptops


If you are worried about how the process works check out the How it Works page.  We have made the entire process so easy you can be done and moving on with your day in just minutes.  If you're wanting to sell a large number of business or school laptops please call or email us.  We currently help 12 different school districts with their old laptops and can arrange to have them picked up as well as shipped so you don't have to worry about securely packing them or wonder which way is best.  Whether you need the money for a new laptop, want to help off set the cost of your new laptop or simply want some extra spending money for a trip Quick Laptop Cash makes it possible to sell your laptops in just minutes, can't get faster than that.

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When someone has a problem with their computer or phone the first thing they think of is I need to upgrade my electronic device because it is slow, outdated or might have a small problem. While sometimes this might be best with a phone if you're ready for an upgrade, it might not be the best option for your laptop depending on what make and model you have. Just because a laptop is a newer model does not mean that it is better or faster at what you're trying to do.

A Newer Laptop is Not Always Better, Check the Hardware
When buying a laptop there are many things to look at, what size is the screen, what kind of processor (CPU) does it use, does it have a video card, do you need a 10 key, etc. the list goes on. If you're thinking that your laptop doesn't cut it anymore there are quite a few things to consider. If you bought a laptop 3 years ago and got the top of the line newest and best model chances are it will still be better than the “new” cheap version at a store. If you look at new models coming out they're using old Pentium and Centrino processors to keep costs down while having less ram and using Windows 8. The less expensive models might use these budget processors and boast a large hard driver but the truth is large hard drives are no longer expensive, in older laptops it was a big deal to get a 320GB or 500GB hard drive when that is now pretty standard for all models. Look closely at your laptop hardware versus that new model to make sure you aren't actually down grading.

Find out if Your Laptop is Broken or just Needs Simple Maintenance
Lots of people think they need a new laptop because theirs is “broken” or too expensive to repair. Depending on what is wrong or where you take it the cost might be to high, but if it's something small or you shop around it can actually be very inexpensive to have your laptop back and running. Taking your laptop to a big box store is the worst mistake you can make, Best Buy or Staples didn't build themselves off of good deals and they aren't staying open from passing on any sort of savings. They have large overhead and this is reflected in their pricing and service. Not only will you pay far more but you'll have to wait much longer on the most simple repairs for them to look for parts in their approved networks and groups. Taking a laptop to Best Buy for a $300 repair that takes two weeks might only cost you $50 and a day or two at a small mom and pop kind of repair shop. This is where shopping around will save you big time!

New Windows 8 Operating System can mean Big Problems
If you're looking to upgrade your laptop any models you'll be looking at now have Windows 8 as it is their newest operating system and they stop selling computers with Windows 7 because of this. While it is a matter of personal preference the large majority of people do not like Windows 8 and it has been plagued with bugs just like any new software or hardware that gets released. I'd highly recommend going into a store where you can play around with it a bit and see if it's what you really want. I have seen countless people choose to stick with Windows 7 because of its different interface and some stores like Costco have even had to put up signs saying “No returns because of Windows 8” it has been such a huge problem. Don't let me make up your mind though take a look for yourself and see if this is a major selling point or not.

When Buying a New Laptop Your Software won't Transfer
When you decide to buy a new laptop you will have to reinstall your laptops software programs. There is no way to just transfer a program so you will need to make sure you have the disk and it is licensed for another computer. If you decide to do get a new laptop you might lose tons of valuable data and even hundreds of dollars in software, this might turn your new laptop purchase into a huge nightmare costing thousands of dollars. Next time you think you need to sell your used or broken laptop remember it might just be easier to have your laptop fixed or upgraded. While newer doesn't always mean better, if it is a newer and quicker laptop with better hardware you must remember that there are other factors that can make it very difficult. Do a little shopping and research before you decide to cast aside your old laptop and you can save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars and maybe even have a better laptop.

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Electronic gadgets become obsolete even before we have unboxed the latest buy. The hottest, smartest and coolest gadget always proves to be elusive. The easiest way out is of course to get rid of the ‘smart gadget’ and get a ‘smarter’ one. You can either donate it or recycle it and do your bit for the environment. If you opt to sell it or trade it in, you earn handy credit to help with the next upgrade.

All electronic gadgets need not be upgraded with each new launch; a digital SLR camera works fine even if it’s not the latest loaded offering from the brand. Laptops, however, are a different story. Upgrading to a new model can save you plenty of worries. Potential repairs and replacement of faulty parts are expensive and extended warranties do not come cheap. Upgraded models offer more benefits and there is a marked improvement in performance.

You should ideally sell off your laptop before the existing warranty expires. This ensures you get a price quite close to what you originally spent to purchase the laptop.

Selling your old laptop online requires you to put in that little bit of extra effort. You need to do your homework well, choose the right mode to sell and be patient with the entire process. You have to choose the suitable seller and get your sales pitch right. Let’s see how you can go about this.

Choose Your Seller

There are many sites selling used electronic gadgets. eBay, Craigslist and Amazon sell just about anything and have an enormous audience. Advertising on eBay is relatively more expensive than on Amazon. Craigslist helps you list for free, is more personal and quite popular for local selling. But be ready to get low-balled and prepare yourself to drive a hard bargain.

Whatever mode you choose, you need to write out an ad and post some flattering pictures of your gadget. Here are a few tips to help you with your ‘advertising’.

Keep It Short, Simple and Straight

Your product description needs to be short, crisp and precise.

1. Headline Is Crucial - It is important you write an information-dense and short headline. It is all about optimizing the limited space you have and fitting in all the critical and attention-drawing info. You must mention the model number and the screen size of your laptop. The specifications must be included because a model number might be hard to recollect or recognize for the customers.

Headlines should never be in all caps. If possible, include an adjective that best describes the most wonderful aspect of your laptop. It may very well be the wonderful picture quality or the impeccable, as-good-as-new appearance.

2. The Body Matters - The body or content of your post should be short, to the point, and contain all the relevant info with no unnecessary decorative language. Understand the specifications and other details you need to post on your model. Read through the manufacturer’s website and post all the relevant information in your ad. Users should find your description and details sufficient. You can also add a link back to the original site for more information. Try not to flaunt your fabulous sense of humor or add unnecessary words. A direct and simple description should do the trick.

A well-written description is most important if you are posting on Craigslist and eBay. Amazon discourages anything more than a couple of sentences long.

3. Add Links to Reviews - All models may not be memorable. Add links to review sites which provide information on the good and bad aspects of your laptop. This is reassuring to potential buyers.

4. Land in the Right Category - When selling to a niche audience, post your ad in the right category. Don’t post in general sale sections. eBay and Amazon have an infinite number of categories so make sure you are in the right place. If you are willing to trade in your gadget as on Craigslist, specify the options and offers acceptable to you, but be prepared for surprises.

5. Post an Actual, Clear Image of Your Laptop - A visual evidence of what you are trying to sell adds to your credibility. An honest picture helps build trust in the virtual market place. There may be plenty of awesome pictures of your model available on review sites and on the manufacturer‘s website, but don’t post them. A shiny picture of a three-year-old laptop would definitely be viewed with skepticism. A good image where the scratches are visible is ideal.

If there are uploading tools on the site use them. Never post images that you have already uploaded on the Web previously. There are too many dangers associated with it, from being mistaken for a scammer to the danger of being easily located due to geotags.

If there are any additional accessories, features or details you want to highlight, post their pics as well. Be careful about the size of the image you upload. It shouldn’t be too large but should be clear.

6. Price Right - It is extremely important for you to price the product right. You may feel a bit hesitant to quote a high price, but remember quality does not come cheap. So never price your product too low. And if you are selling through sites like Craigslist, most of the potential buyers will definitely try to haggle and knock off a few bucks. You can check on eBay the prices of similar products by scouting through completed auctions or listings. Online buyers of old and broken laptops also give free instant quotes if you type in the relevant details on their websites. Quote high, bargain hard and settle for a price that pleases both the buyer and seller.

7. Accessorize and Charm - Added accessories and peripherals entice your audience. A USB drive, a good set of speakers or a quality laptop case bundled with your gadget can sweeten the deal for many. Buyers love a complete package and this increases your chance of sale. A great deal lands you a sale in a matter of hours if you are advertising to a wide base.

8. Be Responsive – Post your ad at times when it will be convenient for you to respond to customer queries and interests. Most of the prospective buyers blast off emails and respond to all the ads that catch their attention. If you don’t hold people’s interest someone else will. Make sure you don’t miss any chance of a sale and be polite and prompt with your replies. Remember it is usually the eager beaver who lands the sale. But don’t come across as desperate and impatient either. You will drive away genuine buyers and attract all sort of unpleasant experiences, maybe even con artists.

Also don’t just respond only to phone calls. E-mails and text messages require attention as well.

9. Put in the Right Contact Info in Your Ad - It is important to make it easy for the prospective buyers to reach you. If you are not comfortable with having to respond to phone calls from strangers, give out your e-mail ID to establish an informal line of communication prior to calls and meetings. This holds true especially if you are selling on Craigslist. To prevent your number from being misused by scammers go for Google Voice number that you can remove once the sale is done.

10. Repost Your Ad - If you don’t land a sale in a couple of days consider reposting the ad or listing. Make sure you post a new one and delete the old version. This helps keep your ad fresh and pop up again in search results. Also, once the deal is done and your laptop is sold, delist or remove your ad.


The online market place is getting increasingly crowded. New technology makes once-cool gadgets redundant in a matter of weeks or days. In this scenario it becomes all the more important for you to get your marketing right in order to land a buyer for your old e-gadgets. Create a killer ad to get the best deal and realize the dream of your next upgrade!

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Why it is Important to Recycle Laptops and E-Waste

Now a days everything is moving fast from cars to cell phones and trying to keep up with the latest trends has never been harder despite our increased interactions with things like Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest.  To stay up to date it means constantly having to get the latest and greatest stuff because a cell phone that was new and fast a year or two ago might be incredibly slow now.  Why is this?  Phones like the iPhone or phones that use the Android operating system work amazing when they come out because that current iOS or version of Android was optimized for it, now that it's older and they have released an update or two you might have noticed it has dramatically slowed down and now your once new and lightning fast iPhone 4s can barely load pages faster then an old dial up internet computer.  To solve this problem we are always buying a new phone but what are we doing with old phones?


The best thing to do with old technology whether it be a cell phone, laptop, television or anything else is to sell it, recycle it, or donate it as soon as possible.  The reason behind this has a lot to do with the saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure".  What I mean by that is just because your screen is broken or your battery barely lasts there is someone out there who is trying to get their phone, laptop, kitchen stove etc. fixed and that part could help keep another electronic device out of the land fill!  Recycling really is just a big circle of life so whether you think it is broken and useless or still worth a couple hundred dollars somewhere down the line someone else is going to need it too!  Our landfills are constantly getting over used on things we can be reusing, you can still even sell old items like cell phones, laptops, and other home electronics when they're broken because place like repair shops will buy these to take out what is still good and working in them.


Electronic waste might sound like a made up thing but think of all the stuff that has a computer in it now a days.  Your car, phone, laptop, home desktop, work computer, refrigerators, watches almost everything!  Each time you throw one of these away you might be throwing away one or two of them because the working parts you had could have kept two or three others out of the trash.  When you make the choice to go green and recycle old and broken electronics you're helping everyone out.  From the recycle company who gets it to the repair shop, to the employs of that repair shop who now have a job, to the people who were able to save money and time and fix their old device they might not be ready to get rid of or can't afford a newer one.  This is why it is so important to get rid of your electronic devices as soon as possible if you have decided they are no longer of use or value to you.


recycle old electronics

Get Paid to Sell or Trade Laptops Don't Throw Them Away

 Sights like these are becoming more and more common due to how fast technology is taking over and being needed in our daily lives.  You can't avoid it anymore even just going to school requires typed papers since they no longer accept hand written ones.  This leads to tons of laptops, desktops and printers being used and eventually broken.  To help solve the electronic e waste problem we all need to try and be better at recycling so we can help stop this.  Don't just throw away your old cell phones or laptops when you can sell or recycle them companies will pay hundreds of dollars for these items.  Know when you're done with a device and choose to sell it, donate it or recycle it so it can live again

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Buying used electronic goods is always a tricky proposition. Recent models like the ones launched last year make for a good buy. A new laptop purchased from an authorized dealer comes with all the necessary warranties and guarantees, but that is not the case when buying a used laptop.

While online market places and auctions help you find the product of your choice, the gadgets are rarely certified and there are no assured warranties. However, if you are buying through a reputed online seller of used laptops you can be sure of the quality of your purchase, and a limited warranty may also be offered on the buy.

The type of laptop you purchase should depend on what you intend to use it for. If you are going to use it for routine office work, Web surfing, gaming, and downloading movies or for listening to music any standard laptop will suffice. If you have more extensive needs you may have to look for an expensive laptop loaded with specs.

A recent model of a well-known brand purchased through a reputed seller can be a good buy. There are several other factors and concerns that you need to address when purchasing a used laptop. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Know Your Needs

It is very important for you to recognize and be aware of your needs and requirements. What you intend to use your laptop for determines the model and the make you should go for. Here are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

Size and Portability- If you travel a lot for work then portability is an important consideration. You need to have a laptop that caters to all your needs and also offers easy portability. There are many small and powerful models available today, but they do not come cheap. If you are looking for cheaper options you may have to compromise on specifications and performance.

Specifications- They are of foremost concern if you are a fan of high-end games with complex graphics. Batman: Arkham City or Deus Ex: Human Revolution is best suited for a loaded Mac.

Memory-intensive usage requires higher storage space. It is essential for your laptop to have the necessary expandability for extra memory. Also find out how much memory your system can hold and support.

Designing and video editing calls for powerful systems. You need to consider whether your laptop will be able to support the apps you use. If you are sure the laptop will be able to handle all your requirements and can easily upgrade to cater to your future needs as well, then it is a worthy buy.

Power- Used laptops normally come with weak batteries. A battery that cannot hold charge for long can make things difficult. Check if the battery has lived out its recharge cycles and is ready to be replaced. Find out the costs involved in replacing the battery for your model. If you are planning to travel or work in multiple locations a weak battery will cause problems.

A good quality battery charger or a power adaptor is also important. If the model you are considering does not have one, a replacement needs to be purchased. Look up the costs involved. This is not much cause of concern for a desktop or a laptop which you can afford to keep plugged in during use.

So analyze your needs, lifestyle, work demands and other requirements. Choose a laptop that is up to the challenge.

Other Key Factors

All of us are comfortable with the idea of purchasing a laptop that works, at least for us. There are several broken laptops and those with missing parts available at throwaway prices.

But not everyone prefers shelling out money for products that need further extensive repairs and modifications, unless you are an expert technician yourself and can manage on your own. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind when looking up a used laptop with an intention to buy.

Check the Screen

The screen is one of the most important considerations when buying a laptop, and also the most expensive to replace.

It is vital that you inspect the screen properly. A purple or pink haze or discoloration on the screen spells big trouble. Don’t buy the faulty laptop because it is not worth the trouble of repair or replacement.

A flickering screen or uneven brightness also means further repairs and hassles. Dead pixels appear as white spots on the screen. One or two may not hamper viewing experience, but more than a few would definitely disturb picture quality. Check the screen thoroughly to avoid a stupid buy.

Examine the Keyboard and the Frame

The keyboard is not as expensive as the screen to replace, but a faulty one can ruin your user experience. One or two missing keys may not pose a problem, but unresponsive or hard-to-press keys call for servicing and repair.

Worn-out or broken keys on keyboards point towards a need for repair. Always choose a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard format. Keyboard problems appear minor but if possible go for an entirely trouble-free laptop.

The case and the chassis should ideally be free of dents and chips. Any sign of impact should be noted. These are, however, cosmetic effects and do not interfere with the functioning of the laptop and if you manage to get a good deal, they can be overlooked.

Ensure Licensed OS/ Software

Check the peripherals and the operating system provided. Always ask for the original software CDs or disks, drives, and operation manuals that the OEM provided with the laptop.

It is always advisable to wipe the hard disk clean or get a new one before you start using the laptop. Transfer the remaining warranty, if any, to your name. If you are buying from a reputable online seller of used laptops, you may get an OEM license for the operating system and a limited service warranty.

Make sure your system has licensed software and OS installed. It is against the law to use unlicensed software. If possible you can purchase your own licensed software, or install the one you may already have. In this case, a machine without software can also prove to be quite a good deal.

Consider Costs Involved in Upgrades

Many people snap up a bargain instantly. A $300 used laptop in shipshape condition may look like a good buy. But throw in the costs of upgrades- quality external hard drive, memory upgrades, licensed OS and software programs, and any other peripherals or programs required, and the laptop seems less like a steal.

If an SSD is required the costs can escalate through the roof. So be careful with your choices. Properly gauge the specs of the laptops and go for one that will require minimum additional expenses.

Get the Pricing Right

Competitive pricing makes buying a used laptop an attractive option. There are several online buying sites which give you free instant quotes for used laptops. All you need to do is type in the relevant details and obtain the market price of the used model you are eyeing.

You need to weigh in the expenses incurred for upgrades and minor repairs when considering the total cost involved in buying a used laptop, and compare it with the price of a new comparable system.

You can use this info to drive a god bargain with the prospective seller and knock off a few bucks from the quoted price.


Buying a used laptop is by far the best option if it works out to be cheaper than buying a new or refurbished comparable system. You are doing your bit for the environment as well, and not contributing to the ever growing pile of e-junk. So be well-informed and educated of your needs and requirements, and find a suitable used laptop to serve you well.

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