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Buying used electronic goods is always a tricky proposition. Recent models like the ones launched last year make for a good buy. A new laptop purchased from an authorized dealer comes with all the necessary warranties and guarantees, but that is not the case when buying a used laptop.

While online market places and auctions help you find the product of your choice, the gadgets are rarely certified and there are no assured warranties. However, if you are buying through a reputed online seller of used laptops you can be sure of the quality of your purchase, and a limited warranty may also be offered on the buy.

The type of laptop you purchase should depend on what you intend to use it for. If you are going to use it for routine office work, Web surfing, gaming, and downloading movies or for listening to music any standard laptop will suffice. If you have more extensive needs you may have to look for an expensive laptop loaded with specs.

A recent model of a well-known brand purchased through a reputed seller can be a good buy. There are several other factors and concerns that you need to address when purchasing a used laptop. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Know Your Needs

It is very important for you to recognize and be aware of your needs and requirements. What you intend to use your laptop for determines the model and the make you should go for. Here are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

Size and Portability- If you travel a lot for work then portability is an important consideration. You need to have a laptop that caters to all your needs and also offers easy portability. There are many small and powerful models available today, but they do not come cheap. If you are looking for cheaper options you may have to compromise on specifications and performance.

Specifications- They are of foremost concern if you are a fan of high-end games with complex graphics. Batman: Arkham City or Deus Ex: Human Revolution is best suited for a loaded Mac.

Memory-intensive usage requires higher storage space. It is essential for your laptop to have the necessary expandability for extra memory. Also find out how much memory your system can hold and support.

Designing and video editing calls for powerful systems. You need to consider whether your laptop will be able to support the apps you use. If you are sure the laptop will be able to handle all your requirements and can easily upgrade to cater to your future needs as well, then it is a worthy buy.

Power- Used laptops normally come with weak batteries. A battery that cannot hold charge for long can make things difficult. Check if the battery has lived out its recharge cycles and is ready to be replaced. Find out the costs involved in replacing the battery for your model. If you are planning to travel or work in multiple locations a weak battery will cause problems.

A good quality battery charger or a power adaptor is also important. If the model you are considering does not have one, a replacement needs to be purchased. Look up the costs involved. This is not much cause of concern for a desktop or a laptop which you can afford to keep plugged in during use.

So analyze your needs, lifestyle, work demands and other requirements. Choose a laptop that is up to the challenge.

Other Key Factors

All of us are comfortable with the idea of purchasing a laptop that works, at least for us. There are several broken laptops and those with missing parts available at throwaway prices.

But not everyone prefers shelling out money for products that need further extensive repairs and modifications, unless you are an expert technician yourself and can manage on your own. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind when looking up a used laptop with an intention to buy.

Check the Screen

The screen is one of the most important considerations when buying a laptop, and also the most expensive to replace.

It is vital that you inspect the screen properly. A purple or pink haze or discoloration on the screen spells big trouble. Don’t buy the faulty laptop because it is not worth the trouble of repair or replacement.

A flickering screen or uneven brightness also means further repairs and hassles. Dead pixels appear as white spots on the screen. One or two may not hamper viewing experience, but more than a few would definitely disturb picture quality. Check the screen thoroughly to avoid a stupid buy.

Examine the Keyboard and the Frame

The keyboard is not as expensive as the screen to replace, but a faulty one can ruin your user experience. One or two missing keys may not pose a problem, but unresponsive or hard-to-press keys call for servicing and repair.

Worn-out or broken keys on keyboards point towards a need for repair. Always choose a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard format. Keyboard problems appear minor but if possible go for an entirely trouble-free laptop.

The case and the chassis should ideally be free of dents and chips. Any sign of impact should be noted. These are, however, cosmetic effects and do not interfere with the functioning of the laptop and if you manage to get a good deal, they can be overlooked.

Ensure Licensed OS/ Software

Check the peripherals and the operating system provided. Always ask for the original software CDs or disks, drives, and operation manuals that the OEM provided with the laptop.

It is always advisable to wipe the hard disk clean or get a new one before you start using the laptop. Transfer the remaining warranty, if any, to your name. If you are buying from a reputable online seller of used laptops, you may get an OEM license for the operating system and a limited service warranty.

Make sure your system has licensed software and OS installed. It is against the law to use unlicensed software. If possible you can purchase your own licensed software, or install the one you may already have. In this case, a machine without software can also prove to be quite a good deal.

Consider Costs Involved in Upgrades

Many people snap up a bargain instantly. A $300 used laptop in shipshape condition may look like a good buy. But throw in the costs of upgrades- quality external hard drive, memory upgrades, licensed OS and software programs, and any other peripherals or programs required, and the laptop seems less like a steal.

If an SSD is required the costs can escalate through the roof. So be careful with your choices. Properly gauge the specs of the laptops and go for one that will require minimum additional expenses.

Get the Pricing Right

Competitive pricing makes buying a used laptop an attractive option. There are several online buying sites which give you free instant quotes for used laptops. All you need to do is type in the relevant details and obtain the market price of the used model you are eyeing.

You need to weigh in the expenses incurred for upgrades and minor repairs when considering the total cost involved in buying a used laptop, and compare it with the price of a new comparable system.

You can use this info to drive a god bargain with the prospective seller and knock off a few bucks from the quoted price.


Buying a used laptop is by far the best option if it works out to be cheaper than buying a new or refurbished comparable system. You are doing your bit for the environment as well, and not contributing to the ever growing pile of e-junk. So be well-informed and educated of your needs and requirements, and find a suitable used laptop to serve you well.

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The 2014 Consumer Electronics show CES saw the introduction of new high-tech car gadgets that the modern consumer must install in their cars. The Smartphones are now household names, the Smart-watches and Smart-fridges are the thing now, even Smart-toothbrush. Very soon, Smart-cars are coming knocking the doors.

The car manufacturers are increasingly advancing the technology, especially the gadgets instead of bigger

boots or powerful engines. This is directed towards the young drivers who love a connected lifestyle. The

10 mega-automotive brands were all singing connectivity as the thing this year at the Las Vegas CES show.

Here is a selection of 5 car gadgets a driver won’t like to miss while on the wheels, 2014:


Sell Your Laptop


The 4G Cars

The big brands are fighting; everyone wants to be the first to introduce the LTE-connected vehicles this

year. The vehicles offer a variety of data services. The vehicles offer quality, fast connections to power

the dashboard apps; they also redistribute mobile broadband in the entire vehicle through Wi-Fi. Some

U.S manufacturers are intending to lock their cars to specific carrier networks, which will allow the car

owners to benefit from the family plan or shared data.


GPS Navigation Systems

The new 2014 GPS systems are advanced; they come in different screen resolutions and sizes. The

features are enhanced, starting from maps lifetime updates and the information about traffic to speed limit

indicators and lane assistance.


Driverless Cars

A prototype video, recently released by Toyota, featured a new technology “Intelligent Transport

Systems”. The innovative design co-operates with the driver to position the vehicle safely on the road,

monitor the position of the pedestrians, stop at traffic signals and specifically looks to stop the automobile

collision. Other manufacturers are also lining up their prototypes; AUDI, at CES, exhibited a self-parking

car; Google has obtained a license for self-drive car while Volvo at Spanish freeways tested self-drive



Posture Enhancing Devices

The long commutes should now not be feared to cause certain body complications due to bad posture for

long on a daily basis at the traffic. The gadgets informs one when leaning forward, the extent at which the

driver/passengers shift to the side and when the back is slouched. These notifications are aimed at helping

the driver correct the posture and do away with discomfort or back pain while driving.


Self-Driving Diagnostics

Technology is enabling the modern car to conduct a self-diagnosis on a regular basis, notify the owner

through a report and where possible does a troubleshooting for possible solutions to the discovered

challenges. The conscious driver needs to buy and install gadgets that do a self-diagnosis to know the

condition of the vehicle at any time. For example, the electronic gadgets scan the car’s microprocessors

and inform the driver in case of any complications and further instruct how to make repairs.

These are the top gadgets that every driver must start thinking about now onwards to increase the driving

experience and the safety on the roads.


Author’s BIO: Hi! I am Alice. I write for various communities on different topics. As of now I am

focusing on Driving licence, which provides dsa theory test services to make your ride hassle free and


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Most electronic goods, including laptops, leap generations within a year or two. What is the latest technology today gets outdated in a matter of few new product launches. The newer ones are faster, lighter, and smarter. So it becomes essential you replace your old ones with the new models. This becomes necessary to declutter your home, make place for new gadgets for yourself, or simply pocket some helpful change.

So what is best option to sell your laptop?

Do you want to put it up on eBay or craigslist and wait for a buyer or would you like to be paid instantly as soon as you make up your mind to sell?

Many people hate to go through the hassle of online selling and instead let their old laptops gather dust in a corner of their room. But it’s not a very good idea environmentally or economically. Discarded electronic waste is a major toxic pollutant which is quite harmful to the environment. Also when you make your laptop available at a markdown price you help someone with lesser money afford a laptop they want.


Selling Your Laptop Online

If you are trying to sell your used laptop, there are a multitude of challenges you face. Though you are selling to the widest possible market it is not easy to find your target buyer. Sometimes you could be badgered with scam interests and enquiries. It is important you are alert to the demands of online selling. Let’s look at some of the hurdles that you need to prepare yourself for.

1) Lack of trust on part of the buyer. Though eBay, craigslist and Amazon are the most popular online selling platforms, laptops are not easy to sell, especially if they are broken or not in working condition. There is a distinct lack of trust in third-party sellers. Also, unlike in direct selling, here the buyer does not get to see the device or use it to determine if it is to his satisfaction.

2) Buyer uncertainty about how long the product has been used. Most buyers are skeptical about the quality and condition of old laptops on sale. The model or the date of purchase does not guarantee a problem-free product; a lot depends on how well it has been used and maintained. The going rates for used electronic items may drop significantly if you don’t include things like the original packaging, cords, cables, cases and instruction manuals.

3) Lack of warranty/guarantee. Used laptops do not come with any warranties. So in case of them developing a defect or a snag, buyers are not going to be covered for the costs of repair or be given a replacement. This weighs against you eventually.

4) Expensive. You have to pay to get your product listed on some sites and pay again once the sale takes place. If it’s an old or broken laptop you are trying to sell, it may make no sense to incur this expense. You may also have to throw in a 30-day money back warranty and a refund policy to sweeten the deal for the buyer. Keep in mind to charge only the minimum possible shipping charges because the competition on most online selling platforms is cut-throat and you don’t want to miss a prospective buyer.

5) Deal with the buyer. You may also have to deal with the buyer or answer his queries politely. Since it’s a sale transaction you need to ensure your customer is satisfied and happy with the experience.

6) Fear of fraud. Many buyers are scared of scams and frauds that routinely take place online. As a seller you are also not entirely free from the possibility of becoming a victim of fraud with customers sometimes refusing to pay up.

As we can see, a delay in sale and getting paid can really put your plans of getting a new laptop on hold.  So would you not like a quick, easy and reliable solution that would also help you earn top dollar for your laptop?


Instant Sale and Payment

Recognizing the fact that people change laptops in a matter of months to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, there are sites that give you a quote for your laptop as soon as you put your product up for sale. Not only do you get the highest possible price for your laptop, you are also free of all the hassles that normally accompany a sale transaction. Let’s see how easy and safe this process is for you.

1) Get a quote for your laptop. Post the specifications of your laptop, including the name of the manufacturer, the model and how good a condition it is in. Don’t forget to mention the broken or missing parts, if any. You get an instant quote and can verify it with the market value your laptop commands in a routine sale. More often than not it’s the highest possible price you are being offered. If you find the quote acceptable you can provide the shipping address to continue with the sale.

2) Ship your laptop. If you have your own box and packaging available, you will be sent a packing slip and pre-paid shipping label and you can ship out your laptop from your nearest shipping center. If required you will be provided with the necessary shipping boxes as well. You can see that this is a zero expense incurred process.

3) Get paid! Once your laptop reaches your dealer’s office, it’s checked and certified by technicians on its make, model and condition. All your data and personal information are erased from the hard drive to ensure your safety and security. Payment is usually made within 24 hours of receiving your laptop via PayPal or a company check. If you already have a PayPal account set up, this step will be relatively easy -- you just receive your payment, less 2.2-2.9% (and $0.30 per transaction) for PayPal's fees. Getting your money back in your bank account can be done through a wire transfer, a request for a PayPal branded MasterCard, or even with a regular check. There are a few hoops to jump through but the process usually takes less than 30 minutes to get going.

As you can see there are many benefits to opting for this method to sell your old laptop.

1) You save on time. You post the details of your gadget and get the quote in seconds. Once your shipment reaches the buyer’s office and is inspected, the payment is received in 24 hours.

2) There are no expenses. There is no money being spent from your pocket on advertising or shipping.

3) You are not directly responsible to your buyer. Therefore, no need of warranties or refunds. Since you are the customer here, you rule!

4) No fear of fraud. You can rest assured because there are many reliable and trustworthy online selling platforms which have been around for years and boast of good reviews.

5) Profitable. You get the best price for your old laptop in a matter of days without any expense incurred from your side.



So you can see that selling laptops online need not mean a long wait, hidden expenses, and a poor bargain. With proper understanding of the online market place you can definitely find a solution that suits you. If you don’t get the deal you are looking for you can still opt for recycling programs that ensure your product does not end up in a landfill.

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Wherever I meet people and tell them what I do, the first question they ask me is “Do people really sell their old laptops online before getting paid”. My answer is simple and assured YES.

Quick Laptop Cash is an assured sale platform for anyone wanting to sell his/her old laptop in a quick and convenient manner. If we quote you a price for your old laptop we will buy it. For most Laptops we provide cash for laptop quotes instantly online in just seconds.  Once you have got your quote you now know exactly how much you can sell your laptop for.

For how our shipping works we send you a free pre-paid box with a return shipping label so there is no out of pocket expense to you at all.  All you have to do is drop off the box with it's free shipping at the nearest UPS location or schedule a pick up.  We make it easy to answer that question of "How To Sell My Laptop?"

Now why would anyone trust us and send us their precious laptop without an instant payment? I believe it’s the growth and acceptance of ecommerce which has slowly instilled a trust factor in the minds of the American consumers. Moreover with Cash for Laptops and easy Pre-paid shipping, the ecommerce companies have placed high amount of trust on the American consumer and built an ecosystem of mutual trust and good faith in the reverse channel as well. We receive old laptops everyday via the Sell Your Laptop Online route and the customers seems to be happy with our services as we have started witnessing repeat transactions. At Quick Laptop Cash we strive to give the best value to the customer based on the laptops conditions and our transparency and simplicity of the process is being liked by the customers.

Another common comment I get is” Since you pay after you evaluate the gadget at your facility, you must be deducting money every time”.  Well, fact is that 85% of the customers in 2013 received the same amount as quoted to them online. Around 5% of customers were re-quoted due to functional or physical issues found at the time of checking and out of the total only 3% of the customers requested to send the gadget back. What happened to the rest 7% you may ask? Well they got more than what they were quoted for as their laptops were in better condition than what they had apprised us of!  This is another reason why Quick Laptop Cash is the only place to Sell my Laptop

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If you are wanting to sell laptop or even buy a new laptop you might not have realized you can sell your laptop even if it's an old laptop, used laptop, broken laptops and even new laptops!  It can be tough to sell laptop though if you're not sure where to go or look.  When you go online to sell laptop you will be bombarded with places offering to pay you cash for laptops or wanting to help you sell laptop online.  If you spend a little time looking into the places online you will see that it can be a very scary process to sell laptop.  First of all some places will never answer their phone or return emails leaving you high and dry wondering if you'll ever get paid from trying to sell laptop.


A safe place to sell laptop is with Quick Laptop Cash where we have been helping people sell laptops for over nine years.  We have helped tens of thousands of people sell a laptop and are happy to always answer our phone calls and emails to ensure you have the best customer service experience possible.  If you ever have any questions about how the process to sell laptop works all the way through to get paid the cash for laptops we are ready to help answer phones, track a package or help identify your laptops make and model to get the most accurate cash for laptops quote.


If you're wondering how the process works you can read How it Works to sell your laptops online.  We write out the entire process online and even offer an informative page that explains how to identify your laptops make and model which is essential for getting an accurate cash for laptops quote.  For help on how to Identify your laptop you want to sell Click Here.


Once you are ready to sell laptop the entire quote process should only take a minute or two and you will be set to receive your free box with pre-paid shipping and you are done selling your laptop online.  It really can be that easy to sell laptop online and Quick Laptop Cash makes it very easy to get paid cash for laptops.  Get a free quote today and see how you can get paid to sell old laptops, new laptops, used laptops and even new laptops!

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How To Know The Right Time To Upgrade Or Replace Laptop?

Life is all about evolution.  The only constant factor is change. It happens everywhere around us. Day, night, seasons, clothing, humans etc. everything transforms or undergoes alteration over a period of time. Technology is one such element which follows this nature's law obediently. Technology literally evolves on daily basis. In such a scenario, one of its offspring, the laptop, finds it difficult to keep up with the pace of constant revision.

Therefore, laptop users need to move on with the times. However, the million dollar question is how do you know the right time and secondly which strategy should you adopt; upgrade or replace? To find the correct option you need to answer the following questions.


Does your laptop take ages to boot, open windows and applications? Yes! Then you need to initiate some quick actions. De-fragment the hard disk. Scattered files typically slow down the machine. If de-fragmenting doesn't solve your problem the next area you need to analyse is the RAM or Random Access Memory. These are long strips of electronic board carrying several memory chips. They are cheap and will most likely improve the performance of your laptop. Moreover, you can easily replace them yourself.

RAM functions as a temporary storage area for your files and also powers applications. A significant increase in RAM will boost the speed of your laptop and you will see a remarkable change in its efficiency.


sell or repair my laptop?

Software and OS compatibility issue

If you are a power user you need to replace your laptop every few years. There are no two ways about it. For example, video editors, graphic designers, music arrangers use memory hogging and complex software which squeeze out every bit of processing power from the laptop. Secondly, most of these applications change frequently, offering its users newer features as the technology evolves. While some may be compatible with your existing laptop’s configuration or operating system there may be others which demand enhanced metrics and latest OS. In such a scenario your only option would be to go in for a new machine.

You can also tweak or upgrade some of the components such as RAM, hard disk to fulfil certain system requirements or preconditions. However, the fact of the matter is these changes won't last long and somewhere down your professional life you will need to switch your laptop.

Gamers and movie watchers are yet another breed of users who need to replace their machines frequently because newer games and HD technology demands faster machines and sturdy OS.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Does your laptop offer significant battery time or does it conk off just when you are about to present an important video footage? In case your laptop is behaving like a mistress, blowing hot and cold, pun intended, it is time to change the battery. Now, this issue is really simple to fix and needs just a quick replacement. Switching batteries is one of easiest tasks which even a kid can accomplish.

Operating System typically lets you know about the condition of your battery. Make sure you read these warnings before replacing your powerhouse. For all you know the issue might not be related to your battery at all.

Remember, a laptop battery ages with use and due to array of factors such as heat, perpetual charging and draining which in the long run will reduce its power retention capacity.

Dime a dozen reasons

Sometimes even a single enhancement in a software or operating system is good enough to replace your laptop. Yes, it happens once in a while. A typical example would be a photographer who shoots picture in RAW format only to find he/she cannot import the same in an older image editing software. However, the newer version does. This single factor then forces the user to change the entire laptop because the newer version is not compatible with the older machine.

sell your laptop

To cut the long story short you need not replace a laptop for ornamental or cosmetic features such as a speedier CD drive, coloured body, fancy keyboard or a mouse. However, a better CPU, enhanced RAM and graphics and latest OS should be your reasons to go in for a new machine.

This guest post is written by Sanjay Motiani. He is a blogger for Silicon Group. He Likes to write about various technologies ongoing related to Computers, Laptops and workstation on rent Hardware.

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Environmentally Friendly Ways For Recylcling Laptop Components. Disposing of old laptop computers is a complex process that is not always environmentally friendly. This article discusses how to safely recycle laptops and their parts.

Every computer will eventually reach the end of its useful life. If it is simply and older model that is still in good working order an individual might want to consider cleaning the hard drive and then donating it to a worthy charity.

If, however, the laptop is no longer functional, has a broken screen, or is simply beyond repair, recycling of the computer is far preferred over simply sending it to the landfill. This article presents a basic guide on how to recycle a laptop in an environmentally friendly way.

How to Prepare a Laptop for Recylcing

Before trying to recycle laptop computer components it is always important to either wipe the hard drive with a special software utility. If possible remove the hard drive altogether and keep it if there are any concerns about privacy. Some laptop recycling programs ship equipment overseas for processing and may or may not have privacy concerns as a top priority.  Luckily Quick Laptop Cash handles it all in house so if you want to have us wipe and securely erase your hard drive we also do that with ever laptop.

How Does Modern Industry Recycle Laptops and other Computers?

Remember that all laptop computers (and all electronic components in general) contain heavy metals that in most cases are soldered onto the motherboard or incorporated into the various components. Some of these metals are toxic to the water supply (lead, mercury, and cadmium) while others are valuable as a reclaimed resource (gold, copper, etc.). A good laptop recycling program will remove as much of the heavy metal components as possible before ultimately crushing the remaining pieces.

Hewlett Packard is one of several computer manufacturers that operate recycling programs for old laptop and desktop computers. As mentioned previously the discarded computers are scavenged for parts then crushed. These pieces are then passed through magnets and other similar processes that remove the aluminum and other easily extracted metals before leaving the plastic remains to be sold as scrap. Other facilities remove the crushing steps and instead melt down the entire device, skimming off and extracting the copper for use in other applications.

Always Verify How The Laptop Is To Be Recycled

If being environmentally friendly and socially conscious is important then verifying the methods and subsidiaries of a recycling program is important. Before handing over the broken hardware find out where the recycling facility is located and whether that facility does the work on site or does partial processing then sends the pieces on to another facility.

Many companies with lofty goals have sent used computers to other countries under the guise of helping to spread the technology to those that cannot afford it. In some cases these scrapped computers wind up being torn apart by individuals hoping to process the metals on their own, often with deadly or debilitating side effects.

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Have you got a pile of e-junk in your house? Under the bed or hidden away in the basement?  Fast changing and evolving technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you have better, faster and sleeker products appearing at regular intervals. But on the other hand these developments render your functional and once ‘latest’ electronic goods obsolete in no time.

As we try to acquire the best in the market, e-waste piles up in our homes. New technology does not come cheap. So instead of blasting a hole in your pocket with every new buy, why not think of ways to use your old gadgets to fund your new gadget obsession?

You can choose to recycle, donate, sell, trade in or opt to get a quote for your laptop and get paid instantly online. Let’s have a look at how each of these options work.


Recycle the Gadgets


You can choose to recycle almost all of your ancient and outdated e-waste. This is because the more outdated the technology, the more difficult it becomes to sell it. Your 55-inch rear projection TV would definitely not find any buyers, nor would the original bulky iPhone or Motorola Droid. There are definitely exceptions like the earlier versions of iPod or vintage classics like Techtronix oscilloscopes, which are more of collector’s items.

In the US, average life span of a TV is around two years and that of a computer is three years. Recycling a million laptops saves energy equivalent to what is used in 3,500 American homes in a year. But before choosing your recycler, ascertain that the recycling process is green and environment-friendly. Many electronic product parts can be refurbished and reused. EIA (Energy Information Administration) member companies are making efforts to use recycled materials, including glass, metals and plastics, in new generations of their products.

Some examples of popular recycling programs are Apple recycling program, Best Buy, Staples and Goodwill. Nextworth has partnered with Target and you can get Target gift cards for your recycled items. Apple gives gift cards for its products in the recycling program, if they are in a good condition. Dell’s Reconnect recycling program is also exemplary.


Donate to Those Less Fortunate than You


You can donate your old electronic gadgets to the needy or the underprivileged. But you need to first ensure that they are in a usable and a fairly good condition. A refurbished 3-year-old laptop can easily be used by a student for quite some time. A six-year-old laptop can be recycled for its parts.

It’s the developed and wealthy countries that spend the most on the latest gadgets. A majority of the world’s population can never afford your neglected and outdated laptop. If you could make it available to a community school it may find itself useful all over again.

There are several tech giants working hand-in-hand with charities. For example, Dell has partnered with Goodwill in helping refurbish old electronic goods which are then made available to local communities. There are several charities where you can donate your discarded electronic goods.

By doing so you will be extending the life of the product, optimizing its benefits, and making it available to the less fortunate. You can easily find a charity supporting a cause close to your heart like combatting domestic abuse, supporting education or aiding affordable healthcare. An added benefit is the tax deductions you can avail on donating your electronic goods to schools and charities.


Sell for Quick Cash


If you cannot bear to part with your hard-earned gadgets for free, there are umpteen ways of selling them for quick and handy cash. You can choose a used electronics buy-back service for laptops. They give instant quotes for your products and you get free shipping as well. You usually get your payment in 24 hours, after it has been checked and verified. These sites are hassle-free, easy to use, and do not cost you anything.

If you are interested in online selling, eBay and craigslist are good options. EBay is relatively expensive though and is not strictly recommended if your product is old or defective, because what you earn in return may not be sufficient to offset the cost of advertising.

Where eBay scores is that it provides you with an enormous potential customer base worldwide; craigslist, on the other hand, is local-oriented. When advertising on these sites you need to be clear, concise and honest. Be upfront about the defects, damaged and missing parts of your gadgets.  Adding a picture or two of your laptop or phone will get you more views. Also, be ready to haggle and drive a good bargain.

In addition to these you can also choose to trade-in your laptop at either Amazon trade-in or Best Buy trade-in for a gift card or credit. The drawback here is that you will need to use the gift card or credit at the same place itself (Amazon/Best Buy) and cannot use it to shop around.

If the trade-in values at the retailers appear paltry to you there are other options available as well. Nextworth accepts a long list of used electronic goods. You can ship the gadgets across on their dime or haul them to your nearby Target store to trade them in. The latter would be better for you if are in need of quick credit. If you choose to ship, it normally takes up to 10 days after your goods are received and inspected for the payment process to be initiated.

EBay Instant Sale is another choice you have. Here, too, shipping is free and you can expect to get paid within five days of your electronic gadgets being received and inspected.

Now that you have decided to get rid of all your accumulated old and unused e-goods, here’s a quick reminder of what you should keep in mind before you unplug and pack away.

Cancel all your services. If you are discarding your phone cancel your phone service or transfer it to the new device. If you’re using cloud-based media or backup, cancel your subscriptions (if you won’t use them) or de-authorize your old device and set up service on your new one. This should be kept in mind whether you are moving from XBox to Playstation or from Windows to Mac.

Backup your data.  Make sure you have a working copy of all your data before you erase your devices clean.

Erase all your personal information and data. Simply erasing all the visible data may not be as secure as you think. For phones or tablets, a factory reset may do the trick. For your computer, reformatting your drive or re-installing the operating system may prove essential to securely remove your personal information from it.



You can use your old smartphone to entertain your daughter or use the computer as a backup in case of emergencies. But most likely they will get relegated to the back of the drawer or will be hauled away to the loft to join the huge e-pile you already have. Don’t let that happen. Script a happy ending for your gadgets and earn a few dollars in the process, or recycle/donate them and do your bit for the environment and the society.

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iPad is one of the best tablets in the world. We use it to read books, newspapers and blogs. You can download the game on the tablet, draw, view images, but all the fun  is lost when you use only one hand. Modern tablets have many advantages compared to laptops. But, it is not so comfortable to use them in stationary conditions. To view information or communicate with someone, you have to hold it horizontal or inclined position. You always have to hold a tablet with one hand while work with another, but this inconvenience can be easily eliminated.

Do you want to know how to enhance the functionality of your tablet? If you really want to, then pay attention to mounts and holders for this device. A holder is a convenient accessory that performs a function of excellent fixative for the tablet while watching videos, listening to music and using the Internet. Using this  item, you will not have to hold a pretty hefty gadget in your hands, it will be enough to tilt its bracket at a comfortable angle for productive work with the device.


World famous portable devices of Apple company are known for an incredible assortment of various accessories, covers, and cases speakers, banal holder ... or not so banal? We have studied numerous products and want to inform you about the most interesting items and peculiarities of their structure and design.


So, the basis of some holders is formed by a pair of flexible legs. With the help of this accessory you can  attach iPad, for example, to any crossbar, a tree branch leaning over the bench, where the user seats or even to your own leg. Simple and at the same time brilliant idea. Other types of holders are stable and strong, made of monolithic piece of steel that was processed to put it into  graceful shape.


As a rule, the stands look very sophisticated without spare details, they consist entirely of aluminum or plastic base and curves and contours only emphasize their solidity and mobility. Holders are easily adapted to any surface, thanks to its flexible or adhesive base legs. The thing is that the element used for some holder's adhesion to the surface is specialized substance with airbags, which pushes the air while attaching the stand to the surface, thereby creating a vacuum similar to suction cup accessories for the car. So this accessory is quite reliable. In general, all types of holders are quite mobile and easy to install, and do not forget that they are light, due to this, you can carry them with you everywhere and always. From now, you can use the iPad anywhere and without limiting your  desires and interests. New generation states that such technological novelties and accessories,  significantly improve psychological state and help in work and study. In general, functional devices  has become so popular today, because they are so productive and functional that it is almost impossible to do without them. Some of mounts cam be fixed in a car  and to be used as an integral part of navigation system.





Jody Mcdaniel for http://www.keizus.com/ company offering innovative iPad holder that your gadget would love.


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You may think just because a laptop is old that it has little to no value.  Laptops from old to new still have a cash value and depending on if it's a brand new top of the line model it might have lost value quick compared to what you bought it for.  If it's an older laptop model it might still have a good cash for laptops value and those laptops sitting under your bed or hidden in your closet could just be stack of cash.  You can not only get paid to sell your laptops but you will be helping keep e-waste out of landfills and dumps keeping our planet green and pollution free for further generations

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If you are worried about your hard drives information rest assured Quick Laptop Cash takes customer safety as one of our highest concerns.  We are the only place to sell laptops online who take your entire computers hard drive and memory and completely wipe them up to FBI, US Navy, US Army, and CIA standards to ensure you will not be the victim of identity theft.  We are the safest place to sell a laptop online and we take many steps to ensure you can sell a laptop safely and securely.


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So when you are ready to sell a laptop online make the easy and safe choice.  Sell your used, broken, new and old laptops we will pay cash for laptops and make sure you can safely and surely find away to sell laptops online.  We pay the most cash for laptops!


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