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Like any other electronic device laptops are no different, they become old and slow or break. Whether you are very careful with your laptop or drop it they all eventually have problems and it comes down to whether they're worth fixing or not. If you don't want to fix your broken laptop you typically choose to go buy a new laptop but where do you go to sell the old broken one? You can actually sell laptops online. As long as it is relatively new and in mostly working condition you no longer have to keep those old clunkers around. It not only helps to cut down on E-waste and is a green alternative to throwing away your broken laptop it also puts cash into your pocket. Let me explain how the process works and where to sell laptops...



 Once you have bought a new laptop or need to buy a new one because your old model is slow, broken, or not worth fixing you'll probably want to get rid of the old laptop. This was once a lost cause and you'd typically have thrown it in the trash and forgot about it. With the new green movement and our need to reuse and recycle resources it is becoming more and more important to all do our part to cut down on E-waste. Every year the amount we are throwing away is only growing and with the harmful materials found in an LCD screen or battery it is no surprise these items contain toxic chemicals we cannot just be throwing away. What's the answer then for the United States and other countries growing electronic waste piles? To recycle our laptops, tablets and smart phones!



 Companies like Quick Laptop Cash will pay your cash for your laptop to help solve our environmental issues and get you a new laptop while we're at it. We make it easy to go online and get a free instant quote that will tell you exactly how much you can sell your laptop for! If you start on our home page simply scroll down or click on the tab that says “Instant Quote”, from here it just asks a few simple questions that should take no more than two minutes. You need to know your laptops make and model such as an Apple Macbook Air A1369 or an HP Pavilion DV7-5000 series. If you have any issues finding your laptops model read here to “identify my laptop” and see exactly where the model number is located.



 After this is the important step in selling laptops, you must pick what items are broken on your laptop or not working properly if any. We test every part of the laptop computer so if your motherboard has a broken USB port or your laptop just won't turn on anymore we go through lots of steps to ensure it's all working properly and it will affect your final price paid. After this step you'll have an instant quote of how much you can sell the laptop for, it's really a fast and easy process.




It doesn't matter if you want to sell a perfect condition laptop or an older model with a few flaws like a broken motherboard or busted charger. We understand these still hold a value and it's why we have been the leader in where to sell laptops online for over seven years! In todays economy it is becoming more and more important to stretch your dollar as far as possible. By choosing to trade-in or recycle your laptop you're finding yet another way to save some of those dollars just like shopping around for an insurance quote. It does actually pay to shop around we aren't the only place to sell laptops online so if you're shopping around make sure to compare prices and make sure you're getting the absolute best deal for you. Whether that means the fastest service, easiest payment options, most money offered for your laptop or any reasons we want to make sure you're happy with your experience even if it's not with us! We offer the highest laptop quotes and give the absolute best customer service to everyone we help. Don't get stuck with other guys who won't even answer their phone, selling laptops is easy and safe when you choose to do it online