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So you’ve finally decided to sell your old laptop and upgrade to the latest machine. I guess congratulations are in order! Selling your computer can be a tad scary, especially if you’ve stored a lot of personal data in it. You may have also put in a lot of time and effort syncing it with your various other devices. When you think of selling your laptop, one of the first worries to come to mind is whether you have cleaned up your system properly. After all, who wants to pass on their personal data to a stranger!

If you want your used machine to sell for top dollar, you will have to make sure that it is in good working condition, if not the best. Nowadays, there are many online platforms that help you sell your laptop no matter what condition it is in. However, you need to take certain important precautionary measures to ensure that your sensitive and confidential information does not get passed on in this process.

In this post, we look at the 6 most important things to do before you give your laptop away.


#1 - Back It Up


If you’re not already backing up all your personal data and storing it on an external hard drive or on the cloud, then you should start doing so immediately. Even if you don’t move your data to another hard drive, you can at least make copies of your personal files and keep them with you. Cloud services make it possible for you to carry your data with you and access it from any computer. But there is always a probability of your local files being left behind. You can consult your computer expert or take help from a computer-savvy friend to help you determine exactly which files you should back up.


#2 - De-authorize Your Software


With anti-piracy campaigns gaining momentum in the software world, software manufacturers have become very particular about ensuring that consumers pay for every service they use. That might have you worried about the programs you’ve bought for your laptop as some of these programs come with Digital Rights Management technology which locks itself on the computer it is installed on. This implies deactivating such programs and transferring the licenses on to the new laptop. To make this process easier and foolproof, you might want to look through all your software and make a list of programs that you want to carry forward to your new machine, before you start the deactivation and transferring.


#3 - Laptop Information


When you list your laptop for sale online, you will be asked to provide specific details about its features. Make sure you keep this in mind and gather all the pertinent information regarding your laptop. You might want to make a note of your laptop’s brand, details of the model number, operating system with the mention of the bit, processor name, RAM capacity and screen size. In case you’re having trouble finding any of these answers, you can do the following:


A. - Click on the Start menu on the lower left hand corner of your screen.

B. - Select Computer (or My Computer in some systems) and click on System properties.


You should get most of your answers here. Take a print of this and keep it handy.


#4 - Wipe Your Hard Drive Clean


This is probably the most crucial thing to do before selling your laptop. Besides physically deleting all your files, wiping the hard drive clean ensures that all your data (company provided and individually licensed software, as well as the storage devices) is permanently deleted from your laptop, without leaving any trace or any possibility of it being retrieved again. Disk wiping is necessary as doing so will overwrite your entire hard disk several times and once you format your machine, you will see that it is virtually impossible to bring back the old data. To be doubly sure that you’ve cleared out all your data, you will do well to wipe your hard drive once again. This way you can ensure that your data will never be recovered by anyone. Free cleaning software is easily available online.


#5 - Install the OS


Once you’re done with the above mentioned steps, you will need to set your laptop back to the default factory state before selling it off. No computer can run without an operating system (OS). When you brought your laptop with a Windows OS, a backup disk probably came with it. You can reinstall the OS on your laptop through this disk. You will have to type in the alpha numeric product key (mentioned on a sticker on your laptop shell) to activate the OS. In case you don’t have the disk, you can download a copy of it from Microsoft through the Digital River website and install it. And if you don’t have the product key, you can download a program called Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder that will locate it.


#6 - Make It Shine


Merely securing your laptop from the inside is not enough; you have to make it look good on the outside too. We’re talking about cleaning up your computer and making it look as fine as you can. Good-looking things always sell quickly and a well-maintained computer always functions more efficiently. You can start with:



A. - Switch off your laptop and turn it upside down and gently shake it to get rid of loose particles stuck between the crevices in the keyboard. You can also use a duster to remove the debris.

B. - Dip a cotton bud into isopropyl alcohol and clean all the areas on your keyboard by lightly rubbing it against the dirt. Make sure you dip the swab in the right amount of alcohol as too much of it can result in discoloration and remove the letters on the keys.

C. - If your keyboard is missing a couple of keys, make it a point to replace them as having a complete keyboard will help you get better value for your laptop.

D. - You can use a soft clean cloth to remove the dust and polish the laptop. Clean the monitor by carefully wiping away smears and fingerprints to give it a neat look.



Cleaning your laptop will make it look aesthetically appealing and that makes anything easier to sell. Your laptop should now look as good as new and be fit to be sold, or passed on, to its next owner. Click some flattering photographs of your new-looking laptop and post them online to attract maximum clicks.




Carrying out the above mentioned procedures before selling your used laptop is crucial as by ignoring them you could be putting your personal information and identity at the risk of misuse by others. It is, therefore, imperative that you clear out your computer. Besides that, here’s something that you may have probably already thought of, but I’ll mention anyway. You will also do well in checking that every single part of your machine, like the battery, the webcam, the USB ports, the CD/DVD drives, the Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, is in a good working condition. With all these factors in place, you’re sure to attract a lot of interested buyers and get a lucrative deal from your used laptop!


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Sell Your Laptop Online is Easy here is how!




If you've been trying to find a place that buys laptops online we can certainly help you sell your laptop whether it is an old laptop, used laptops, new laptop or broken laptop.  Quick Laptop Cash is the number one place to sell your laptop online at!  We pay the most cash for laptops and have been voted the safest and quickest way to sell a laptop online.


How to  sell laptops online is very easy when you start with a reputable and trusted website who has helped tens of thousands of people sell their laptops.  We not only offer to pay the highest cash for laptops prices online but we are the quickest and safest way to sell your laptop for a few reasons.


  • We offer multiple shipping methods so you can either print off a free pre-paid label for the quickest way to sell your laptop or you can request we send you a free box with pre-paid shipping that has all the packing supplies you'll need to sell a laptop
  • We are hear to answer the phones seven days a week and pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of customer service when you choose Quick Laptop Cash
  • We take your privacy and safety very serious so when we receive a laptop someone wants to sell we immediately take out your hard drive and memory and put it through a machine that erases your personal information up to the same standards the FBI and CIA use!
If you want to sell your laptop online Quick Laptop Cash is here to make it the easiest, safest, and most trouble free process we can to ensure you will be happy you chose us.  So whether you want to sell a used laptop, new laptops, broken laptop or even an old laptop you can get a free instant quote and be on your way to having some cash for laptop in your pocket.


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Have you got a pile of e-junk in your house? Under the bed or hidden away in the basement?  Fast changing and evolving technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand you have better, faster and sleeker products appearing at regular intervals. But on the other hand these developments render your functional and once ‘latest’ electronic goods obsolete in no time.

As we try to acquire the best in the market, e-waste piles up in our homes. New technology does not come cheap. So instead of blasting a hole in your pocket with every new buy, why not think of ways to use your old gadgets to fund your new gadget obsession?

You can choose to recycle, donate, sell, trade in or opt to get a quote for your laptop and get paid instantly online. Let’s have a look at how each of these options work.


Recycle the Gadgets


You can choose to recycle almost all of your ancient and outdated e-waste. This is because the more outdated the technology, the more difficult it becomes to sell it. Your 55-inch rear projection TV would definitely not find any buyers, nor would the original bulky iPhone or Motorola Droid. There are definitely exceptions like the earlier versions of iPod or vintage classics like Techtronix oscilloscopes, which are more of collector’s items.

In the US, average life span of a TV is around two years and that of a computer is three years. Recycling a million laptops saves energy equivalent to what is used in 3,500 American homes in a year. But before choosing your recycler, ascertain that the recycling process is green and environment-friendly. Many electronic product parts can be refurbished and reused. EIA (Energy Information Administration) member companies are making efforts to use recycled materials, including glass, metals and plastics, in new generations of their products.

Some examples of popular recycling programs are Apple recycling program, Best Buy, Staples and Goodwill. Nextworth has partnered with Target and you can get Target gift cards for your recycled items. Apple gives gift cards for its products in the recycling program, if they are in a good condition. Dell’s Reconnect recycling program is also exemplary.


Donate to Those Less Fortunate than You


You can donate your old electronic gadgets to the needy or the underprivileged. But you need to first ensure that they are in a usable and a fairly good condition. A refurbished 3-year-old laptop can easily be used by a student for quite some time. A six-year-old laptop can be recycled for its parts.

It’s the developed and wealthy countries that spend the most on the latest gadgets. A majority of the world’s population can never afford your neglected and outdated laptop. If you could make it available to a community school it may find itself useful all over again.

There are several tech giants working hand-in-hand with charities. For example, Dell has partnered with Goodwill in helping refurbish old electronic goods which are then made available to local communities. There are several charities where you can donate your discarded electronic goods.

By doing so you will be extending the life of the product, optimizing its benefits, and making it available to the less fortunate. You can easily find a charity supporting a cause close to your heart like combatting domestic abuse, supporting education or aiding affordable healthcare. An added benefit is the tax deductions you can avail on donating your electronic goods to schools and charities.


Sell for Quick Cash


If you cannot bear to part with your hard-earned gadgets for free, there are umpteen ways of selling them for quick and handy cash. You can choose a used electronics buy-back service for laptops. They give instant quotes for your products and you get free shipping as well. You usually get your payment in 24 hours, after it has been checked and verified. These sites are hassle-free, easy to use, and do not cost you anything.

If you are interested in online selling, eBay and craigslist are good options. EBay is relatively expensive though and is not strictly recommended if your product is old or defective, because what you earn in return may not be sufficient to offset the cost of advertising.

Where eBay scores is that it provides you with an enormous potential customer base worldwide; craigslist, on the other hand, is local-oriented. When advertising on these sites you need to be clear, concise and honest. Be upfront about the defects, damaged and missing parts of your gadgets.  Adding a picture or two of your laptop or phone will get you more views. Also, be ready to haggle and drive a good bargain.

In addition to these you can also choose to trade-in your laptop at either Amazon trade-in or Best Buy trade-in for a gift card or credit. The drawback here is that you will need to use the gift card or credit at the same place itself (Amazon/Best Buy) and cannot use it to shop around.

If the trade-in values at the retailers appear paltry to you there are other options available as well. Nextworth accepts a long list of used electronic goods. You can ship the gadgets across on their dime or haul them to your nearby Target store to trade them in. The latter would be better for you if are in need of quick credit. If you choose to ship, it normally takes up to 10 days after your goods are received and inspected for the payment process to be initiated.

EBay Instant Sale is another choice you have. Here, too, shipping is free and you can expect to get paid within five days of your electronic gadgets being received and inspected.

Now that you have decided to get rid of all your accumulated old and unused e-goods, here’s a quick reminder of what you should keep in mind before you unplug and pack away.

Cancel all your services. If you are discarding your phone cancel your phone service or transfer it to the new device. If you’re using cloud-based media or backup, cancel your subscriptions (if you won’t use them) or de-authorize your old device and set up service on your new one. This should be kept in mind whether you are moving from XBox to Playstation or from Windows to Mac.

Backup your data.  Make sure you have a working copy of all your data before you erase your devices clean.

Erase all your personal information and data. Simply erasing all the visible data may not be as secure as you think. For phones or tablets, a factory reset may do the trick. For your computer, reformatting your drive or re-installing the operating system may prove essential to securely remove your personal information from it.



You can use your old smartphone to entertain your daughter or use the computer as a backup in case of emergencies. But most likely they will get relegated to the back of the drawer or will be hauled away to the loft to join the huge e-pile you already have. Don’t let that happen. Script a happy ending for your gadgets and earn a few dollars in the process, or recycle/donate them and do your bit for the environment and the society.

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Have you thought about trying to sell your laptop for some extra cash but are unsure of the best and most safe way to do it?  Quick Laptop Cash is here to help we offer the quickest and most safe way to sell your laptop online.  We are the only company to offer a safe way of completely and thoroughly erasing all of your laptops saved information you don't want to lose like passwords, bank information, photos and any other valuable information you might have stored in your laptops hard drive.


Quick Laptop Cash is happy to announce we are the number one safest place to sell your laptop as we highly value your security and privacy.  Online identity theft is the number one growing crime for the exact reason of people breaking into your laptop or computers information and getting out the stuff you don't want to lose.  If you're looking to sell laptop online rest assured we send all of our laptops hard drives and memory sticks through a secure erase program used by the FBI, CIA, US Navy, US Army and almost all of our Governments organizations to keep their Top Secret information safe.


Now that you know your personal information is safe when you sell laptop online how about the fact that Quick Laptop Cash pays up to 10% more for used laptops, broken laptops, old laptops and even new laptops than anyone else!  We are the number one place to sell laptops online not only because we make it safe but we pay the most cash for laptops of anyone!  Get your free quote today and see why tens of thousands of people have chose us to sell laptops with!  Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and safety so we will make sure you can sell your laptops fast, get paid cash for laptops fast and that you will be able to sell a laptop online safe, secure, and trouble free!

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iPad is one of the best tablets in the world. We use it to read books, newspapers and blogs. You can download the game on the tablet, draw, view images, but all the fun  is lost when you use only one hand. Modern tablets have many advantages compared to laptops. But, it is not so comfortable to use them in stationary conditions. To view information or communicate with someone, you have to hold it horizontal or inclined position. You always have to hold a tablet with one hand while work with another, but this inconvenience can be easily eliminated.

Do you want to know how to enhance the functionality of your tablet? If you really want to, then pay attention to mounts and holders for this device. A holder is a convenient accessory that performs a function of excellent fixative for the tablet while watching videos, listening to music and using the Internet. Using this  item, you will not have to hold a pretty hefty gadget in your hands, it will be enough to tilt its bracket at a comfortable angle for productive work with the device.

World famous portable devices of Apple company are known for an incredible assortment of various accessories, covers, and cases speakers, banal holder ... or not so banal? We have studied numerous products and want to inform you about the most interesting items and peculiarities of their structure and design.

So, the basis of some holders is formed by a pair of flexible legs. With the help of this accessory you can  attach iPad, for example, to any crossbar, a tree branch leaning over the bench, where the user seats or even to your own leg. Simple and at the same time brilliant idea. Other types of holders are stable and strong, made of monolithic piece of steel that was processed to put it into  graceful shape.

As a rule, the stands look very sophisticated without spare details, they consist entirely of aluminum or plastic base and curves and contours only emphasize their solidity and mobility. Holders are easily adapted to any surface, thanks to its flexible or adhesive base legs. The thing is that the element used for some holder's adhesion to the surface is specialized substance with airbags, which pushes the air while attaching the stand to the surface, thereby creating a vacuum similar to suction cup accessories for the car. So this accessory is quite reliable. In general, all types of holders are quite mobile and easy to install, and do not forget that they are light, due to this, you can carry them with you everywhere and always. From now, you can use the iPad anywhere and without limiting your  desires and interests. New generation states that such technological novelties and accessories,  significantly improve psychological state and help in work and study. In general, functional devices  has become so popular today, because they are so productive and functional that it is almost impossible to do without them. Some of mounts cam be fixed in a car  and to be used as an integral part of navigation system.


Jody Mcdaniel for http://www.keizus.com/ company offering innovative iPad holder that your gadget would love.

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You may think just because a laptop is old that it has little to no value.  Laptops from old to new still have a cash value and depending on if it's a brand new top of the line model it might have lost value quick compared to what you bought it for.  If it's an older laptop model it might still have a good cash for laptops value and those laptops sitting under your bed or hidden in your closet could just be stack of cash.  You can not only get paid to sell your laptops but you will be helping keep e-waste out of landfills and dumps keeping our planet green and pollution free for further generations

Sell a laptop


While it is also good to recycle we are happy to be the number one place to sell laptops at online.  We pay the highest cash for laptops prices online and we make it very easy to sell a laptop.  From the quickest turn around time to the quickest payments and the highest used laptop, old laptop, new laptop, and broken laptop prices there is a reason we are the number one place to sell your laptops years in a row.


If you are worried about your hard drives information rest assured Quick Laptop Cash takes customer safety as one of our highest concerns.  We are the only place to sell laptops online who take your entire computers hard drive and memory and completely wipe them up to FBI, US Navy, US Army, and CIA standards to ensure you will not be the victim of identity theft.  We are the safest place to sell a laptop online and we take many steps to ensure you can sell a laptop safely and securely.


safely sell a laptop online


So when you are ready to sell a laptop online make the easy and safe choice.  Sell your used, broken, new and old laptops we will pay cash for laptops and make sure you can safely and surely find away to sell laptops online.  We pay the most cash for laptops!


cash for laptops

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No matter how hard we try to keep up with technology, it always seems to be one step ahead of us. One day you buy the latest smartphone available in the market and by the time you’re done exploring its features, you get to know that there’s already another one launched that is bigger, better and smarter than yours and is already the ‘next big thing’. It takes a while to come to terms with the fact that yours is no longer the hottest gadget out there since it has just been dethroned from the hot seat by some other version of the same phone.

The same holds true for laptops. Whether you’ve bought it for gaming, designing or for business, it always seems like the “latest” model keeps eluding you, thanks to the fast-evolving technology. There may be times when you feel your laptop has aged much faster than you thought it would and now you’re not sure whether you should kiss it goodbye and get another one. After all, you’ve just bought it!

So how exactly would you know that it is, indeed, time to say goodbye to your old laptop because it has genuinely become outdated, and not because you’ve been misled by television advertisements into thinking so? Read on to know how to tell if it’s time. If you consistently ignore these signs, the condition of your laptop may worsen. When that happens, you may have no choice but to donate or sell off your laptop.


#1 - Slow Startup Time


The next time you switch your laptop on and find that it’s taking unusually long to load up (or if it just doesn’t load up), you know that there’s a problem. You can try booting from another disc that came with the laptop and check if this error still occurs. There might be times when your system’s hard drive may boot normally but not be detected by your laptop’s operating system (OS). This can snowball into a serious problem, caused by an electronic failure of the hard disk or a malfunction of the controller board. Controller boards can be adversely affected by a power surge and ultimately result in defects in the firmware. This phenomenon too can be responsible for the long startup time, sudden system crashes, and/or a hanging screen.


#2 - Jumping Cursor


This is a seemingly small issue but ignore at your own peril. A jumping cursor is one of the first signs that you that your laptop’s logic boards might be on the edge. Here’s what ‘jumping cursor’ means – your cursor will start moving haphazardly on your screen and even though you try to bring it under control with the help of external plugins or input devices, the issue will still persist. Continually ignoring this sign can result in the eventual failure of your laptop to power up. If you’ve experienced this problem before, you might have tried restarting your laptop to resolve it. Although this issue does vanish with a restart, do not make the mistake of thinking of this as a short-term solution. Take it to an expert and get it fixed for the long term.



#3 - Strange System Noises


Unusual sounds are always scary and this holds true for your laptop too! Whether it is strange beeping sounds emanating from your laptop at startup or other weird noises while you’re in the middle of something, these sounds are an indication of something very wrong with the hard drive and you need to rush your laptop to an expert. Even though these sounds may not be ear-piercingly loud, but they usually signify an error with the system’s RAM or the logic board. These sounds are the surest sign that your laptop is on the verge of a collapse. Should you hear crunching or grinding noises coming out of your laptop, you might want to start taking a backup of all your data as soon as possible because your system will soon encounter a complete shutdown due to the problems in your hard drive.


#4 - Blurring Monitor


Looking at your laptop’s blurry screen can be as irritating as watching TV with bad reception. Unexplained blurring, changing brightness and contrast, and a sudden appearance of wavy lines across the screen are some of the signs that your laptop’s monitor is slowly giving way. These issues usually indicate a poor electro-magnetic shielding or may even occur due to interference from the power supply. A blurring monitor may also be a result of faulty graphics card, screen cable and/or backlight and motherboard errors. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to have it corrected before it takes its toll on the laptop.


#5 - Kernel Panic Messages


Don’t you just hate it when one of those warning messages suddenly flashes on your screen? Although most messages may not be serious, some could be like the ECG report of your laptop’s health. One such message is the terrifying kernel panic message. These messages abruptly ask you to restart your system while you’re still working on something. That said, do not try to address this issue yourself as kernel panic messages can be tricky to deal with. The best thing to do would be to restart your laptop in the ‘safe mode’ and see if the problem resurfaces. If it persists, you might want your computer expert’s intervention to correct it as soon as possible.



#6 - Frequent Battery Discharge


If you find that your laptop’s battery has been draining out quicker than usual, there’s an issue – more with the battery than with the laptop. There might be times when your laptop refuses to start with the old battery or it may start up only with the charger plugged in. You can either change the battery on your own or ask your laptop expert to find a battery that’s compatible with your system and change it himself. Another battery related issue is overheating which occurs when the fan stops functioning effectively. For dealing with this, your computer mechanic might be your best bet again.


#7 - Unavailability of Spare Parts


Over time your laptop will stop functioning as efficiently as it used to and some of its specific parts might start becoming the source of the problem. Your computer expert will recommend that you replace those parts rather than sell off your laptop, but the real problem will arise when you’re unable to find new spare parts for your laptop just because your model has become outdated and gone out of production. Either that or due to the scarce availability of the spare parts they could be priced exorbitantly and you might decide that they’re not worth spending so much on. This is a dead end for your laptop and a clear sign that it is high time you replaced your old laptop with a new one as now there is no way out.



The Bottom Line


Life is beautiful when your laptop works fine, but when it doesn’t, you feel like a fish out of water. In such cases it is always better to know how to breathe outside the water. Keep an eye out for the above-mentioned signs so that you’re able to accurately gauge the health of your computer, and hopefully it doesn’t die on you when you need it the most. And because we really don’t want you to become a victim of a laptop disaster, here’s an additional tip. On top of the warning signs mentioned in this post, you might also want to keep in mind that many of the signs that point towards certain death of your laptop or computer can result from hacking. So use good anti-virus and malware at all times. Above all, use your laptop responsibly for it to serve you the best and for the longest.


(Image Credits - 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Recycling your out-of-date electronics is clearly a positive step towards reducing landfill waste and environmental pollution. Not only do conscious consumers ensure that their phones, tablets, and computers aren’t littering the trash heaps of third world countries, the practice reduces the need to mine for raw materials. Minerals necessary for electronic production, such as tin, gold, coltan, tantalum, and tungsten are frequently sourced from countries with an ongoing history of violence, corruption, and ecological damage. Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, and Somalia are ranked near the top of the list, and both government groups and militias have fought to control mines and smuggling routes. These areas experience a horrifying amount of bloodshed, political unrest, child labor, sexual assault as a weapon of war, kidnapping and destruction of the environment.

So, what can consumers to do to ensure that they aren’t helping to fuel atrocities in developing nations? Not all experts can agree on how to best address the situation, and are searching for the best ways to be socially responsible. Current methods focus on tracing the supply chain of an electronic device, creating third-party certifications for smelters and producers, and requiring companies to report what materials are contained in their products.

conflict management, addressing the violence and corruption of mining for metals in the electronics industry

Although tracing the supply chain is a vital part of establishing the source of the metals in question, determining their true pedigree can be a frustrating endeavor. After extraction, metals are sent to smelters who either may not know where the minerals came from or refuse to identify their suppliers. Some concerned individuals rely on nonprofit organizations such as The Enough Project and initiatives like International Conference on the Great Lakes Region that work to create third-party certifications for how smelters source their metals. Further external monitoring of in-region mining practices can also help identify ethically produced minerals. Another approach uses databases to match the exact chemical fingerprint of the ore from mines known in troubled regions.

Pressure on shareholders, investors, and electronics companies is beginning to convince corporations that they are responsible for the well-being of the countries that support their industry. Heads of some of the biggest names in tech, such as Intel, and Apple, Samsung are beginning to make pledges to buy a majority of metals only from conflict-free sources. The Enough Project offers ratings for many of the top supporters of peaceful parts. Students hoping to influence the computer labs and AV clubs of their institutions can get involved in the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative as part of the RAISE Hope for the Congo campaign.

A handful of start-ups like the Fairphone offer a mobile devices that not only ensure that all of its components are justly derived, but operate on an open-source platform that encourages innovation and longevity. For every Fairphone that is sold, money is put aside towards establishing e-waste recycling programs in countries without the infrastructure for disposal. The company hopes to make a fully recyclable smartphone in the near future.

While these approaches are at least a well-intentioned beginning to alleviate the unrest caused by resource extraction, some remain critical of current laws. Enforcing third-party certifications and even establishing the exact number of exported material fluctuates too often to be accurate. Most importantly, legislators have yet to truly know if their rules are creating a net benefit for local communities. Some above-board operations can get tied up in paperwork and fail to find buyers for their materials. Despite the motivations behind the Dodd-Frank Act, some experts report thousands of miners and their families have been put out of work. Further, the law has forced companies to investigate each of their 50,000-100,000 suppliers to the tune of several billion dollars.

Regardless of how the global community will help solve the conflict mineral conundrum, consumers can start by at least becoming aware of the social implications of their purchases, and make that their valuable components are recycled once they outlive their function.


By Morgana Matus On 7 March 2014 In Expert Insights

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When you decide to sell a laptop you will see there are many different ways to a sell your laptop.  If you're smart about it you can do almost no work and get paid more cash for laptops than any other way.  The best way to sell your laptop is by going online, you can sell your laptop for cash is just minutes and don't have to waste tons of time listening to offers and meeting people.  We've made a quick list of the best things to do when you want to sell a laptop online.  Using these few hints and tricks your whole experience of selling a laptop will be faster, safer, and you'll get the most money possible!


The first and most important thing when you decide you want to sell your laptop online is making the process fast.  From the moment you get a quote to when you actually get paid can take anywhere from a week to a couple of days.  The first trick is to opt to use your own box and just print out our free shipping label.  Not only does this give you a bonus to your order of extra money but you just cut down the time you have to wait for us to send you a shipping kit.  Depending on where you live that might have saved you 1-3 days already making it quick and easy to sell your laptop online.


Once we have received your laptop we start our testing process.  This can be greatly sped up from when you place your instant cash for laptops quote online.  If you accurately pick both your laptops make and model as well as any flaws, broken items, or missing parts on your laptop it will expedite the testing process and you will have a more accurate quote to sell your laptop from the start.  When we test a laptop and find additional problems we must email you and this slows down the process just from waiting for a response.  If there are no problems or you mark them on your online instant quote the process to sell laptops is much quicker.


The third tip to speed up the process to sell laptop is to choose to get paid using PayPal, it is an online site that lets you send and receive money instantly all around the world.  Once we get your laptop it goes through our testing process that takes 24-48 hours on average.  Once we have tested your laptop to ensure all parts are working properly we send out the cash for laptops payment.  Our standard way is to just mail you a check which is slow because you must wait on the mail to deliver it and again depending on where in the USA you live this can slow down the process to sell a laptop.  To make this quicker when you sell your laptop online pick the PayPal option for payment so once we inspect the laptop we can send you your cash for laptops instantly and now the entire process is done and you have just successfully found how to sell a laptop online!


Using just these three trick to sell your laptop online you will drastically cut down the time it takes to complete the process to sell laptop.  Selling a laptop doesn't have to be hard or time consuming Quick Laptop Cash has changed how you sell laptops online by offering these steps to help you our customers,  We value your ideas and the number one thing is "how to sell my laptop faster?"  It is why we have made the process to sell a laptop online much quicker and safer having to ship items less and send your cash for laptops payment instantly!  Call or email us with any questions we'd love to help you sell your laptop online.

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Trading old, used, or broken laptops for cash is the best way to get rid of electronic devices.  Many companies buy laptops at top-dollar price and dispose of them in an environment-friendly way. While this is the standard practice, not all buyers provide the same service. You can reap more benefits if you find companies willing to give more than the others do.

To make the most out of this trade, here are the things you should look for when you want to sell a laptop online

Quick and Convenient Process

Look for a company that takes away the difficulty in this process. A company that values your time more than anything will let you get the quote you need in no time. Reliable companies are sensitive to all types of sellers; they don’t resort to tech talks, but rather use terms an average consumer understands. This makes the process faster and simpler.

Private Information Security

Trustworthy buyers of used laptops, old laptops, new laptops and broken laptops understand that consumer privacy is the most important thing. They do everything to keep your privacy rights in check, like using the best tools and professional practices to safeguard your online and offline personal information. Make sure they completely and safely erase all your personal information, before providing them your private information.

Great Financial Rewards

Look for a company that covers your shipping and packaging expenses. Not all companies are willing to pay for these costs, which is why dealing a buyer that offers this allows you to make the most out of this trade.

Proper and Ethical Ewaste Disposal

Work with a company that has a permit from the state where they operate. This is a testament that they follow the strict solid and hazardous waste disposal guidelines and regulations set by the state and federal government. With this, you know that your device will be disposed the green way.

Quick Laptop Cash is your ultimate partner in disposing electronic devices in an eco-friendly fashion. Browse through our site to know more about our credentials as an industry leader, and feel free to request for a quote today or contact us for your inquiries.

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