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Who doesn't love the Holidays? Quick Laptop Cash is happy fall and all of the best Holidays are coming up so we're offering special cash bonuses for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! There has never been a better time to sell or upgrade that laptop so get an instant quote today and get an extra 11% added to your order by using the code QLC11 in the notes section! It will be added on to your order total upon receiving the laptop making Quick Laptop Cash the best deal for the Holidays!




In case you haven't heard about Quick Laptop Cash, we are the leader in where to sell a laptop online for the past 8 years! We take pride in offering excellent customer service and the best prices for used laptops. It doesn't matter if it's broken, new, or even an older model we pay cash for them! There has never been a better time to get a little extra money for gifts or traveling and we're ready to help you with the Holidays. Get your free quote today and don't forget to use the code QLC11 for an extra 11% added to your order total, event goes from 10/22/14 through 11/4/14 so don't wait!

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If you're in the market to get rid of your laptop or desktop getting it ready to be sold or recycled can be just as important as where you go to do it. Today most laptops are using the Windows 7 operating system as it's been around for the past 5 years until Windows 8 was released this year. This means almost everyone is using this operating system so we're going to show you the best things to do so your computer is all ready to be taken care of. Whether it's your internet cookies or photos no one wants their information getting into a strangers hands so if you're not sure who is going to see it get this all taken care of before hand. A business might charge you anywhere from $40-200 to take care of these easy tasks so let Quick Laptop Cash save you money with our How To DIY features.




The first thing you need to decide is where is the computer going? To a trusted recycler who offers to remove all of this for you? A local donation center where anyone and everyone has access to it? Or to the scrap pile because it doesn't even work? Finding out exactly what you're doing with your broken laptop or desktop will be the first step because it could save you a ton of work! Some companies who recycle them offer to erase information for free on every order!




If you're having trouble picking who to choose we have also done a review of the best places for recycling these items so we'd recommend reading if it's better to recycle online, locally or other choices for you.




Erase Your Password, Log ins, and Browser History

The first thing you'll want to clear out from your computer is all your internet cookies and saved passwords. Now depending on what browser you're using Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, etc. they're all a little different. Most are very similar that in the top right corner of your browser there is the settings area, it will either be a gear, multiple lines like a paper or something similar. Once you have clicked that a menu will drop down and you can go into the settings tab. You will see options for un-syncing your email and computer, erasing browsing history and much more. The important ones to reset are “saved log ins and passwords” as well as “browsing history and cookies” so they can't see what websites you've visited. Get those saved bookmarks while you're in there and then un-sync the account and you're all set. Do it for multiple browsers if you've tried to switch between them.




Next Erase Your Photos, Videos, Documents and Spreadsheets

Too many times I have seen a laptop come in with photos of social security numbers, credit cards (both front and back) and anything else you can think of. While most people wouldn't do anything with these photos there is a chance for identity theft, fraud and tons of other problems so don't put yourself at risk, throw it all away in the trash can and EMPTY it when done. If your photos weren't bad enough people need to be careful of what documents they've left behind, last years tax forms, job resumes, client lists and more! These items will have your social security number, private client information like phone numbers, address and all sorts of items we don't want people seeing. Make sure you go through here and clean these folders out as well because it all adds up in the wrong hands.




Downloads and Desktop Fodlers

We aren't quite done yet! Remember all of those things you downloaded online? They're all still saved in your computer too. You have a folder called “downloads” so head in there and make sure it's all cleaned out with the rest of them. There can be saved websites in here as well so don't even let them see where you've been visiting. Deleting all of these items is going to protect your personal and financial security so take the few extra minutes to get each and every folder.




Double Check all Folders

You're doing this all for your personal safety so take a second and go back through each folder to ensure nothing was missed. If you want it all deleted you can open the folder and use CTRL + A to highlight everything at once! Drag it to your trash can and empty the recycling bin. It is really very simple and makes it next to impossible for the common criminal to steal your information.




Remove Passwords

The only passwords that really matter are the BIOS password, Hard drive password and computer log in password. These three passwords will make it a nightmare to deal with your computer and if it's an Apple product like a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or anything running their newer OSX or IOS deactivate the account! If your email and password is still stored then the new owner won't be able to do anything and it will essentially be a paper weight.




Now that you've ensured your machine is all wiped and ready to go enjoy the profit you make off an old electronic device and know your Windows 7 machine has been cleaned of all personal data. I personally do this with all of my devices before selling them, donating them or even letting people borrow them because they might lose it or have it get stolen and now all of your information is out there for a criminal. With identity theft on the rise I'll take the extra time to delete my data so it's not all saved and stored on a computer waiting for someone to stumble upon. Be safe and keep that E-waste out of our land fills and dumps!

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In our modern age everything from refrigerators to beds have built in tvs or radio so it's so surprise that electronic waste (e-waste) has been on the rise since the 90's. It has really increased in the past 10 years and this has led to a huge problem for landfills and recyclers as they cannot keep up with the demand for all of this trash. What that's lead to is over filled land fills, improperly disposed of items, and shipping our trash off to other countries because we cannot get rid of it fast enough. What we need to do is stop the problem before it can grow out of control, I'm sure we have all thrown away a broken electronic device or two in the past year when we should have turned it in to be recycled. We'll tell you some great ways to recycle all of the electronics in your house from laptops to smart phones and make sure we stop this problem at the source from now on!

There are plenty of places you can drop these items off at for free and some actually pay you for them. Paying to put them into the local dump costs you money and hurts our environment at the same time, if you're in a smaller town it might be more difficult but here are some stores in almost every big city who are willing to help fight the countries E-waste problem!




There are the stores everyone knows about like Best Buy who is willing to recycle “nearly all electronics and appliances” however with Best Buy most people have reported they'll only take up to a 32” TV if it's a tube style. If you want to recycle your LED, LCD or plasma TV they'll take up to a 60” model which might cause some problems with how popular larger TVs are becoming. You can check locally in your state on their website for just about every item you'd like to recycle or throw away. They had a goal of 1 billion pounds of E-waste they wanted to recycle and they've surpassed it! Glad to see big companies like Best Buy willing to help out our planet! Check what they'll take to recycle or dispose of here ( http://www.bestbuy.com/site/global-promotions/recycling-electronics/pcmcat149900050025.c?id=pcmcat149900050025 )




There is another local store that will help you recycle laptops, smart phones, printers and all your ink cartridges, plus a lot more. It's Staples, and they've been getting into the green movement by leaps and bounds the past few years. They're more focused on office materials like computers, printers and printer supplies so you can't take them anything large like a television, floor model printer/ copier or appliances. However for desktops, laptops and ink cartridges or toner they're the place to go and will recycle these items at no charge to you! For more information on Staples recycling check here ( http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/marketing/easy-on-the-planet/recycling-and-eco-services.html )




If these two stores don't have a location near you there is still options for local recyclers that are just a little less known (but still doing a great job!) If you're having a hard time finding where to recycle your devices try this website it has the best recyclers from all 50 states and gives information on all of them!

Hopefully we can spread the word about E-cycling central so everyone will know where to send their old and broken electronics! (http://www.ecyclingcentral.com/ )




If this doesn't find a location near you don't give up just yet! Any local donation service like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. will take your old electronics like a laptop, tv and printer still! While they prefer them in working condition you can still get rid of these old items with them and they'll be sure to end up in good hands and hopefully recycled. Quick Laptop Cash is a huge advocate of recycling our nations e-waste properly and have launched our nationwide campaign to help stop this problem before it grows anymore than it already has. We take laptops from every state and will properly dispose of batteries, broken screens and every other part so that they stay out of our land fills. Don't throw away broken devices, recycle them it's free and easy!

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Now that the latest generation of Apple's world changing iPhone 6 has been out for almost a month we can see how it compares since the dust has settled. It has been compared to the Samsung Galaxy 5 so many times I won't even bother to go through the obvious like screen size and hardware specs but let's see the unknowns we were waiting to see after hundreds of thousands of anxious Apple users have put them through the gauntlet in their every day lives. The Apple iPhone 6 has sold over 10 million units in a record breaking display of sales, although this was totally expected from any new Apple product release. Even amid the stock market going down in a large market correction it's kept the Apple stock going up when others are down over 2%. The iPhone 6 is selling well but is it actually any better?




You've probably heard of it's biggest flaws about being too fragile, besides people being able to break them in half with their bare hands how well is the stacking up? It's battery life is supposed to be greatly improved however if you look at how the battery is rated in mAh the Samsung Galaxy 5 still rates with higher ratings. Besides that it's been the same phone we've had for a few years and the same complaints we have with all new phones, with the exception of larger screens not much has changed except for their new finger print security and operating system.




Apple might not have addressed all of the iPhone's short comings but it has already been the best selling iPhone ever, and with that statistic the best selling smart phone of all time. It appears all Apple had to do was make a larger version to compete with the Note 3 and they were able to capture even more of the market. It would appear Apple still has the name brand where anything they make and sell is gold, unless they start actually innovating new ideas then the newer iPhones might not have a chance to beat their record sales numbers.




If you haven't heard yet there's supposed to be an Apple watch coming out soon that is supposed to tie together the new phone and operating system too. With all of these items Apple's swipe pay should be completely rolled out and ready to start. Companies like PayPal are trying to make you doubt their security after the iCloud problem with all of the celebrity photos that got leaked. However Apple pay, the iPhone 6 and the watch should all work flawlessly like any Apple product has in the past and people are expecting it's sales to surpass that of any other smart watch, will it really offer anything that's new or innovative? Most are saying no but only time will be able to tell...

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If you had mentioned online recycling or E-waste 5 years ago almost no one had a clue what it was. Today it is becoming more popular daily mostly due to increased awareness but also because the problem is growing so fast it's hard not to notice!




Personal electronics like smart phones, tablets and laptops have really exploded over the last 5-10 years with everyone from elementary schools to retirement homes using them. With this expanded market base their sales have sky rocketed making it one of the largest and most profitable industries, just look at Apple their iPhone and Macbook sales have made them one of the most powerful companies in the world!




Now the problem has become what do we do with all of this electronic waste? Screens, batteries, cases and more are all ending up in our land fills and being disposed of incorrectly is causing huge problems for us later. This toxic chemicals are ending up in our ground water and rivers and this is all leading to increased cancer risks and other horrible health problems. Luckily, there is a new way to fight our growing E-waste problems and that is with new ways to recycle our laptops, smart, phones and other gadgets.




One company who has been leading the way for going green with E-waste is Quick Laptop Cash. For over eight years now they have started to help people recycle and sell these items online so there's no hassle for you. It's so simple it can be done from your living room couch is just a few minutes, simply get on their website to get your free instant quote. See if it's an item they offer to buy or if they don't they still offer 100% free recycling of laptops, tablets and smart phones! If you're local to them you can also drop it off for no charge and have it all taken care of quickly on the same day.




Online recycling of laptops doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time if you use the number one rated recyclers. Quick Laptop Cash has won the Best Online Recycler award 5 times now and is happy to always be bringing new methods to E-waste recycling. One of their biggest changes to online recycling was offering to pay for the shipping of old electronics and devices so that recycling was not only free but they pay a $5 bonus for suing your own box! It now pays to go green and recycle those old laptops even if they're broken and in not working condition. See why online recycling is important and check out Quick Laptop Cash's Blog today to see how they're revolutionizing computer recycling!

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Ever since Apple released the iPad on January 27th 2010 we have seen a huge shift in how we do our basic computer work. From social media to keeping in touch with your family through emails we have grown more and more attached to our phones than ever before, So it's no surprise the tablet has grown to be a huge part of what we do while we're relaxing at home or even on vacation. The tablet is just like our laptops but without all the bulk and have a much better battery life, for most people this meets 99% of their computing needs.




So why wouldn't you just have a tablet and get rid of your laptop and desktop? Most people today have a smart phone, tablet and a home computer of some sort but admit they rarely use the computer versus their smart phone and tablet. So why are smart phones so far in the lead for the most used electronic device being made? It's simple every person has a cell phone and with how long they've been out they've become cheap enough that for just one dollar you can buy a new smart phone with email, internet, games and endless apps to download. With how fast and capable these new gadgets are why would anyone still want to spend over a thousand dollars on a computer?


ht microsoft surface tablet 1 ss lpl 121016 ssh


There is only a few things a computer is still better for and the main reason is typing. For school and business you can't replace a keyboard both in size and feel. The new tablets are offering keyboards but the first time you try to use one of these portable keyboards you'll see they're too compact and it's hard to tell what you're typing if anything at all! Tablets and smart phones also aren't nearly powerful enough to play modern games like a PC or game system can. Until they either stop making games so demanding (this won't happen) or until they can make processors powerful enough to fit into these smaller devices and be just as powerful there will still be people building gaming PCs and typing up their school and business reports on them.


gaming PC


Now if you're the casual user or just want to sit on the couch and read, the tablet is the perfect electronic for you and there is multiple options like the Kindle, Nook and iPad that are all fighting for the best eBook reader. The common user will have a ton of choices from screen size to if they even need a tablet over their smart phone. Each one will have it's advantages but these will be the people who don't need their laptops and desktops anymore. For these people it will be important to properly sell or recycle that old laptop and help prevent America's growing E-waste problem.




I think within the next 5-10 years we will see a major change in how home computing is done and there will be more of a split from the business and professional users to the basic users who just need the device for entertainment, Laptop sales are going lower and lower every year proving that tablets are taking a larger share of the market every year. Apple keeps releasing fast iPads of all different sizes so if you haven't looked into a tablet yet I'd recommend starting with Apple's iPad!

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This got tagged to our Facebook so we thought we'd take a second and share it on our blog as well.  No name was attached so whoever the original writer was we'd love to give credit to you if you'd email us or contact us on Facebook.




I've heard a lot of people on campus ask this question and I hadn't found a good answer other than students who want a better laptop. In my dorm alone there is a bulletin board covered with everything from furniture to clothes for sale but I don't think anyone looks at for sale ads printed on paper anymore. Now a days if you want to sell something you're almost forced to go online and use Facebook or Craigslist because that is where everyone goes everyday. What if there was an easier way to get rid of old laptops? I'm writing this because I did find that new way and while it's just “new” to me I know lots of fellow students it could help if they read this.




You Go Online to Sell Furniture Why Not Electronics?



If you're on Facebook reading this or on our Colleges blog let me give you a much easier way to get rid of that device. Simple go to http://www.quicklaptopcash.com/instant-quote and in just seconds you can see if it's worth selling online. Now I ran a quote on a few of mine to see if it was as good of a deal for all of them and it wasn't... I checked my old Apple Macbook Pro and it was a little out of date with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor so I understood the lower amount. Just for fun I wanted to check my new Macbook Pro and the price they gave me was almost a joke! I checked around with other sites and while their price was still the highest no one in their right mind should sell it for that little! So some words of advice just because they offer to buy the laptop doesn't mean you should take the offer. Look around and see what will be your best bet, one redeeming factor to me was they offered 100% free of charge shipping and data removal.




Why is Free Data Removal Important?



I figured lots of you might ask this so I'll make it as plain and simple as possible. More than ever we're doing everything online (example. Reading this article!) so I would bet you've probably been shopping online too. All of that information is still in your laptop, what about all of those spring break photos or the one from the frat houses toga party? It's probably better to be safe than sorry that a trusted company is offering to professionally and securely erase all of the data off the laptops hard drive and memory, I chose their service over others mostly for this reason right here other companies like HP or Dell charge up to $50 for it! Quick Laptop Cash does it for free!




I already told my CH303 class about this for my latest weekly blurb but I wanted to share it on my Facebook and Google Plus account too in hopes other people would read this and see it is possible to trade-in and get rid of used laptops. It might have to be done over the internet but they made the process so easy I didn't even mind. Free shipping made it a done deal and now Quick Laptop Cash has paid for my plane ticket home this winter break! Don't let it sit around for too long or it's only going to get harder to sell that old laptop!

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Everyday going to work I drive by the Apple store and there are still people lined up over a week later waiting to get the new iPhone 6. The funny thing is when I drive by the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint store down the road there is no line at all! You can literally take a 5 minute drive and not have to wait to buy your new phone. I figured there must be something going on like they can't sell it yet or only the Apple store has them in stock. So I decided to try a few things to see if I could find a better way to get the new Apple iPhone quickly and easily.







Apple Store -

I went into the Apple store and asked an employee if this line is here every day and why. He had a simple answer “We sell out everyday so people line up for the new phones being delivered daily”. Simple enough, too many people wanting to buy a phone here and they simply didn't meet the demand. If you want the experience from Apple or to buy Applecare (you can buy it elsewhere too) then maybe this is the best way for you. So I went to AT&T...





AT&T Store #1 -

There was still a small line here actually and it was for the same reasons people wanted to get the phone and went to their closest store. So I decided to drive out of the “good” part of town and stop by the AT&T store in the worst part of town I could think of. Sure enough there was no line, and they had every size and color in stock. I'm not saying this will work everywhere but when you're more worried about rent and food than your phone chances are they're going to be in stock.




T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Stores -

I took this same approach with every other cell phone carrier in town and found I got the same results everywhere I went. Meanwhile there are still people in line at the Apple Store who didn't even get a phone today because they're all sold out. Maybe I should have told them or hopefully you'll read and share my blog but waiting in line for the newest phone whether it's an Apple iPhone, Samsun Galaxy 6 or the Note 4 there will always be a store that has it in stock. If you live in a smaller town with only one store this might not work for you but drive across town or call them first and see if they have any in stock. All of the stores in the “better” or more affluent neighborhoods were sold out because they had the extra money to spend on these less important luxuries.




Don't wait in line at the Apple Store and don't let your friends and family either! Please share this so we don't see people stuck in line for nothing!



Author Bio: Ryan Hernandez is living in Nevada and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where to Sell and Recycle Laptops Online. He has been in this field for the last 11 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.

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Where do you go when you're in need of a new laptop? Hopefully it's not big box stores like Best Buy or Walmart because you'll be paying too much! With online shopping at an all time high you can now buy anything from electronics to food for far lower prices than a store because they have much less over head to pay for. With stores like Amazon and eBay leading the way buying anything in a store is almost a waste of time and money now unless you are willing to pay extra for that instant gratification of having it now. Let me show you some ways to save hundreds of dollars on buying a new laptop so you can keep that hard earned money in your pocket, it's not uncommon to buy a $1,200 laptop for $800 or LESS online!


NewEgg logo


NewEgg – Still THE best place to go online for desktop parts, laptop parts, complete computer systems and electronics of all sorts now. They've been the leader for years and are constantly growing to sell more and more items. If you need to upgrade your ram, hard drive, or even LCD monitor they should be your first stop to check on prices, they typically even beat larger online retailers like Amazon or eBay.  There is a reaons NewEgg is always the first place posted for good deals, they even offer free shipping which is actually very fast.


TigerDirect logo


TigerDirect – Tiger Direct is another site almost identical to NewEgg. They are built off the same model and started by selling desktop computer parts and laptop items. They have now branched out to selling complete laptop and desktop systems and like NewEgg again are moving into accessories and everything else you'd need with a computer. They typically have about the same prices on most of their items but they'll have limited sales on items so keeping an eye on both sites “daily deals” is a great way to find a laptop on sale for cheap! If you're looking for a new Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptops these first two options are the best bet but you'll never see any Apple products here if that's what you're looking to buy.  Don't worry I'll say where to find a cheap Macbook still!


Bensbargains logo


BensBargains – Bensbargains is a daily deal site where you'll be able to find laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as everything else people find online that looks like a good deal. They will post clothing, furniture, landscaping materials and everything in between. It might take a little more work to find a deal here but laptops are posted from HP's website, Dell and Dell Business deals, Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro sales from Amazon and Best Buy to name a few. It might take a little more “work” to watch this site and sift through all the deals for just laptops but a simple Ctrl+F search to find the term “laptop” will make it a breeze. If you're trying to find the ever elusive Apple Macbook sale this would be the spot to watch, they'll have them far cheaper than the Apple store ever does.


craigslist logo


Craigslist – I put Craiglist on here even though 99% of the laptops won't be new, you can occasionally find a new in box laptop (let's not ask where or how they got it though) but it is still one of the best places to find a great deal on a laptop if you don't mind the used part. Most of them will be older models and that's perfect if you're just looking for a cheap on the go computer or something for work and school. If you're really picky you can wait and find a newer gaming or up to date laptop if you need certain things like an Intel i7 Processor, Gaming graphics card, or a Blu-Ray drive. The only problem with buying a used laptop from someone over the internet is you're going to have almost zero chance of getting a hold of them if there ends up being a problem... and I'd expect there to be a problem. Make sure the laptop doesn't have a password, major signs of damage etc. Read how to buy a used laptop to make sure it's a good deal.


Local Laptop Stores


Local Computer StoreThe best option for buying a new or used laptop would be to check your local computer stores. Some might be over priced but there is always a good deal out there and some laptop stores sell brand new computers so you'll be able to get a warranty and that piece of mind that comes with a new product. If you're looking for a Windows 7 computer or even Vista and XP this might be your only option to get one as well, stores are now only selling them with Windows 8 so trying to find a “new” laptop with an older operating system can be difficult. If you're looking for an Apple Macbook Pro (MBP) or Apple Macbook Air (MBA) this could be a great way to find them too. Most will even have an Apple specific store where they will only sell and deal with Apple products like their tablets and phones too. Getting a good deal on an Apple laptop is still possible you just have to know where to look!




If none of these 5 options help you buy a cheap laptop you can always try the less common ones like through a friend or eBay (buyer beware). This list of the 5 best options to buy a new laptop isn't the definite list, but through talking with people who buy and sell laptops we have found these to have the most consistent deals for people who are willing to spend a little time looking. Don't pay too much for your next electronic purchase shop around and see why it's easy to save hundreds of dollars!



Author Bio: Arnold Jefferson is living in Florida and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where to Sell and Recycle Laptops Online. He has been in this field for the last 7 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.

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It's an expense that no one wants and can be really expensive if done wrong, however if done right you can get a new computer for almost no money out of your pocket!




Now it might sound impossible to upgrade from your old slow laptop to a new state of the art fast laptop but it can actually be done for far cheaper than you'd ever expect. The tough part is knowing when to upgrade your computer to a new one, and which new laptop will be the right one for you. Today's laptops use the new Windows 8 operating system and look very different than the Windows XP/ Vista/ and 7 operating systems we have come to know. It can be a very difficult transition for some people both in the learning curve and buying new software that needs to be compatible with Window's new operating system.




There comes a time when a laptop is just too old to be useful anymore and needs to be upgraded or thrown out though. I would highly suggest not throwing it out when you can instead recycle your laptop but if it's not too old you can even choose to sell them. How do you know when it's time to upgrade? Microsoft recently discontinued support for their old Windows XP operating system which was first released on October 25, 2001! People and businesses still use it to this day without support from Microsoft and it's about to be 13 years old, if you're still using this operating system or a laptop/ desktop that came from the factory with it then it is time to upgrade your computer! Even Windows Vista was released on January 30th, 2007 although not nearly as common or well received it is over seven years old now.




If you have a windows XP computer it is certainly well over due for an upgrade, but what if you're using a Windows Vista laptop? Most Windows Vista laptops are still plenty fast for most peoples use and can stream video from Netflix, Youtube and anywhere just fine. These laptops might not have the newest hardware but you can find them with features like 4GB of ram (or more!) and HDMI out plugs for connecting to modern flat screen televisions. Just because they're older doesn't mean they aren't still useable or worth any money to a laptop recycler.  These laptops are fairly easy to upgrade and also inexpensive as most laptop memory (ram) and hard drives are so common it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to upgrade anymore. Going to a locally run computer store you could get them upgraded to Windows 7 and 2GB of ram added for around $100, this would make almost any computer capable of today's basic tasks like email, internet searching, and using a text editor like Microsoft Word or Open Office.




It is really going to depend on your budget to see which option is best for you, upgrading your current laptop can be inexpensive but by selling your old laptop it can make buying a new one far less expensive as well. Before just tossing your laptop to the side see if a local computer shop can upgrade or repair so that you can spend the least amount possible. If it is too old then get a free quote to sell your laptop online and see how easy and affordable a new laptop can be!

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