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Selling your laptop online should be easy, safe, fast and most of all profitable. If you've ever thought “I want to sell my laptop”, let us explain how and where to sell new, used, broken and old model laptops for cash online. With many years of experience we know what it takes to satisfy customers who trade-in or recycle their laptop online so they can go buy a new one! Whether it's an Apple Macbook or a Windows laptop computer we offer to pay money for all models and include free shipping and top notch customer service with each order. Ask about our online business and school recycling programs for laptops as well.


You likely need your laptop for many reasons like school, business, gaming or more. If you've somehow broken yours you need to get it back up and running, and repairs can be costly and time consuming. Maybe it's just getting a bit older and slower and you want to upgrade to the newest and best models? Luckily we are here to help turn your old, broken, worn out or just plain unneeded laptop into cash.


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Laptop recycling is good for the environment


You probably need your laptop for many different reasons so it's no surprise many people have a few around their home now. What happens when it gets broken from being stepped on, a component fails, or it is just too slow due to old age? There is a solution: Send it to us and we will safely recycle and reuse the still functional parts and you will receive cash to use towards a new model, cutting down on the amount out of pocket you’ll have to spend. Going green is a growing trend for many items but electronics is where the environment needs the most help.


Broken laptops have value too


While we already mentioned that some parts can be used from a damaged model we just wanted to clarify and elaborate: Even a broken screen or a failed hard drive doesn't mean it's time to throw the computer away. Finding someone who will purchase a broken model used to be difficult, but it can now be done online in just seconds with our instant quote. Don't let these items sit or be thrown away with your garbage. You wouldn't throw away money would you? Their working parts can still hold large cash value depending on their age and condition. Send it to us! We will do all the work and you will get the cash reward!


We buy laptops from everyone


It all starts with which make and model you have, because obviously they aren't all created equally. Some cost a lot more when they're new and others are sold as Black Friday Specials so they never really have a high value to begin with. One brand that really stands out as eco-friendly, and one of the best to recycle, are Apple MacBook’s. They use a lot more metal versus plastics so these can be recycled much more easily than those from a company who used plastic casings. Apple really does go above and beyond with the MacBook to make it an incredibly fast and green product. However the brand doesn't matter because we take all makes and models no matter their condition. While we buy every brand we also help people get rid of them whether you're a public school, private art school, business, corporation, or even just a student. We are here to help. Don't waste any more time because their value drops daily. Get your free quote and see why these items can get you paid to recycle!

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