Sell Old Laptop--We Pay Cash


Whether you've been trying to get rid of that old useless laptop for months or just started looking for someone who buys them, we have all the answers you'll need. Selling old laptops can be very difficult because it's hard to tell what they're really worth. Most buyers are skeptical of their current condition and wonder if they're about to break or need repairs. Luckily we are here to offer an instant cash price for your computer with no worries about longevity as we're a company who recycles old electronics and uses the parts to help keep other models out of landfills.


Second Hand Laptops—Determining Their Value


In order to determine exactly how much we pay for your notebook computer there are a few basic things to determine. You can use our "Instant Quote" page to determine this. What make and model are you trying to sell and exactly what problems does it have if any? We expect a little bit of wear and tear on older models since they've been used for a few years, but if you're trying to get rid of a computer that is only 2-3 years old and looks like Bigfoot owned it you'll need to select damaged or worn plastics as they need to be in relatively good shape during the instant quote process. Another common problem with old ones is their batteries not holding a charge. If it has sat in a closet for years unused the battery is going to be bad almost every time, they need to stay charged and be used in order to maintain them as properly functioning and useable. If you have any questions or aren't sure of the condition we do have trained and certified technicians who go through each and every order we receive to verify all the problems. Many times we find it's actually worth more than we quoted! However there are times people will get the make or model wrong and we'd love to avoid that whenever possible. To prevent this we have made a page strictly for how to identify your laptops model number


How Long Does the Process take to Get Paid?


One of the more popular questions we get is how long does the process of selling your old laptop online take and when should you expect to receive the money? We have a few different options that can greatly speed up the process, if you're trying to get your money in a hurry or just want to maximize how much you can make. The typical process has us send you a box after your order is placed. This takes more time to get to you because of shipping so we created the option to instantly print a shipping label and use your own box! We still pay all of the shipping from you to us to sell an old system but you get an extra $5 if you use your own box. This means your wait time is cut in half. On top of that, instead of us mailing you a check for payment we have the option to send it with PayPal. This means we can typically have you already paid and taken care of the day we get your computer in the mail. These are only a few of the ways Quick Laptop Cash is constantly innovating and changing how easy it can be to sell your notebook online.



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