Sell My Laptop, But How?

There are a many different ways to sell things today, consumers want to get a new computer often so why not trade up? Most don't want to just put the unneeded model under the bed to be covered in dust and never seen again. We make it easy to do a simple search online and cash in on your outdated device. You can then take the money and use it to upgrade to a newer model or just put into savings.



Don't Wait With Old Model Laptops

Quick Laptop Cash is here for exactly this reason, we buy laptops when problems come up with them so you don't have to look around for who takes them. If it is either too slow or maybe broken and you'd just like to get rid of it. We recycle the parts that can be used still and safely dispose of the rest all while paying you some cash to do it.




We Take Old and Broken Ones Too

We are here to buy those old, broken or just slow unwanted machines. We have a simple three step quoting process that can tell you exactly how much it's worth in just seconds.




Step 1: Find your computers make and model, depending on the brand it can be in a few different location and we have made this page to help you identify your exact model.




Step 2: Select anything that is broken or just old and no longer works as it should. Some examples would be a failed hard drive, battery that doesn't hold a charge or a broken screen. We still offer to recycle them regardless of what's broken or non functional.




Step 3: Choose how you'd like to ship it, we pay for ALL of the shipping to us so there is no cost to you it is completely free. It will then ask you to provide your shipping address and this step is VERY important. We need the entire address from the street address to the building number or apartment number so we can not only deliver the free box, but so we can send your check and get you paid as fast as possible!




This entire process only takes about two or three minutes and you'll get an instant quote telling you exactly how much cash your laptop is worth. We try to make the process as stream lined and fast as possible but if you have any questions about how it works or if you're doing it correctly don't hesitate to call or email us and we'll guide you through the entire process. Stop saying “I want to sell my laptop” and get some spending money before their value goes down even more!