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Have you recently had to buy a new laptop because your old one broke?  You're now asking yourself what to do with it and is it actually worth any money?  The best choice is to sell your broken laptop to us.  You might have a hard time selling them locally if you even can so why not get paid in cash for them?  With Quick Laptop Cash you will know you're getting the most money to sell your broken laptops.


What if your computer doesn't turn on?  We will buy your laptop

Your screen is broken or has no power?  We will buy your laptop

Your hard drive is defective?  We will buy your laptop

Maybe your battery doesn't charge or work?  We will buy your laptop


If you thought your broken laptop wasn't worth anything think again.  Fill out a quote at with simple information like the make, model and what is broken on your laptop and you'll instantly receive a personalized quote for selling your broken laptop.


It doesn't matter if it's a Toshiba Satellite, the newest Macbook Pro or an older HP, we buy them all working or not! So sell your broken laptop to Quick Laptop Cash today!

By Mike Johnson

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