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With laptops, phones, glasses or anything breakable there comes a day where it slips, falls, or any other reason and end up broken. There is sadly no way to stop from breaking your electronics but there can be some easy fixes you don't know about and with a little effort they can be fixed or even prevented from having a problem in the first place. Today we are going to look at something everyone probably owns and has broken at one point or another, a laptop computer.




Selling Your Broken Laptops With Us

With technology getting better and better we have seen computers go from taking up entire rooms to fitting in the palm of our hand. A laptop has become common ground for anyone and everyone whether you just enjoy music, need to write school papers, or you have some work to do they're a great portable way to take your work on the go. Since people want the lightest possible gadgets we see screens and computers getting thinner and thinner which is awesome for portability but not so good for durability. The latest laptops coming out like the Apple Macbook Air or similar designs they're calling Ultra books have become the most light weight and slim designs we have ever seen. With some being less than an inch thick. That means that your once large and spacious computer is now packed into an even tighter area leading to increased things like hard drive failures, overheated motherboards and the all to common broken LCD screen. If you close your laptops screen to fast to where it slams chances are you have broken a screen or two before. This ends up almost being the death of a computer due to the cost to have it repaired so lets look at a few things to help prolong the life of your laptop and keep your electronic investment safe.




Easy Ways to Not Break Your Laptop

The most common way I hear of a laptop screen being broken is simply bad placement, lots of people use there laptops in bed so when you are going to sleep don't forget to put your laptop on the ground somewhere away from your bed and not just the floor. Most people forget it's there and a fall off of a bed will always break your laptops screen, or if that doesn't do it you getting up in the middle of the night and stepping on it will finish off the job. The other danger of using a laptop in bed is they tend to overheat quickly in these situations, your laptop has a cooling fan that sucks in air and then blows it out through another vent. If you block either one of these your laptop is very quickly going to get hot, to avoid this make sure if you're using it in bed its not going to sink into a larger comforter or have it's fan inlet or outlet blocked by blankets, pillows or anything else. A laptop in bed sounds like a great place to get some work done but it is one of the top places to get a broken laptop at. The other very common way for them to get broken is kids or pets running by them while they're charging. Once your laptops charging cord gets caught it's to late and your laptop is getting yanked off the counter or table and comes slamming down into the floor. You're easily looking at a broken power jack, motherboard or even a screen all of which could be avoided by just making sure you charge your laptop in a safe place and keep the cord tucked away out of harms reach.




How Malware and Viruses Break a Computer

One of the easiest and quickest ways to ruin a computer isn't even your fault. When you go to download free software like Skype or iTunes one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is clicking the first link they see. If you're using Google one thing you might not realize is that they have two kinds of search results, one is a paid section where anyone can show up for whatever search term they like and the other is what Google decides to be the best fit. If you type “skype” into Google to try downloading it for free and you click the first link you are going to be clicking a paid advertisement and not only is it totally fake such as Skype.India/download or some other address but you will be authorizing your laptop to install these programs. So when you do a virus or malware scam your computer will not see them as bad because you authoized them. This leads to your computer runnnig much slower, your mouse freezing, your web browsers home page changing, not able to search anything without it directing you straight to their page. These are all malware and they'll try to disguise themselves with names like “PC cleanup” or “speed Boost” type names. They are only trying to stay hidden when in fact they're malicious programs made to make your computer work slower or not at all. Leading to you using their service for $20 or whatever they charge. They say they'll clean up your computer but all they are doing is making their program stop messing with your laptop once you have paid the fee. Moral of the story is be very cautious when downloading programs or files off the internet because it's a very rapidly growing crime I am seeing more and more. When installing a program don't just click next, next, next without reading what it has to say. They hide their add on spamware programs in these menus and you agree to them being installed without even meaning to.




While laptops have come a long ways they still have their little problems and issues. Most of these can be avoided by careful care of where and how you use your laptop but to avoid having a broken laptop is almost impossible. Accidents do happen so there will always be broken screens and hard drives due fail because they have moving parts in them. The best thing to do is take steps to keep your valuable electronics and gadgets in a safe place and to be very careful what you do while on them. It seems viruses and malware are coming back lately even worse than before. They now aim to shut down your computer making you thing you have a broken laptop when really your hard drive might just have some junk on it slowing it down.  




By Mike Johnson

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