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This got tagged to our Facebook so we thought we'd take a second and share it on our blog as well.  No name was attached so whoever the original writer was we'd love to give credit to you if you'd email us or contact us on Facebook.




I've heard a lot of people on campus ask this question and I hadn't found a good answer other than students who want a better laptop. In my dorm alone there is a bulletin board covered with everything from furniture to clothes for sale but I don't think anyone looks at for sale ads printed on paper anymore. Now a days if you want to sell something you're almost forced to go online and use Facebook or Craigslist because that is where everyone goes everyday. What if there was an easier way to get rid of old laptops? I'm writing this because I did find that new way and while it's just “new” to me I know lots of fellow students it could help if they read this.




You Go Online to Sell Furniture Why Not Electronics?



If you're on Facebook reading this or on our Colleges blog let me give you a much easier way to get rid of that device. Simple go to http://www.quicklaptopcash.com/instant-quote and in just seconds you can see if it's worth selling online. Now I ran a quote on a few of mine to see if it was as good of a deal for all of them and it wasn't... I checked my old Apple Macbook Pro and it was a little out of date with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor so I understood the lower amount. Just for fun I wanted to check my new Macbook Pro and the price they gave me was almost a joke! I checked around with other sites and while their price was still the highest no one in their right mind should sell it for that little! So some words of advice just because they offer to buy the laptop doesn't mean you should take the offer. Look around and see what will be your best bet, one redeeming factor to me was they offered 100% free of charge shipping and data removal.




Why is Free Data Removal Important?



I figured lots of you might ask this so I'll make it as plain and simple as possible. More than ever we're doing everything online (example. Reading this article!) so I would bet you've probably been shopping online too. All of that information is still in your laptop, what about all of those spring break photos or the one from the frat houses toga party? It's probably better to be safe than sorry that a trusted company is offering to professionally and securely erase all of the data off the laptops hard drive and memory, I chose their service over others mostly for this reason right here other companies like HP or Dell charge up to $50 for it! Quick Laptop Cash does it for free!




I already told my CH303 class about this for my latest weekly blurb but I wanted to share it on my Facebook and Google Plus account too in hopes other people would read this and see it is possible to trade-in and get rid of used laptops. It might have to be done over the internet but they made the process so easy I didn't even mind. Free shipping made it a done deal and now Quick Laptop Cash has paid for my plane ticket home this winter break! Don't let it sit around for too long or it's only going to get harder to sell that old laptop!

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Everyday going to work I drive by the Apple store and there are still people lined up over a week later waiting to get the new iPhone 6. The funny thing is when I drive by the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint store down the road there is no line at all! You can literally take a 5 minute drive and not have to wait to buy your new phone. I figured there must be something going on like they can't sell it yet or only the Apple store has them in stock. So I decided to try a few things to see if I could find a better way to get the new Apple iPhone quickly and easily.







Apple Store -

I went into the Apple store and asked an employee if this line is here every day and why. He had a simple answer “We sell out everyday so people line up for the new phones being delivered daily”. Simple enough, too many people wanting to buy a phone here and they simply didn't meet the demand. If you want the experience from Apple or to buy Applecare (you can buy it elsewhere too) then maybe this is the best way for you. So I went to AT&T...





AT&T Store #1 -

There was still a small line here actually and it was for the same reasons people wanted to get the phone and went to their closest store. So I decided to drive out of the “good” part of town and stop by the AT&T store in the worst part of town I could think of. Sure enough there was no line, and they had every size and color in stock. I'm not saying this will work everywhere but when you're more worried about rent and food than your phone chances are they're going to be in stock.




T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Stores -

I took this same approach with every other cell phone carrier in town and found I got the same results everywhere I went. Meanwhile there are still people in line at the Apple Store who didn't even get a phone today because they're all sold out. Maybe I should have told them or hopefully you'll read and share my blog but waiting in line for the newest phone whether it's an Apple iPhone, Samsun Galaxy 6 or the Note 4 there will always be a store that has it in stock. If you live in a smaller town with only one store this might not work for you but drive across town or call them first and see if they have any in stock. All of the stores in the “better” or more affluent neighborhoods were sold out because they had the extra money to spend on these less important luxuries.




Don't wait in line at the Apple Store and don't let your friends and family either! Please share this so we don't see people stuck in line for nothing!



Author Bio: Ryan Hernandez is living in Nevada and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where to Sell and Recycle Laptops Online. He has been in this field for the last 11 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.

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Where do you go when you're in need of a new laptop? Hopefully it's not big box stores like Best Buy or Walmart because you'll be paying too much! With online shopping at an all time high you can now buy anything from electronics to food for far lower prices than a store because they have much less over head to pay for. With stores like Amazon and eBay leading the way buying anything in a store is almost a waste of time and money now unless you are willing to pay extra for that instant gratification of having it now. Let me show you some ways to save hundreds of dollars on buying a new laptop so you can keep that hard earned money in your pocket, it's not uncommon to buy a $1,200 laptop for $800 or LESS online!


NewEgg logo


NewEgg – Still THE best place to go online for desktop parts, laptop parts, complete computer systems and electronics of all sorts now. They've been the leader for years and are constantly growing to sell more and more items. If you need to upgrade your ram, hard drive, or even LCD monitor they should be your first stop to check on prices, they typically even beat larger online retailers like Amazon or eBay.  There is a reaons NewEgg is always the first place posted for good deals, they even offer free shipping which is actually very fast.


TigerDirect logo


TigerDirect – Tiger Direct is another site almost identical to NewEgg. They are built off the same model and started by selling desktop computer parts and laptop items. They have now branched out to selling complete laptop and desktop systems and like NewEgg again are moving into accessories and everything else you'd need with a computer. They typically have about the same prices on most of their items but they'll have limited sales on items so keeping an eye on both sites “daily deals” is a great way to find a laptop on sale for cheap! If you're looking for a new Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptops these first two options are the best bet but you'll never see any Apple products here if that's what you're looking to buy.  Don't worry I'll say where to find a cheap Macbook still!


Bensbargains logo


BensBargains – Bensbargains is a daily deal site where you'll be able to find laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as everything else people find online that looks like a good deal. They will post clothing, furniture, landscaping materials and everything in between. It might take a little more work to find a deal here but laptops are posted from HP's website, Dell and Dell Business deals, Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro sales from Amazon and Best Buy to name a few. It might take a little more “work” to watch this site and sift through all the deals for just laptops but a simple Ctrl+F search to find the term “laptop” will make it a breeze. If you're trying to find the ever elusive Apple Macbook sale this would be the spot to watch, they'll have them far cheaper than the Apple store ever does.


craigslist logo


Craigslist – I put Craiglist on here even though 99% of the laptops won't be new, you can occasionally find a new in box laptop (let's not ask where or how they got it though) but it is still one of the best places to find a great deal on a laptop if you don't mind the used part. Most of them will be older models and that's perfect if you're just looking for a cheap on the go computer or something for work and school. If you're really picky you can wait and find a newer gaming or up to date laptop if you need certain things like an Intel i7 Processor, Gaming graphics card, or a Blu-Ray drive. The only problem with buying a used laptop from someone over the internet is you're going to have almost zero chance of getting a hold of them if there ends up being a problem... and I'd expect there to be a problem. Make sure the laptop doesn't have a password, major signs of damage etc. Read how to buy a used laptop to make sure it's a good deal.


Local Laptop Stores


Local Computer StoreThe best option for buying a new or used laptop would be to check your local computer stores. Some might be over priced but there is always a good deal out there and some laptop stores sell brand new computers so you'll be able to get a warranty and that piece of mind that comes with a new product. If you're looking for a Windows 7 computer or even Vista and XP this might be your only option to get one as well, stores are now only selling them with Windows 8 so trying to find a “new” laptop with an older operating system can be difficult. If you're looking for an Apple Macbook Pro (MBP) or Apple Macbook Air (MBA) this could be a great way to find them too. Most will even have an Apple specific store where they will only sell and deal with Apple products like their tablets and phones too. Getting a good deal on an Apple laptop is still possible you just have to know where to look!




If none of these 5 options help you buy a cheap laptop you can always try the less common ones like through a friend or eBay (buyer beware). This list of the 5 best options to buy a new laptop isn't the definite list, but through talking with people who buy and sell laptops we have found these to have the most consistent deals for people who are willing to spend a little time looking. Don't pay too much for your next electronic purchase shop around and see why it's easy to save hundreds of dollars!



Author Bio: Arnold Jefferson is living in Florida and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash – Where to Sell and Recycle Laptops Online. He has been in this field for the last 7 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.

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It's an expense that no one wants and can be really expensive if done wrong, however if done right you can get a new computer for almost no money out of your pocket!




Now it might sound impossible to upgrade from your old slow laptop to a new state of the art fast laptop but it can actually be done for far cheaper than you'd ever expect. The tough part is knowing when to upgrade your computer to a new one, and which new laptop will be the right one for you. Today's laptops use the new Windows 8 operating system and look very different than the Windows XP/ Vista/ and 7 operating systems we have come to know. It can be a very difficult transition for some people both in the learning curve and buying new software that needs to be compatible with Window's new operating system.




There comes a time when a laptop is just too old to be useful anymore and needs to be upgraded or thrown out though. I would highly suggest not throwing it out when you can instead recycle your laptop but if it's not too old you can even choose to sell them. How do you know when it's time to upgrade? Microsoft recently discontinued support for their old Windows XP operating system which was first released on October 25, 2001! People and businesses still use it to this day without support from Microsoft and it's about to be 13 years old, if you're still using this operating system or a laptop/ desktop that came from the factory with it then it is time to upgrade your computer! Even Windows Vista was released on January 30th, 2007 although not nearly as common or well received it is over seven years old now.




If you have a windows XP computer it is certainly well over due for an upgrade, but what if you're using a Windows Vista laptop? Most Windows Vista laptops are still plenty fast for most peoples use and can stream video from Netflix, Youtube and anywhere just fine. These laptops might not have the newest hardware but you can find them with features like 4GB of ram (or more!) and HDMI out plugs for connecting to modern flat screen televisions. Just because they're older doesn't mean they aren't still useable or worth any money to a laptop recycler.  These laptops are fairly easy to upgrade and also inexpensive as most laptop memory (ram) and hard drives are so common it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to upgrade anymore. Going to a locally run computer store you could get them upgraded to Windows 7 and 2GB of ram added for around $100, this would make almost any computer capable of today's basic tasks like email, internet searching, and using a text editor like Microsoft Word or Open Office.




It is really going to depend on your budget to see which option is best for you, upgrading your current laptop can be inexpensive but by selling your old laptop it can make buying a new one far less expensive as well. Before just tossing your laptop to the side see if a local computer shop can upgrade or repair so that you can spend the least amount possible. If it is too old then get a free quote to sell your laptop online and see how easy and affordable a new laptop can be!

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Whether you bought a new laptop or are pulling the old one out of storage for a new semester there are some must have items you will need to get the most out of your laptop purchase! You may not need all of these items but I promise there is one or two items everyone will need. Read what 10 best accessories we found from polling over 1,000 college students and business professionals...




Wireless Mouse

If you're using your laptop on the go it might not always be needed but once you're sitting down a wireless or bluetooth mouse will be the BEST purchase you can make for your laptop. They allow you to maximise your time behind the computer because most track pads are clumsy and slow with the exception of some newer ones and the Apple Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, these ones have amazing features I'd recommend trying before paying for the Apple Magic Mouse or its competitors.




Wireless Keyboard

Also follows the same idea as a wireless mouse, if you're planning to be using your laptop in one spot for a long time a good old fashion keyboard with larger keys and a 10 key on the side will help you type and enter data at much faster speeds and strain your hands less. A laptop keyboard will lead to carpal tunnel much faster due to how thing they are becoming more thin to save weight. They even offer roll out ones if you don't want to carry a full sized one in you travel carrying case.




Laptop Carrying Case

On that note you'll need a carry case or travel bag to carry your laptop in. Some of the larger and more powerful 17” laptops are meant to be a desktop replacement now but they still make laptop bags for those larger models for when they must be moved. You can buy laptop sleeves as well however they typically don't offer extra storage for accessories and won't protect your laptop nearly as well as a thicker bag can. If you're still confused on what laptop bag to get you can read about which laptop bag to get and see all the different kinds!




USB Flash Drive

Long since passed are the days of CD's or DVD's and now a must have item is the USB flash drive! They have got so cheap you can get an 8GB-16GB flash drive for under $20 now and save thousands of songs, pictures, and documents and not have to always buy disks. You can even plug them straight into newer USB car stereos and play your music from the USB flash drive! If you have a laptop with a USB port ( they all should!) then this is the number one must have laptop accessory! We'd put it at the top of our list but we assume everyone has had one for the past few years already... if not get one today.




Extra Battery

This might sound like an unneeded item but for some people an extra battery can be the best item they've ever purchased. If you're on an air plane or just stuck at the airport an extra laptop battery can be the difference between finishing your work while waiting to get to your destination or having to stay up all night in the hotel room working on that last minute report. New batteries are cheap if you know where to buy them and swapping them out only takes seconds. Don't be tied to a charger when for $20 or less you can have hours extra on your laptop.




Car Charger

This is yet another item that goes for the businessman or woman who is always on the road, charging a laptop in the car may sound unneeded until you're at a clients house all day and get back to find your laptop is dead and useless. Most universal laptop chargers are cheaply made and will be a waste of your money so make sue you read the reviews first and spend a little extra to buy a quality car charger that will last you for years. That $20 laptop car charger off eBay is going to be the worst and might even ruin your laptop!




External DVD drive

Newer laptops have been focusing on extended battery life so getting rid of everything possible like DVD drives is something new laptops have started to do. They also want to make them as thin as possible following the lead of the Macbook Air so if you need a CD/ DVD for work or want to burn that new CD you bought off iTunes an external DVD drive that plugs in to a USB port can be a life saver. These can be had for very little money as well starting at about $20 and getting very expensive if you want a Blu-Ray player.




External Web Cam

This might be important to only a select few but most business model laptops and older models didn't come with a built in webcam so if you're on the road and want to talk with your wife, kids or friends having a USB webcam can be the cheapest and best way to video chat with loved ones. They also offer far better picture than a built in webcam and can have better audio if you buy an all in one unit. This is very useful if you're on a job site and need crystal clear video for the people back at headquarters or want to have a 1080p high definition video recorded. An external webcam is another cheap accessory with MANY uses.




HDMI Cable

Most newer model laptops (2010 and up) have started coming with an HDMI port as a standard feature. Luckily TV's have had HDMI ports since long before that and HDMI can do both video AND audio. This means you can now carry one easy to plug in cable and hook up your laptop for presentations or to watch Netflix when you have some down time. Streaming videos from Youtube, Amazon, and Netflix is the best way to fight boredom so don't forget your HDMI cable and extra battery so you can kill time while watching your favorite movies on a big screen TV!




Wireless 10 Key Keypad (if needed)

Most laptop today are starting to be a 15-16” screen and this means they have a larger keyboard with a 10 key option. However there are still 10, 11,12, 13 and 14” screens! None of these come with a 10 key so those people who use a lot of Excel spread sheet will be wishing they had got the larger screen. It is another simple USB device that plugs right in and works perfectly when needed and can be taken out and hidden when it's not. A must have for those number crunching data entering laptop users on the run.




Bonus Accessory – Custom LCD back cover

Since You've read this far why not give away one last hidden laptop accessory, the laptop LCD back cover! These add a ton of personalisation to your laptop while keeping it protected and looking new. If you ever plan to sell your laptop like I always do with old ones this will help keep it's value over the years of hopefully gentle use it has. You can get sports teams, TV characters and even custom pictures turned into sticky laptop screen covers that express what it is you like while still not breaking the bank. These covers can be found all over Amazon and eBay and add a very cool look to your laptop computer!

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When you try to do anything online now you are met with endless options about buy here or sell here and they all offer the best price with free shipping. If you've noticed lately there are tons of places who offer to help you sell laptop or your smart phones. The choices can almost be overwhelming and it can be done in person, online or even over the phone. They have made the process to sell electronics very fast and safe because everyone owns them now and we always want to upgrade them. What happens when the new Macbook Air comes out and you want to sell or trade-in your Macbook Pro for one? Finding the right place to help you recycle a laptop is actually very easy if you choose to go with a trusted online company, they will even pay more than local stores too! We got Mike from Quick Laptop Cash to give us his top 5 things to remember when you are trying to trade-in your laptop.


 5 Things to Check When Selling A Laptop Online


The Top 5 Most Important Things When Selling Laptops Online!




Get the Correct Model Number for an Accurate Quote

I can't even count how many times I have had someone say they're selling us a brand new Macbook Pro expecting to get $900 and the laptop we receive is a 2007 model with a few problems. Getting an accurate quote starts with making sure you have the correct make and model, guessing will only cause problems later on. Quick Laptop Cash has customer support waiting to help avoid this problem just give us a call or send an email.




Check for all Problems with the Laptop or Smart Phone

The next biggest problem is someone who gets the model number of their laptop for sale correct but forgets to mention it won't even turn on, or the battery won't a charge. These are all easy to diagnose problems and we understand the laptop might have been in a closet or unused for a few years but we do test every part of the laptop to ensure we are paying the correct price for your computer. Also things like damaged plastics from stickers, being dropped or just scratched and dinged is very common with old laptops. We understand they're used laptops and give some give in our expectation of a “clean” laptop, but obvious signs of damage will need to be marked. Once again with any questions please contact us or you can post to our Facebook or Twitter and we will be happy to judge the damage before it is shipped to us!




Package it Carefully Shipping Can be Rough on Electronics

Packaging your laptop for shipping is by far the biggest problem we have with peoples quotes ending up incorrect or different. When shipping a laptop whether from the other side of the country or just a state away the conditions it goes through aren't always the best. They pack the largest amount of boxes they can into a truck and they aren't always handled very well, we offer a FREE shipping kit that provides the required amount of protection so you don't have to worry and we highly recommend this is you're unsure of how well an item should be packed. We would love to pay the quoted price and get you the most cash for your laptop possible but when we receive a broken laptop as a result of poor packaging the most we can do is file a claim with UPS and wait. So trying to get paid quickly can go wrong if you don't package your laptop well!




Give the Correct Shipping Address for Payment to be Sent

The correct address for payment to be sent is also just as important for where to send our free shipping kit. We send out a free box for you to ship back your laptop and when the address is incorrect or incomplete (missing apartment number, etc.) we just end up wasting money is shipping and delaying how long it take for us to get your laptop and get you paid! When we try to mail a check or send a PayPal payment if we have the wrong address it won't get delivered and take a week or two for us to get a notification it wasn't delivered. In that time you'll just get frustrated you haven't been paid and there's nothing we can do to speed up the check being sent back. Typing in and confirming the correct address is very important in getting the fast and safe service we are so well known for.




Include Everything like the Charger, Battery and all Accessories

Another very common problem is receiving the laptop and as we go to test it there is no charger in the box! We of course have an extra charger to test your laptop but as you'll notice on our get a quote page the laptop charger is an important part that we will need as well or the price will change if it has been selected as included! We hate having to mark anyone down and know the charger is often an after thought we hope people won't forget! Don't forget anything else like the battery or external DVD drive if the laptop came with one. Newer laptops are not using an external DVD drive to save on size and weight so they'll use an external DVD or Blu-Ray drive. All of these items are important to not forget when selling your laptop online.




If you have any other questions when going through the process whether it's the quote or just packaging up your computer to ship off don't hesitate to call and ask them for help, says Mike. Most companies are more than willing to help and if they're not answering your call or emails it's probably not a company you want to sell your laptop with online anyways.

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We have had a few laptop recyclers contact us lately trying to sell laptops in bulk. Quick Laptop Cash can certainly help you sell laptops one at a time or thousands. We have helped many large customers and are well prepared for orders of all size. We understand through experience what it takes to sell laptops in bulk and make the entire process stream lined and easy for you. Trying to get quotes, take bids from companies, offers from others, and deal with arranging shipping can be a nightmare and most companies don't have the time to deal with it. It should be easy to get rid of those laptops and get some cash back in your account for them. This is where Quick Laptop Cash comes in...



Sell Old HP Elitebook Business Laptops


If you're a company or business trying to sell a large or small quantity of laptops you don't have to bother going through our quick instant quote process and luckily most of you don't waste your time with it. The best way to sell quantities of laptops online is by contacting us directly either by phone or email so we can arrange the quickest and easiest way to get you paid and those old laptops out of your hair. Some companies use the money from selling their old and broken laptops to upgrade and buy new ones for the office. From the time you buy new laptops to selling the old ones this might leave your bank account in need of some cash or capital as fast as possible. It is why we handle the entire process with great diligence and speed so we can get you paid as fast as possible! If it's easier to contact us through social media we also have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that we can respond to you with as well. We try to make selling one or one hundred laptops online a simple three step process.




Three Easy Steps to Selling Laptops in Bulk Quantities Online

     - Call or Email us for a personalised quote to fit your businesses exact needs

     - Let us arrange and handle the shipping so you don't have to waste time and money

     - Receive your check or instant Paypal payment and enjoy having cash again!




If you've never sold a laptop online or business laptops the idea of your personal security can be very alarming and it only gets worse with a business computer where you might have tons of privileged client information you cannot afford to lose. Here at QLC we are ready to handle all of the data destruction and erasing on site as well, the first thing we do when your laptops arrive is pull their hard drives and ram (laptops memory) so that we can send them through our erasing machine which goes through seven secured passes to ensure that information is erased and destroyed forever. We take your businesses security very seriously and are happy to ensure permanent data destruction on bulk company laptops that are sent to us. We have been picked by numerous companies to just handle their data destruction because we use the same standards as our United States Government.



How to Sell Old and Used Laptops in Bulk is Easier Online

So if you'd like to sell broken, old and used business laptop computers without the hassle and all handled safely online Quick Laptop Cash is the place to go. We offer free shipping even on bulk orders no matter how large the company order is, and with every order safe and secure data destruction is included for no extra cost. Don't let people charge you to recycle and destroy hard drives Quick Laptop Cash is the only company who offers to do all the hard work for you and pay you CASH!

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Not all batteries are made equal and that holds true for laptop batteries and new electric car batteries as well. Whether you're throwing out an old electronic gadgets or buying a new hybrid car there are some serious warnings to go along with these batteries. The affect of these batteries go far beyond just how long they last in a device, how they are made and how we choose to recycle them has a huge impact on our environment so we need to be sure we recycle and re-use these batteries to prevent running out of resources and our impact on global warming.




It all starts with how a lithium ion battery is made, batteries using cathodes, nickel and cobalt are the worst offenders. They carry the highest health risks because of how they are manufactured, the people working at these plants are exposed to very high levels of toxic materials. These batteries are only getting more popular too, they started in laptops and cell phones and can now be found in smart phones, tablets, watches and just about anything else. The biggest producer of these is hybrid cars, their battery packs are made of these because they're supposed to be the most efficient but with how quickly electric cars are catching on it might not actually be beneficial to use this technology. The amount of power it requires to charge one is being made from just as toxic ways as a gasoline or diesel motor if not worse. They requite lots of power and since we are still working on eco-friendly power sources are main one is still coal and it's one of the leading pollutants for global warming. Building these batteries for hybrid cars and maintaining their charge for use is proving to be a huge negative impact on our environment. Testing has found that the electricity grids used to power these devices is having a much larger impact on our health especially now that we are building more and more efficient cars averaging a lot high miles per gallon.




To avoid these negative affects of lithium ion batteries we need to start making sure we are properly using them and recycling them when their life is up. It may not sound like a big deal but the manufacturing and recycling of old electronics batteries is the worst part about them. The power they use to recharge is minimal and we are going green everyday with new things like solar and wind power. However these are still very costly so to get the most out of these batteries we need to find a better way to recycle them. While most of you aren't responsible for recycling electric or hybrid cars you do throw away electronics every year like old smart phones and laptops! Throwing these items away has a huge impact on our ecosystems. Instead of being taken to a specific lithium ion recycling plant where the amount of work it takes to get these back into new gadgets is lower, we are throwing them in with our everyday trash and this leads to them getting thrown in our landfills and a) losing the natural resource forever and b) adding toxic waste and chemicals to these land fills. Don't throw away your laptop batteries on old and broken laptops. You can actually sell and recycle old batteries and old laptops.




Quick Laptop Cash is where you can sell laptops online to have them recycled and kept out of our land fills. They go through every broken laptop and remove parts like the lithium ion batteries, LCD screens, LED screens and recycle the rest like the molded plastics and metals so they don't have to be broken down in more expensive and damaging processes later. By choosing to recycle a broken laptop you are doing more for the environment than a hybrid or electric car ever can. In the United States it is estimated that everyone on average upgrades their cell phone every 14 months and their computer (laptop or desktop) every 22 months. That means we are all adding e-waste to land fills every year and can help with the problem instead of making it worse. Even taking your laptop to a local Goodwill or Red Cross is better than trying to hide it in the bottom of your trash can on trash day. Do the responsible thing for future generations and recycle your electronic gadgets!




Author Bio: Rahelio Rodriguez is living in California and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash– The Safe Place to Sell A Laptop.  He has been in this field for 4 years and has owned cell phone repair stores.

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With both phones to release this week it's no shock these two are being compared rigorously. The iPhone is coming out on September 9th and the Samsung Note 4 has yet to set a release date or price, however they did release all of the important information in a press conference. These two phones are being compared because their screen sizes are rumored to be about the same. While there isn't much information out yet on the iPhone 6 lots of places are saying it might come in two screen sizes. If this is true it will be the first time that Apple has released two different iPhone screen sizes at once. With only 5 more days to go the rumors and information about the two phones keeps growing.




Apple's iPhone 6

Let's first look at what we think we know about the iPhone 6 and what advantages it might have. It sounds like it is going to be offered in a 4.5” to 4.8” screen for the smaller one and around 5.5” to 5.7” screen size for the larger model. This will be very weird to see from Apple and might give them the advantage they need over users who have chose the Note 2 or Note 3 in the past only because they wanted a larger screen. Another advantage the iPhone has is still the popularity and support that one phone like the Note 4 just can't match. You will be able to get phone cases and accessories of all sorts in any shape, color or pattern you want where as the smaller Note 4 market will have greatly less options for customization. On top of that there will be alarm clocks, speaker docks, car accessories and more. The second biggest factor might be that the Apple iPhome has access to iTunes which is still the most used and safest way to buy music online which gives the iPhone the huge advantage for the common users who just want easy access. The iPhone also uses the new Sapphire glass display which is supposed to be scratch-proof and will greatly prolong the life of a phone making it's higher price seem not so bad considering it will last you for many years to come. While we might sound Pro Apple iPhone let's look at some of the advantages the new Note 4 powered by Android will have as well.




Samsung's Note 4

The Samsung Note 4 will be an amazingly fast phone and while you might consider the Galaxy S5 the more logical competitor to the Apple iPhone 6 with the rumors of them releasing two screen sizes the larger iPhone should be the direct competitor to the Note 4. The Note 4 barely beats out the iPhone (we think so far) with a 5.9” screen display which is just barely larger than the iPhones but enough to sway people who want the absolutely biggest phone possible. The Samsung Note 4 also boasts the better hardware in almost every area. From the higher screen resolution, 2560x1440 for the Note 4 vs the iPhones 1704x960 it certainly has the edge in screen size and resolution. How about who has the better cameras? The Note 4 wins again with a 5 megapixel front facing camera vs the iPhones 3.2 and the rear camera with an impressive 20 megapixel camera vs just 10! It clearly has an edge in hardware but it doesn't stop there, the Note 4 has 4GB of ram vs the iPhones proposed 1-2GB while this all sounds minor it adds up to the phone having faster and better hardware on paper all around. Without knowing which is priced higher it is hard to say which will be the better “deal”. If that didn't have you sold how about the fact that their Android operating system is now the most popular and widely uses phone OS, this means far more support and with how customizable the Android phones are the possibilities might just be endless.





To sum it up the two new smart phones are both going to be amazingly fast, have large vibrant screens, and some of the most wanted tech for years some even say the iPhone 6 is the most anticipated smart phone of all time. Which will be “better” might never be answered but we will soon know their exact sizes, speed and price and that should make things pretty clear for most users which will be the best next gen smart phone.





Apple iPhone 6 Pros




     - More accessories

     - iTunes support

     - Multiple Screen Sizes

     - Sapphire scratch-proof screen





Samsung's Note 4 Pros




     - Larger Screen

     - Faster Hardware

     - Better Cameras

     - More Popular Operating System





Author Bio: Rahelio Rodriguez is living in California and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash– Where to sell laptops online. He has been in this field for 4 years and has owned cell phone repair stores.

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If you're looking to get a new Apple laptop chances are it's between these two choices, it must be because they're the only two laptops that Apple makes. They luckily leave a couple choices for you to make about how to customize your Apple Macbook. The Macbook Air has an 11 inch and a 13 inch model, you can also change the laptops hard drive size and memory if you need more room or a faster laptop. The Macbook Pro on the other hand has even more things that you can change! From the screen size to the difference Intel i5 or i7 processors they let you change a lot more on the Macbook Pro laptops because they're intended for much higher levels of computing. I'll cover some of the main differences between the two and let you decide with is best for you.





Apple's Macbook Air

The Macbook Air also dubbed the MBA ( Macbook Air for short) was first sold in 2008 and was Apples first attempt at such a small laptop and one of the first companies to sell a computer without a CD or DVD drive. It has taken off better than anyone would have imagined and is now one of the most popular and sought after laptops being sold. It has changed how lots of companies are making their laptops as well now trying to compete with the Macbook Air's incredbile battery life, 9 hours for the 11 inch and 13 hours for the 13 inch! No company has been able to get close and that is because the Apple Macbook Air uses some technology like no DVD drive, memory that is attached to the logic board for greater efficiency and solid state hard drives. It has made it one of the fastest, lightest and long lasting laptops around. If you're just looking for a laptop to carry to school, work or the park for basic internet and typing use this would be the model for you.





Macbook Air Pros





     - less expensive

     - lighter for traveling

     - a much longer battery life (almost double)





Macbook Air Cons




       - smaller screen

     - no built in optical drive (USB units available)





Apple's Macbook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is almost exclusively offered with their Retina display now. The Retina Display is a very high resolution screen which sadly offers nothing for 99% of it's users. Unless you're doing very high end photo editing most programs can't actually take advantage of this screen resolution yet. Since it is becoming the standard for their Macbook Pros chances are you're going to get one with it. They are offered in two screen sizes just like the MBA, a 13 inch screen and a 15 inch screen with many different processor and ram options just like the MBA as well. The MBP (Macbook Pro) is meant for much harder tasks that require a lot of computing power like video editing, and other professional work. You can even buy them with an optional 1TB solid state hard drive now which is an insane amount of flash storage even for a desktop! The new lines of MBP can become very expensive but for this price you're getting one of the most powerful laptops ever built! However you can get their entry level models for around the same price as the MBA, if you want a larger screen, DVD drive and more computing power the Macbook Pro is the choice for you. However there are a few “downsides” such as a much shorter battery life (5-6 hours estimated) and a heaver computer which is still one of the lightest in it's class.





Macbook Pro Pros





     - more powerful CPUs for processing power

     - built in DVD burner optical drive

     - larger screen size w/ Retina Display





Macbook Pro Cons





     - more expensive in price (especially upgraded units)

     - shorter battery life

     - heavier and less portable (still very light in weight)




It's really a tough choice because both Macbooks are so interchangeable the best thing to do would be going to your local Apple Store or Best Buy and just trying them out. They have demo units that you can test and use to see which is the best fit. If you haven't tried the newer Apple laptops I'd highly recommend them you can even use the Windows Operating system on any of the newer Intel Processor Mac desktops or laptops so there is no reason they can't be used for school or work! If you're trying to find the winner in which Macbook laptop to pick it comes down to a few key points

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