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If you're looking to get a new Apple laptop chances are it's between these two choices, it must be because they're the only two laptops that Apple makes. They luckily leave a couple choices for you to make about how to customize your Apple Macbook. The Macbook Air has an 11 inch and a 13 inch model, you can also change the laptops hard drive size and memory if you need more room or a faster laptop. The Macbook Pro on the other hand has even more things that you can change! From the screen size to the difference Intel i5 or i7 processors they let you change a lot more on the Macbook Pro laptops because they're intended for much higher levels of computing. I'll cover some of the main differences between the two and let you decide with is best for you.





Apple's Macbook Air

The Macbook Air also dubbed the MBA ( Macbook Air for short) was first sold in 2008 and was Apples first attempt at such a small laptop and one of the first companies to sell a computer without a CD or DVD drive. It has taken off better than anyone would have imagined and is now one of the most popular and sought after laptops being sold. It has changed how lots of companies are making their laptops as well now trying to compete with the Macbook Air's incredbile battery life, 9 hours for the 11 inch and 13 hours for the 13 inch! No company has been able to get close and that is because the Apple Macbook Air uses some technology like no DVD drive, memory that is attached to the logic board for greater efficiency and solid state hard drives. It has made it one of the fastest, lightest and long lasting laptops around. If you're just looking for a laptop to carry to school, work or the park for basic internet and typing use this would be the model for you.





Macbook Air Pros





     - less expensive

     - lighter for traveling

     - a much longer battery life (almost double)





Macbook Air Cons




       - smaller screen

     - no built in optical drive (USB units available)





Apple's Macbook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is almost exclusively offered with their Retina display now. The Retina Display is a very high resolution screen which sadly offers nothing for 99% of it's users. Unless you're doing very high end photo editing most programs can't actually take advantage of this screen resolution yet. Since it is becoming the standard for their Macbook Pros chances are you're going to get one with it. They are offered in two screen sizes just like the MBA, a 13 inch screen and a 15 inch screen with many different processor and ram options just like the MBA as well. The MBP (Macbook Pro) is meant for much harder tasks that require a lot of computing power like video editing, and other professional work. You can even buy them with an optional 1TB solid state hard drive now which is an insane amount of flash storage even for a desktop! The new lines of MBP can become very expensive but for this price you're getting one of the most powerful laptops ever built! However you can get their entry level models for around the same price as the MBA, if you want a larger screen, DVD drive and more computing power the Macbook Pro is the choice for you. However there are a few “downsides” such as a much shorter battery life (5-6 hours estimated) and a heaver computer which is still one of the lightest in it's class.





Macbook Pro Pros





     - more powerful CPUs for processing power

     - built in DVD burner optical drive

     - larger screen size w/ Retina Display





Macbook Pro Cons





     - more expensive in price (especially upgraded units)

     - shorter battery life

     - heavier and less portable (still very light in weight)




It's really a tough choice because both Macbooks are so interchangeable the best thing to do would be going to your local Apple Store or Best Buy and just trying them out. They have demo units that you can test and use to see which is the best fit. If you haven't tried the newer Apple laptops I'd highly recommend them you can even use the Windows Operating system on any of the newer Intel Processor Mac desktops or laptops so there is no reason they can't be used for school or work! If you're trying to find the winner in which Macbook laptop to pick it comes down to a few key points

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Trying to recycle anything should be easy or chances are you won't end up doing it. If you're trying to do the right thing and recycle electronics like smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets it needs to be easily accessible and as pain free as possible. Where to recycle your laptop or smart phone is actually much easier than most people think! Gone are the days of having to drive to your nearest waste management center or recycling station. You don't even have to drive to the nearest Goodwill or Red Cross anymore it can now all be done online. If you're busy like most people see why recycling and trading-in laptops online is now the best place to do it!





Now that you know how easy it can be to recycle your gadgets let's see where the best places to go are. We have spent the time to read the reviews and even try out the top five laptop recyclers online and we have made a list of the best from our experience.





5. eCycleBest – They came up for many searches for where to sell our laptops or recycle them so we figured they're be one of the best. After looking at their site and Cash for Laptops site we noticed they're the exact same company! If you spend a little time to look into Cash for Laptops reviews you'll notice page after page of unhappy customers who tried to use their recycling service. It appears eCycleBest is just a new name for Cash for Laptops and reading up on their reviews will give an idea of the level of customer service to be expected. They will pay you for your used laptops but that price is to be determined and lowered.





4. Staples – This was the best way we found to get it done the same day if you didn't want to deal with online sites or have to worry about shipping time. They will look at your gently used electronics and give you an instant quote for what they're worth and if they have any trade-in value in the store. However their quotes for used laptops are far LOWER than anyone else online and are expecting you to want some quick cash for these items so if you're not in a hurry I'd avoid trying to sell or recycle it locally.





3. Best Buy – Best Buy is another great local store who will help you recycle and trade-in electronic devices for new ones. They take a MUCH larger variety of items and even have an easy to use website showing how they're trying to save one billion tons of e-waste and help the United States stay eco-friendly. They will pay about the same or a little less than Staples from our quotes so we still give Staples the nod over Best Buy but they're both a great place to recycle your laptop and have many new models you can buy with the trade-in money you'll earn





2. Apple – We all know Apple Computers is a trusted company with some of the best customer service out there. They will go above and beyond to help their customers and even offer to repair their laptops and Macbooks outside of their warranty windows. Because of this Apple Macbooks have taken off as some of the best computers to own because they're fast, reliable, and carry one of the best warranties. On that same note Apple will also help you when it's time to recycle your laptop and build their computers with some of the most recyclable materials possible. They use more aluminum than plastic and this greatly helps reduce e-waste in our landfills. Apple will make you ship your electronic device you want to recycle and then send you a gift card so if you're trying to avoid shipping it might not be the best option.





1. Quick Laptop Cash – Quick Laptop Cash is our top pick for many reasons, they are where we picked to sell laptops because they offer the highest prices for used laptops and their customer service was nothing short of amazing! I had one of their employees on the phone for almost 30 minutes explaining the process to me and trying to be as helpful as possible thinking I was just another confused customer and not writing a review on the best places to sell a laptop. After guiding me through how to properly identify my laptop and diagnose what my computers problem might be for an accurate quote he actually solved the “problem” I had so I wouldn't even need to recycle it. For a place trying to buy used laptops they were very helpful in seeing if the computer even needed to be recycled! I ended up selling it to see how their service worked and within 4 days I had the cash in my PayPal account. For these reasons and more we highly recommend choosing Quick Laptop Cash as the place to recycle or trade-in your laptops.





These were our experiences with these five companies and going off the reviews we read prior to trying each of them out it sounds like it might be what anyone can expect. We didn't mention we were writing an article about them and kept our review secret until the end to get a non-biased reviews of where the best place to recycle your laptop or Macbook might be.


Author Bio: Arnold Jefferson is living in Florida and currently associated with Glasador Reviews – A place for reviewing online businesses. He has been in this field for the last 7 years and is responsible for technology related reviews and auiditing companies.

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Laptops have been made for over 20 years now so it should come as no surprise that some of the older models are no longer worth saving or trying to refurbish because technology moves to fast. So what can you do with laptops that you can't sell or trade-in but don't want to throw them away, the old way of thinking use to be just throw them in the trash but now we are trying to take a more eco-friendly and green way of thinking here in the United States. Other countries in Europe have already been trying green alternatives to getting rid of E-waste so it's our responsibility to do our best too. Quick Laptop Cash makes it easy to sell new or older models from around 2007 and up, but what can we do with these models that are to old to sell?





There are still plenty of options that can help you financially that don't involve just selling them online for cash. The best thing you can do with these to keep them from ending up in our landfills is to donate them to be recycled. There are tons of places in every community like the Red Cross, Goodwill and many others!





These old laptops are bulky and heavy so you'll have a hard time trying to find a place online that wants to recycle old laptops. The amount of money it costs to ship an older laptop far out weighs what the parts are worth in scrap so you need to find a place locally if you'd like to stay eco-friendly . Some places that are in almost every town are a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Red Cross and St. Judes. These are all great non-profit choices who will take these old laptops and give you the paperwork you need to write it off as a tax reduction. You can always recycle newer laptops with them as well but most people choose to sell or trade these in online because they hold a decent value through the years.





Stop letting these old junkers stay in your house and take up room, older laptops actually have some toxic chemicals and items used to produce them so getting them out of your house as fast as possible is highly recommended. Not all laptops can be sold for money but the older computers can still be donated and give you some tax credit so you don't completely lose out on their value even if its lower. If you have any questions about how it works to donate or recycle older laptops I'd look up these donation locations closest to you and see how they can help you get rid of these items. They also take other electronics and gadgets like televisions, desktop computers, smart phones and tablets! Don't think just because it's old or broken it has no value or purpose, be a responsible electronics owner and get rid of old devices the eco-friendly way.

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If you have a laptop it's probably because it needs to be portable and light. When you make laptops light weight it means they're making them thinner and with different materials. While this works great for portability it doesn't help with durability, new laptops have reached new records for how thin they are and one small drop or bump can break the LCD screen and cost hundreds in repairs. To ensure your expensive laptop is protected the best accessory you can have is a quality laptop bag or laptop sleeve. With all the choices now it can be hard to tell which one will protect it and which one won't, let's take a look at the most popular laptop bag choices.





Should I Use a Laptop Bag or Laptop Sleeve?

If you haven't started shopping yet there are four kinds of laptop cases. You can get a laptop bag, which is typically a larger case that holds both the laptop and has separate pockets for a charger, other laptop accessories, and papers. These are larger cases and cost more money, they have carry handles and can also be a laptop backpack which is great for students or people who don't want to carry it in their hands. You can get them for any size laptop from 10” to the larger laptop screen sizes that are 17”, although the larger laptop screens are typically harder to find a bag for while 15.4”-15.6” is the most popular size.





There are also laptop bags that roll or can be carried like a messenger bag. If you're looking into these they are likely even more expensive than a laptop briefcase or backpack but can be very useful is you're traveling or riding a bicycle or motorcycle. There is a laptop bag for every need and person out there so don't be afraid to shop around in Best Buy or go online somewhere like Amazon where they carry thousands of different styles.





The other choice would be to use a laptop sleeve which is a lot less expensive but offers a lot less protection. A laptop sleeve is basically a piece of cloth on both sides to protect your laptops exterior from spills and scratches. They typically offer very little in the way of protection from drops and dents. If you already have a briefcase for work or a backpack for school a laptop sleeve might be the perfect choice for you. Laptop sleeves are very inexpensive compared to a laptop bag or laptop briefcase so they have become very popular in recent years.





Where to Buy a Laptop Bag or Sleeve for the Best Deal?

There are tons of places to buy a case. If you're looking at local stores Wal-mart, Best Buy, Fry's, and Target are a few of the more popular choices that will carry a wide range and variety of styles. If you're looking for a certain kind like a rolling laptop bag or a messenger bag for a 17” laptop these can be harder to find locally. You can also save some money by going to local computer stores, pawn shops, and the Salvation Army or Goodwill who carry bags, backpacks, and sleeves for far less than new.





If you have a really specific need for your bag or want an exact color online is the only way to go. Buying your next case online will save you some money if you're buying new because online companies have lower overheard and this transfers the savings to you! The best place to go online when looking for a laptop case would be Amazon, New Egg or Tiger Direct. You can find them on almost any stores website but Amazon carries their own “Amazonbasics” brand that can't be beat in price. The best thing to do is try out all the different bags and see which one you like best, there is no longer one right choice so see what works best for you.


Author Bio: Mike Johnson is living in Nevada and currently associated with Quick Laptop Cash

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Laptops have been around since the 90's and that means in about 20 years we have had a long enough time to see their effects on us and our surroundings. You might not know it but there are a few very toxic chemicals and carcinogens in all of our laptops such as beryllium, lead, chromium, mercury compounds and some small groups have been working to change this and make our computers more healthy and safe for using. You have probably never heard of brominated flame retardants but they're in almost every piece of plastics used on electronics and have been found to emit toxic chemicals, they have slowly been pushed out of laptops but are still present in older models!





Brominated flame retardants are just one small part of why laptops need to be recycled and disposed of properly because they contain many more toxic chemicals that are hurting our nations directive to go green! The older your laptop the less likely the company was to be aware of these things and they are packed with more and even worse chemicals before the government started enforcing stricter laws on what can and cannot be used. Not only are older computers slower and more prone to problems they could be bad for your health!





Not all laptops are bad some have actually been ahead of the curve for a long time, Apple laptops have long since moved away from using plastics which is where brominated flame retardants are found. BFRs are used in plastics to make them more flame retardant and less susceptible to catching on fire. Apple Macbook Pro's and Macbook Air's have started using aluminum casings for four or five years now for many reasons. Apple has focused on making the best laptop in terms of performance, longevity and recyclability. Aluminum casings not only keep your Macbook cooler and keep it running longer since heat is what makes your laptop eventually break, but these casings are far better for the environment and can be recycled and reused much easier. The Macbook is a far more eco-friendly choice and when you want to sell these Macbooks or recycle them the benefits are huge.





This isn't to say you can't use laptops with plastics casing and even BFRs have been removed from the newer laptop plastics and how they are made. Lots of companies in their efforts to catch up to Apple's climbing sales numbers are trying to copy the look and feel of the Macbooks that are doing so well. Companies like HP and Sony are making new Elitebooks that are much higher end models and are using brushed aluminum casings where the laptop gets the hottest like the LCD back and bottom casings. It's a movement in the right direction for laptop recycling and reuse. Not only does it take much less work and resources to break down aluminum but it is also far easier to make in the first place versus the plastic casings.





Obviously a laptop should be purchased based off of the users needs and wants so don't buy an Apple laptop just because they're trying to make the most Green and eco-friendly laptops because the Mac OSX operating system might not fit every ones need or budget. However it is every ones responsibility to recycle and reuse the Earth's precious resources if we want to conserve them for our kids and future generations. Making small choices to support Environmentally friendly companies like Apple Computers will lead more companies like HP and Sony to make top of the line computers to rival Apple. We can make the choice to go Green with laptops!

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It seems every company is offering to buy or give trade in credit for used electronics now but with all of these options which is best? Everyone from Amazon to Best Buy will “pay you” for these electronic devices but not all are created equal. If you're looking to trade in your laptop or just sell it let's see who offers this service in store or online.





Ways to NOT Sell Your Laptop Computers


If you go online one of the first options you might find is Best Buys' program to buy or give trade in credit for your old laptop. If you try to use their system chances are it will be “temporarily unavailable” because while trying to test it I only got it to work 2 times out of 10. Once it finally worked though I got a quote to sell my Macbook Pro and the price they offered to pay was almost laughable, I was able to sell it for over double their offer. This just confirmed for me that Best Buy is a large business with many bills to pay and they're not in the business of giving out good deals or helping their customers save money. The price I was quoted was less than half of what some other choices will pay for a used laptop.





The next two biggest options are to sell your laptop online back to HP or Dell who offer to buy used laptops of all makes and models not just their own brand. They make the process very hard and their websites are incredibly hard to use. From having to know your exact model number all the way down to the exact hardware it uses such as Processor type and speed, ram speed and quantity, and the list doesn't stop there. If you're looking to spend 30 minutes to get a quote online for how much money your laptop is worth this will be the slowest option. Once you get the quote a new HP DV6 that cost around $500-600 a few years ago they're going to offer you $3.62... Yes, that is just .006% of its original value they are offering to pay you. You must cover the shipping and handling charges for the laptop(s) as well as pay $15 for a hard drive erasing service when there are companies who offer to erase hard drive data for free! I would highly recommend to not use this service offered to sell your laptop to Dell or the HP Trade-In Program even donating your laptops would be a better option.





Another common choice is the Amazon laptop trade in program. It doesn't matter what brand or model laptop you have anything from the newest HP Pavilion DV7t top of the line 17” laptop to an older Dell Inspiron laptop they will offer about the same prices as the HP or Dell buy back program and it is a fraction of what your laptop is worth, whatever you do DO NOT take these low offers. They at least won't charge you a shipping and handling fee but there is no service to erase your hard drives data and that leaves you open to serious identity theft issues. I'd recommend getting your hard drive erased professionally at the very least to protect your personal and business data.





Now that you have seen how to NOT sell your new or used laptops let's see who offers a good trade in program or way to sell them. There are many other ways to do it but these are a couple that will pay you far more money for a new or used laptop and even offer free services like shipping and data destruction that will keep even more cash in your pockets as well as save time once the process is over.





The Best Ways to Sell Your Laptop

Now it's not new and has been around forever but when compared to those options above eBay is still a FAR better way to sell your laptop online. You can get close to what your laptop is actually worth and it's a pretty simple straight forward process. See what your make and model is selling for, take some photos, list it, wait for a potential buyer and hope there are no issues with shipping or claims being filed. Sadly with eBays new policies there is almost always a claim because they do not take care of their sellers nearly as well as they use to. On top of that you will pay around 10-12% of the final sale price in fees to eBay and PayPal so don't forget that.





This brings me to my favorite option to recommend because they pay the most, offer free shipping, free data removal and the entire process takes less than a few minutes. The way I have been telling people to sell their laptops is to go online! It is the fastest way to get rid of those old electronics because it also applies to iPhones, iPads, and all other makes and models as well. The company I have found is Quick Laptop Cash , they offer the highest trade in and sales prices and have had the best reviews for eight years in a row now. Don't take my word for it, go check out all of these buy back and trade-in programs for yourself and see who offers you the easiest and most profitable way to sell a laptop.

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Almost every computer and electronic device has some form of storage now and what people don't know is that getting this information off is actually incredibly easy in the right hands. Don't let your personal or business information get out into the wrong hands, you can take a few simple steps to safe guard your information and you don't even have to pay for it!




Most companies destroy their own hard drives or try to wipe them by themselves. This sounds great for saving money and cutting costs but what happens when a hard drive is missed or something gets past the IT department who isn't trained in data removal, security and erasing? It could cost the company tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees if there is a lawsuit from sensitive personal information about employees or clients. If you don't want to risk this happening and aren't sure how to properly get rid of hard drive and gadget information you can choose to hire a company or actually have a company buy your old hard drives and computers from you.


Why Erasing Hard Drives is Expensive

Let's see why it is so hard to properly erase hard drives and why almost no one is doing it properly. The plain and simple answer is TIME! It takes an incredible amount of time to safely and securely erase the contents of a hard drive. It may sound simple or easy but if you're just using something like disk management on your computer to “reformat” your hard drive and erase the old partitions you are just waiting for an information catastrophe. Not only does this not erase your information but there are free programs anyone can use to simply see anything and everything that was on the hard drive prior to being formatted. If you don't have any important information like photos or documents on the computer it isn't a big deal, however in under about five to ten minutes it can all be viewed, copied, and saved. Most people choose to just destroy their drives with a magnet or shredder and this of course works very well but why just throw away hundreds or thousands of dollars every year when you upgrade laptops and desktops? Let's look at the other options.




If you'd like to pay a company to come in and do a service like data removal and destruction there are certainly tons of companies you can pay out of pocket for this expense and a simple Google search or look in the phone book will find you plenty of results, but what if you want to get paid to sell old hard drives?



Companies Will Buy Your Old Hard Drives


This may sounds insane but there are companies who will buy your old hard drives, securely and 100% to your satisfaction erase all data and files for free? That means you don't have to pay the employees in your IT department or a private company, and they'll send you a check for the hard drives both laptop and desktop. That means you can now save and make money on both ends of upgrading your work computers and safely removing important company information.




The best company I have found for this is Quick Laptop Cash, being a small publishing company we only have 6-7 employees but I have one computer I use for all payroll, HR, and other private company information I would never feel safe getting rid of so I typically pull the hard drive, memory sticks and other items and have them sitting in a closet at home. I wasn't sure what to do with these for the longest time because I had no idea how to properly dispose of my companies old information. I finally got tired of my ever growing pile of E-Waste and decided I'd find a way to either destroy them or clean them. Being environmentally friendly I first wanted to find the green and eco friendly way to erase them and keep these still working and in perfect condition hard drives in use. I figured I could use them as external hard drives for storage at work at the very least. I stumbled upon Quick Laptop Cash who offers to erase them up to FBI and CIA standards. I decided to look into what this means and without boring you it basically comes down to TIME like I said before, you can spend 5 minutes and think it's all erased and safe or you can buy the correct software, load each hard drive into a computer to run the software on the drive, wait while it does secure passes which typical companies want 5-7 secure erasing passes. Each pass takes 30-120 minutes depending on your hard drives size. This means a 250GB hard drive might take 12 hours to erase securely. It really takes too much time to do yourselves and they will even buy the hard drives from you. I now use it exclusively for my business and will only trust their certified technicians with my data.




So if you're tired of a growing pile of digital information or just want to sell off a few old hard drives I'd take a look at Quick Laptop Cash first and see if they can help you with your data removal needs.   

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If you're in the market for a new laptop chances are you have thought about or even purchased a used laptop to save some money. Buying a used laptop can save you hundreds of dollars and still allow you to get a newer model laptop that will last for many years to come. The only problem is making sure the second hand laptop you buy is still in good condition and hasn't been abused or mis-treated. There is no perfect way to tell if it will be a reliable laptop but here are some things to check for before you make that next big purchase and possible throw away your money on a junker.





Laptops Exterior Condition

The first and easiest thing to look at is the exterior shape of the computer making sure you pay close attention to all the corners. This has proven to be a great indicator of how well a laptop was treated by it's previous owner and should be a good warning if there are visible marks of it being dropped or any of the keys on the keyboard are loose or missing. A keyboard with just a missing key or two might not seem like a big deal but typically you cannot buy just a single replacement key and the entire keyboard must be replaced which is not as cheap as you'd think. Also when checking the corners open up the laptops screen and see how tight the hinges still feel, if someone carried it around by the screen or slammed it too much these will be far looser and more wobbly than a laptop that has been treated well.





Laptops Charging Cord

Now that you've inspected the outside of the laptop go ahead and look over the charger before you plug it in. Most of the time people don't take good care of their charger and it will show! Is it clean overall or can you see dirt and junk all over the cord, is it frayed or chewed anywhere? You can tell what kind of conditions a laptop was used it from a clean house to a dirty house very easily just from looking at the charger. Typically a dirty house will show on the cord because it sits on the ground and is moved around without being picked up so it picks up all the dirt.





Hard Drive and Cooling Fan

Once you've plugged in the laptop and it's turning on listen for any weird sounds from the hard drive or fan typically a loud hard drive means it is either already failing or on it's way out. Also see how long it takes to turn on, there is no easy way to judge this since newer laptops with faster hardware are greatly quicker than an older model but if it seems to take forever it could be a failing hard drive or the operating system needs to be reinstalled. If the operating system needs to be redone and you don't have a copy of Windows or the know how to do it you might want to reconsider buying that laptop. A copy of Windows is typically over $100 and if you can't do it yourself paying someone to install it typically takes a few hours of labor. These are some of the hidden costs that can make a “good deal” on a used laptop an expensive nightmare you wished you had never bought. Make sure the computer is running smoothly once it's fully turned on and there are no pop ups or other signs of viruses and malware.





Keyboards and Spill Damage

If everything has been looking good so far there are only a few things left to check. You'll want to make sure all of the keys on your keyboard are working which can be done by opening a text editing program or going online and using the search bar. Typically people will try to sell their broken laptops because they spilled something and just hope you don't notice. This once again leads to needing a new keyboard or a motherboard if it was a large spill and at that point it's sadly cheaper to just get rid of a laptop that needs a new motherboard.





LCD/LED Screen and Motherboard Common Problems

The two most important parts of a laptop are typically pretty easy to check, your LCD or LED screen and the motherboard. If your screen is messed up it doesn't take too much work to know this. A cracked or broken screen is very obvious but the things that most people miss are a dead pixel or a black spot on your screen. On the motherboard a broken peripheral port such as a USB port, HDMI, etc. can also happen and should be checked out as well. A broken item on your motherboard could also be the power jack which is typically a very expensive fix. If any of the peripheral ports on the laptop are broken do not buy it unless you're sure you can do the repair yourself.





Laptop Batteries Fail Often

The last thing to check is the laptops battery. These are one of the most common things to replace and they're the easiest. A battery can only be charged and drained so many times so they will all go bad no matter how well a laptop is treated. They are normally just an easy pull release away from being switched, some like on Macbook Pros or Macbook Airs are a little more tricky and require it to be taken apart but even watching a good YouTube video will show basic users how to do it.





There can still be many unseen or hidden problems especially if the seller is trying to get rid of his broken laptop for some quick money. These basic things to look for should be a good start to making sure you buy a well taken care of, good shape laptop with many years of use left. The older a laptop the less picky you should probably be about small stuff like scratches or dings but on new laptops most people will treat them well. Buying a two or three year old laptop can save you a ton of money if you're careful to not buy a broken one and used laptops will hold their value much better than a new laptop. You could upgrade laptops every few years this way and not lose to much money if you're smart and careful when buying your used laptops.

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If you're in the market for a new laptop you want to get the newest and quickest laptop you can for as little money as possible. This may sound like the obvious way to go about shopping for anything but most people don't look for good deals and leave a lot of money on the table. If you're shopping at local chain stores and the item isn't on some clearance or close out sale chances are you're paying too much. With laptops and modern electronics there are endless ways to get a good deal and there are new businesses opening all the time who sell the same products as these stores but at a lower price due to reasons like lower overhead, used or open box items, and many other reasons. If you want a new model laptop but don't want to pay full price see how you can save hundreds!





Where to Buy a New Laptop Online




The place to get the best deal on a new laptop is online, there are endless sites who either sell brand new models, used ones, refurbished laptops and even work or school hand me downs. If you're wanting to save some money buying a laptop, online is the way to do it.




You should start with well known sites like New Egg or Tiger Direct, they've been around for a long time and are a reliable company who will deliver on their good deals. If you look at their websites home page you will see deals that are changed and updated everyday! This is where you can find the really good deals and if you're not in a hurry should check them for a couple of weeks as they don't always have a deal on a specific laptop but could have one everyday.




Another good place is another well established name and that's eBay. They have made huge changes to their policies over the years making it horrible to be a seller on there but as a buyer you're still in pretty good hands and can find good deals. Chances are if you're looking at a specific model in the store there has been someone else who bought it and decided they no longer like it, you can buy a week old laptop for 20-30% off it's MSRP very easily. Laptops and electronics in general are worse then cars with how fast they depreciate because technology moves so fast you always need the newest gadgets. If you want to save some money buying a lightly used one can save you hundreds on a new computer!




If you want to keep it local and actually see the laptop in person you can still do that by looking online at places like Criagislist. Craigslist is basically a huge online garage sale website where people can list items for sale, job listings and pretty much anything else you'd be looking for locally. One of the sections is computers, if you're looking for a new laptop chances are you can find what you're looking for here and can actually go test the item before buying it. This is a much safer option for some then having to go through a site like eBay where shipping is involved, only thing to think about is eBay allows you to file a claim and communicate with the buyer if your laptop is not as described where if you buy one off a local listing chances of getting any help from the seller if there's an issue is very unlikely. This would be my last option when spending a large amount of money online for a laptop.





Buying a New Laptop Locally




If you don't want anything to do with online sales or are afraid of using your credit or debit card on the internet you have a few options left locally. Depending on what city you live in you might have a ton of small computer shops or pawn shops to choose from. Most of these people at a pawn shop can't tell a high end laptop from a base model one and leaves the chance for a good deal.




If you've got the time to drive around and check out your local pawn shops you might just find a diamond in the rough, on top of that you can typically haggle with them on the price because they pay next to nothing for electronics and laptops. If you have local computer stores that aren't large chains they'll probably have the same laptops at Best Buy or Walmart for half the price, when I went to buy my last Macbook Pro I was able to find a 2013 15'' Macbook Pro Retina for half the price of a brand new one! It might not always work but if you're willing to look for a good deal on your next laptop you might save hundreds off what you'd normally spend.




If you're a frugal shopper or just want to save a little money on your next gadget purchase I'd recommend spending a little time to shop or look around and see if what you're looking for falls into this category. Laptops are the easiest to find since everyone buys them and they're typically replaced every 18-24 months so there is a lot of used ones to be bought. Smart phones are also replaced on average every 12-14 months so don't think you need to pay full price in order to have the latest tech gadgets. Shopping online can save you thousands a year!

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Everything to do with mobile computing is moving towards becoming faster and more portable with every new generation of devices, laptops, smart phone and tablets are no different. Whether it is for work, school or personal use the laptop has been the only option for years since it came out but it now has growing competition. The tablet has become a great and popular option with many different features that most laptops do not offer or just can't stack up to. Let's see why the tablet has been gaining so much ground on the laptop for portable computing.





Battery Life

The first thing that comes to mind if probably the difference in battery life. If you're on the go who knows when you'll be around a power outlet next or have time to charge it. There are few laptops with a battery capable of competing with the new tablets coming out, the few that can are very high end expensive laptops like the Macbook Air and will cost two or three times as much. For a device to be portable and useful it has to have power, a tablet will get 8-10 hours of battery life while a laptop might be lucky to get 3 doing the same tasks. With a laptop you can always carry extra batteries or have an extended one but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of being portable?






This is probably tied with battery life for importance, a tablet will have the ability to be connected to wifi using a local network or a cellular connection and that is something very few laptops offer. The ability to use a cellular network to stay connected is a huge advantage since these gadgets are supposed to be portable and used on the go. If you don't have a wifi connection in today's world there isn't much you can get done, with the whole cloud movement most items are saved or stored there and with Google Drive you can now access and do more than ever, but only if you're connected.

You can still get a USB plug in version of a cellular connection for your laptop but it's just one more item to carry around and not lose with your laptop. If we are trying to find the most portable, versatile and easy to use device this is probably where the tablet wins do to it's compact all in one design that can connect to the internet anywhere and be ready to go at a moments notice.






You're probably use to the typical computer interface with a keyboard and a mouse or a keyboard and a track pad if it's a laptop but what about a tablet? Tablets are a new kind of interface using touchscreen inputs to control everything eliminating the need for a mouse and adding a digital keyboard when needed. While laptops are starting to add touch screen capabilities to their models, tablets are adding attachable keyboards so their interfaces in a few more years are most likely going to be identical and maybe they'll just be one unit.




For now though, most people still prefer a separate keyboard from a laptop or desktop since their keys are much more user friendly. A tablets detachable keyboard sounds great on paper but still falls short in real world use. If you've had to use one in the name of keeping them portable they're almost paper thin and next to impossible to tell the difference between keys or if you've actually even hit them. The laptop still has a definite advantage in interface as far as typing and data input goes for most.






Almost everything that is sold for a laptop has now made its way over to a tablet, they're typically called Apps but it's the same idea. In the past this was an area the tablet was lacking for students and businesses and they needed Office Suite software and business/ financial applications. With tablets growing popularity this has all changed and you can now get Microsoft Software and even popular business programs like Quickbooks for your accounting needs.




There are still some major differences you'd have to adjust to if you make the switch like the required keyboard and date entry inputs but overall they work flawlessly. Things like Google Drive have made it almost pointless to buy the Office Suites anymore because they offer the same high end word editing, spread sheets, and presentation software to their customers for free and it has been working amazing. There are some things that cannot be copied perfectly like Quickbooks but they have adapted it perfectly to the mobile devices. If you haven't looked into these be ready for a shock because they're just as easy to use if not easier than the originals. I wouldn't say either has a clear advantage for software it will all come down to which interface you prefer for them still.






The last and no less important decision is how well they actually work in practical applications. If you're using a tablet on the go with an instant cellular data connection and an endless seeming battery life it's no shock you can leave your tablet in sleep mode and access it in mere seconds having the ability to show people files, pictures, music and documents at the tap of a button making the tablet a perfect on the go source for information. A laptop can boot fast and there are some who stand out above the rest but most don't have the highest end hardware and will take a lot longer to boot up and be ready to use. You must then connect them to the internet connection and when it's all said and done the tablet user has already finished and moved on to the next task.




It's no shock then the tablet has been taking off in the past two or three years and it has actually surpassed laptops in sales as of 2013! This is a shocking figure considering how new to the electronics market they are but they have taken it by storm and are here to stay. Expect 2014 to be an even larger increase in the gap between their sales as more and more people convert over to using them. With new software coming out daily they're even being used as cash registers and with their touchscreen interface their uses are endless. If you haven't taken a look at tablets it might be time to start thinking about it.

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